My baby is a BIG girl


I got my baby’s spring pictures back yesterday.

In the envelope were her graduation pictures. Picture this precious princess in a graduation gown with a grad cap holding paper rolled up as a diploma with a pretty satin ribbon.

Insert picture of me sobbing hysterically about time passing by too fast here.

She hasn’t officially graduated Pre-K yet, (if I’m this emotional now, what will I be like for high school graduation??) but the pictures are beautiful and an accurate representation of where we are at none the less. I’ve got like 2 months to prep my purse with soft tissues and baby pictures galore. I know I won’t be the only one who can’t contain themselves as she walks across the stage: her Papi will be there too.

Anyway, we’ve got her in soccer now and I’m absolutely elated. I love bringing our club chair out to the field and whipping my camera out to catch action shots of the kids learning the basics.

Watching the kids out there soaking up the skills knowledge is amazing.

I’m literally watching little people, taking instructions and applying them as they go. Also I love when they divide up and play against each other. Both the most adorable and most frustrating thing ever! So adorable as they try to learn how to move the ball where they want, and frustrating because they don’t understand team work or how to play the field to their advantage. Can you tell I’m one of those moms screaming for my baby to go for the goal?


Either way, my baby is growing up and I’m sure blessed to watch her do it.


Do you have a hobby? 

As a mom, I find that much of my time (outside of work) is spent wiping stuff; wiping noses, wiping counters, wiping floors, wiping butts. 

There’s a lot of cleaning as part of a momma’s daily tasks, but honestly, it’s not my favorite thing to do. Surprise right? The thing I do the most in my time, is not the thing I love to do. (Don’t get me wrong I do keep my house clean I just don’t LOVE breaking my back picking up socks off the floor, scrubbing the shower grout lines, folding loads and loads of laundry and things of that nature 🙂 )

To be really honest, I feel like I don’t love my job some days too. The stress of it, the time it takes away from being with family, the feeling that they don’t place value on employees, etc. it just doesn’t give me the warm fuzzies all the time.

All of that being said, I think it’s important for a person’s sanity and wellbeing to take a little time out of their day to do something they love. 

Everyday I think you should do something you love, even if it’s just 15 mins! Take 15 minutes for yourself and do something that will make you happy. Maybe it will help brighten other parts of your life, or just give you the motivation to get thru the stuff you don’t love doing to get to the stuff you do like to do.

So what do I like to do? 

Artsy stuff actually. I like to bake (but my waist said I can’t do this all the time!!), make beaded jewelry (after princess has gone to bed), write (obviously cause I have a blog), and I think I’m going to get into some modern calligraphy, maybe throw a little paint in the mix somewhere. 

I actually got some books in the mail today that I will be reading. (My reading choices are scattered and I’m not ashamed to admit that I love reading what the bookstores classify as teen fantasy fiction: Harry Potter, Twilight, the Lunar Chronicles series etc 🙂 )
I mean when I find the time of course. 

Checking those Chompers Out

baby girl’s first trip to the dentist.

i know how she is at the doctor’s office: she loves them! she hugs them and talks to them and lets them check her .. except when they pull that tongue depressor out. you know the big popsicle stick? yeah she hatesssss that thing.

i was never sure if its because they check in her mouth, or because the depressor pressing on your tongue is super uncomfortable or what. so i was very apprehensive about this checkup and her reaction.

i found a pediatric dentist specifically because they work with kids all the time and have fun offices. the kind with stickers, and kids movies playing on TV, and fun beach scenes painted on the walls. the kind with a treasure box of prizes you get to choose from, and princess toothbrushes you get to take with you after you leave. (my dentist told me i could bring her there but her office is not “fun.” it is very adult and i never get to choose a surprise from the treasure box after they finish cleaning my teeth.)

anyway got recommended a good pediatric dentist and today was the day.

she was happy when we picked her up early and even let the nice front desk lady take her picture. she found a book to read and we saw that Frozen was playing in the office. not to mention it was Pajama Day in the office so all the staff was dressed in pajamas and big fuzzy fun slippers.

after weighing her (30 lbs!) her excitement pretty much ended.  they were taking X-rays.

the lady show’d her the “cookies” she had to bite onto and the camera “gun” that she would use but mini only let us do 2 of the 4 scans. she starting a fit after seeing the 3rd cookie was clipped into a bigger stick thing she’d have to bite onto (i hate that thing too) so they tried with the “spaceship” X-ray machine and she wasn’t having that either. (you basically stand and bite onto something much smaller but these little plastic arms touch your temples and you have to have your arms out and hold these handles on the thing. she was not about that life either.

we moved onto the main event of the cleaning where they showed her all the different tools and let her touch them and play with them but she DID NOT want to lay on that damn chair. not even to watch Frozen on the TV that was overhead. since when does my daughter not want to watch FROZEN? she really at this point didn’t even want to touch the tools when they were showing her how they felt.

