Teaching by doing

one of babygirl’s presents this year was a big one.

i was contemplating getting it for her for this past christmas but decided to wait, and im glad i did.

i looked at a few for her birthday and found one i liked, i saved it to my favorites so i could find it easier when i was ready to actually purchase it. but when i was ready it wasn’t saved as i thought, so i searched “pretend play kitchen” and went thru the pages of results to find the one i liked again.

but before i found the one i had my eyes set on, i found this beautiful kitchen. it had a backsplash, and a chalkboard on the fridge and was made of wood. the knobs made the click sound when you turn them and there was plenty of space to put things away in the “stove” or “dishwasher” or even to hang on the knobs about the “burners”. don’t get me wrong, there is nothing bad about the plastic ones that everyone is used to, but this one, it was perfect. it had the look of a good sturdy toy, and the appearance of an updated kitchen i wish i had for myself. yeah it was going to cost a little more but if it would last a long time and make my princess happy, it would be money well spent.

we put it together the night before the party and it did take some time. i’d say no less than 3 hours with all of the pieces and hardware, but the resulting piece was impressive. we hid it in our closet to reveal to her after the party ended. we covered it with a sheet and brought it out to her to reveal for herself. she pulled the sheet off and omg her little face was priceless. she IMMEDIATELY ran over to open all the doors and see and touch everything. she wasted no time in calling over her friend so she could come play house with her. it made my heart melt. one of her other birthday gifts was a basket of pretend food that went perfectly with the kitchen and she knew exactly what to do with it all! She took the broccoli and put it under the “faucet” and washed the greens before placing them in the fridge. It was the cutest thing ever!
And it reminded me that she is really learning by watching what i do. I am teaching her by just doing what i do everyday! It may seem small and insignificant that she “washed the food” but it goes to show how much they take note and emulate what we do. It is why I always try to be a better woman, so she will learn too.

Something that my mom said to me, this past weekend, was that I always try to do so much for my daughter. That even when i am exhausted I still keep going to make things as good as i can for mini, including everything i did to make her party “perfect.” And that made me smile because hopefully mini notices too, hopefully she sees how much i love her and how much i would do and will always do. i hope that she sees how much i try to be better for her and i hope she will emulate that too…


Fairy Fun: Birthday Edition!

we had a blast this past weekend. and i am now officially the mother of a TWO year old; wish me luck as we embark upon the times of terrible twoness and potty training!

but back to party talk: it was a blast! i felt so blessed to be surrounded by people we love, to celebrate our mini. we really had a great time, and all of my party planning and decoration making turned out beautifully ! (does that sound like im tooting my own horn? i just was really pleased with the way everything turned out, and everyone kept commenting how amazed they were with the look of everything and how much of it i made myself)

and the food… it was great! i made a lot of it and i am tired from everything but for that little princess i would do it all over again to see her face light up the way it did. every time she saw some new decoration her little eyes would open wide and she would say “woww” “loook” “want to touch.” ❤

so what did we eat? for a little over 30 people (omg we really fit that many people in our house comfortably) we had:

6 boxes of pizza

10 lbs of chicken wings (that i seasoned in two diff flavors)

2 boxes of quiches (48+72= 120 little quiches!)

a veggie platter (w/ ranch & hummus dip)

a fruit platter

chips & artichoke dip (courtesy of my grandma 🙂 )

white sangria (with strawberries & peaches