the lady conceded and started only with a regular toothbrush but after babygirl got a little more comfortable she let her use the spinning one. her mistake was trying to clean the teeth in the back, and all hell kind of broke loose after. baby girl clammed up and didn’t want any parts of the rest of the visit. not even to let her look in her mouth with the little mirror. it was bad y’all. so bad. she didn’t want to lay down, didn’t even want to sit in the damn chair anymore.

both D and I tried to console her, reason with her, hold her hand, rub her legs, pat her back, wipe her tears, get her to just calm down. (there was a mom with her daughter two chairs over who looked over with that face that said she felt my pain, you know that helplessness you feel when your kid is crying and nothing you do is helping and you know your kid needs to suck it up anyway cause this is for their own good?  i felt her sending her positive vibes our way. but to no avail. )the hygienist gave mini her own stick mirror to have and she still wouldn’t let her look in her mouth. D tried showing her that it was easy and he let mini stick the mirror in his mouth, but she was not taking her turn after that .my heart was breaking for her, i hated watching her cry and kick and scream like that.

in the end we had to kind of hold her down because when the Dentist came by, she really did need to see baby girl’s mouth, and then brush the fluoride treatment on. thankfully she said her teeth look good and told us to *try* and floss with her sometimes. she could see that it was obviously going to take some time before that’s happening though. 20 good teeth and 2 X-rays later, and we booked our return appointment for 6 months from now.

and then we picked her up some popcorn chicken cause it was lunch time and she was all smiles again.


3rd Birthday – Frozen Fun

so we celebrated babygirl’s 3rd birthday this past weekend.

I was so excited to put together this party for her and to have so many people we love come together for it.

Unfortunately my phone screen wasn’t cooperating during the event so I wasn’t able to capture as many pictures as i wanted.

But we had a ball.and more importantly she did.




some snow covered oreos

this cheese ball was amazing ! i need to make another one!



 one of the smaller goody bags featuring a cookie i made and some frozen themed candy


the larger goody bags had an olaf on them and had

frozen pencil

frozen chaptsick

frozen washcloth

frozen mini chocolate bar

frozen candies

frozen sticker


table centerpieces using bath & body works candle jars

cardstock for the silver band and the number 3

snowflakes from a pack


tissue paper


Food included:

2 boxes of mini quiches

1 homemade artichoke dip & scoops

1 cheese ball

2 fruit salad platters

1 slow cooker full of turkey meatballs

2 pasta salads (one with shrimp, one without)

6 dozen mini cocktail patties

2 sandwich rings cut to feed 15 people each (one turkey and one ham)




almond cookies

chocolate cookies

chocolate “snow” covered oreos

Frozen themed little chocolate bars and candies

vanilla cupcakes


chocolate peanut butter cake


thank you to everyone who helped make my vision come to life and to all the beautiful people who came to celebrate our little queen b. ❤

Weekendin Review – Meds, Cakes, Books + Sun tans

its been an exhausting week, this past one. both babygirl and I were sick with strep throat.

have you ever had it? it fricking sucks. everything hurts, eating, drinking, your body hurts, fever, you cant sleep cause everything hurts. thankfully little mama didn’t seem to have a sore throat like i did.

we are both a couple days in on our meds so thankfully we are feeling somewhat better.

even though i was under the weather i had a cake order for saturday.

a man found my page from philly, and wanted to know if i could make a cake for his friend for her birthday. you could tell he really cared about her and wanted to be able to give her something she wanted especially since he couldn’t be here to give it to her himself.

she wanted a kit kat and strawberry cake. i was confused because i thought he was saying a strawberry or kit kat cake (i have pics of both on my site) but he kept saying no kit kat strawberry. then i realized he wanted them together (as he had been saying all along, to make a cake i didn’t have pictured).

i hope she enjoyed eating it as much as i did making it!

3 layers of chocolate fudge cake, with cut strawberries and chopped kit kat nestled in the vanilla frosting middles, and then surrounded by a kit kat border.

all topped with whole fresh strawberries.  and more chopped kit kat.

since it was kind of a birthday gift from him, i added in the red “Happy Birthday Joanne” and he later told me that red is actually her favorite color!
i took baby girl to Barnes & Noble to read some books as we waited to meet the special lady and give her the cake.



She had fun “reading” all the books in the kids section, and she let me read her a couple too.

(on sunday she even told me she was going to the store to get books, i love it !)

i hope to instill in her a love for reading, like i had when i was a kid. i think it really helped with building my vocabulary , good spelling, and using proper grammar.

sunday i decided we needed to get out the house and see some sun. we put on our bathing suits and headed to the pool for a bit.

then my aunts family came to visit as they were in town. 🙂


Convos with a toddler- ep.2

Backstory: we are driving in the nearby town center and pass some places including a place that sells mainly salads


Mini: I want go there (the salad place)

Me: mama you don’t want to go there. They have salad.

Mini: I want to go there.

Me: you don’t eat salad. We have to go somewhere else anyway.

Mini: yeah

(We go to Joann’s -my happy craft place-and get what we came for and get back in the car)

Mini: I want to eat the salad.



Backstory: Dwight got a shake for us to share.

Mini is checking us out in the front seat passing the shake back and forth.


Mini: I want some

D: ok you can have a little…. Do you like it?

Mini: yes I like it (Gives it to me.) mommy likes it.

D: yes mommy likes it but she wanted me to get a different one.

(I’m still trying to pull some thru the straw cause the Oreo pieces are blocking the flow)

Mini: daddy, mommy’s not sharing, I want some

i look incredulously at d who is laughing


Backstory: d got me skittles and bri some chips from the gas station. He comes back to the car trying to hide the bag and slyly passes me the skittles.


Mini: what is that

D: I got something for mommy

Mini: I want some

D: you don’t even know what it is, and it’s for mommy

Mini: I want some

D: but I got something for you too (proceeds to hand her the bag)

Mini: (eyes open wide) oooh look what I found mommy ta da

Mini: (heard me eating skittles) what you got there

Convos with a Toddler – Episode 1

so i kind of have this thing where i post my weekend recap, and i’m thinking i might start another thing of posting convos with a toddler. my toddler…

the things that come of out mini’s mouth sometimes make us laugh so hard and i love hearing what other moms say their kids said/did so i’ll post a few that i remember to start:

[ keep in mind, mini is 2.5 years old. ]

backstory: the other day i got home from running errands with my free chipotle bowl in a brown bag and found her and  D  couch, with her chicken nuggets in the microwave


mini: whats that

me: thats mommy’s food, i think your chicken nuggets are almost ready.

mini: i dont want chicken nuggets i want mommys food.

me: (putting groceries away) baby you aren’t going to like mommy’s food you are going to have chicken nuggets

mini: i want mommy’s food, i don’t want chicken nuggets

me: (pulls a table up to the couch with my food so i can eat, mini’s food isn’t quite ready yet)

mini: (pulls her chair up to the same table, and looks at me expectantly)i want to take a bite

me: baby you aren’t going to like mommy’s food. (takes container out of bag. its a bowl with a foil top. unwraps the foil sides and proceeds to take off cover. opens cover and guac that was stuck to top falls back into the bowl)

mini: EWWWWWWWWWWW (proceeds to throw herself back into the chair) i don’t want that i want chicken nuggets

me: 🙂 i know baby


backstory: it’s valentines day and D has made me Nutella strawberry french toast as im sitting at the table. he brings my plate over to me..


mini: ooh mommy what’s that

me & d: it’s breakfast for mommy

mini: i want to take a bite 😀 (as she smiles big and moves to sit next to me looking at my plate expectantly)

backstory: got takeout seafood for dinner and i had seared ahi tuna.


mini: mommy whats that? eat you food eat you dinner

me: yes this is mommy’s food you want to try?

mini: yeah (I tear a piece and give it to her)

mini: (looks at it in her fingers, licks it) ewwww i don’t like it (proceeds to hand it back)

me: argh ok.

mini: eat you food mommy

me: i am, you want to try it?

mini: yeah (conveniently forgets that she just “tried it” looks at it) i don’t like it (hands it back)



Weekend in Review – Mommy Sunday

i was off on friday so i spent it at the gym and trying to clean out my house/ car.

i did leg work at the gym, and let me tell you here we are monday morning and i am still sore.

i was able to find my black cardigan [that i was missing for at least half a year and ended up just buying another one because i couldn’t find it] and went thru a few things that i was able to sort into a toss & donate pile. i came to terms that my garage needs a good looking at. i mean there’s stuff in there that we haven’t touched in months, dare i even say it year+. im sure we don’t even know what we have out there and as such it obviously isn’t so important -so i can do a toss& donate with it.

i’m really learning the value of peace in my home not being equated to things.

things build up into clutter and clutter is not meaningful. garage cleaning is coming soon. maybe my next off friday..

saturday was a lazy day. movies with little mama + trip to the store to pick up some ingredients for an upcoming cupcake order. can’t wait to show you how they turn out 😀

i also got this awesome box of cookie cutters. i want to experiment a little with decorated cookies especially with all the holidays coming up.

i didn’t really pay attention to the size of the cutters til i got home though. O_O check out this gingerbread lady on my hand!

sunday was family day. i made a mexican chopped salad with dressing to take to my friends house where we had a mom + baby day with of lots of yummy food:

mexican chopped salad

fruit salad

bbq chicken

steamed fish

baked sweet potatoes

roasted corn

chicken + turkey burgers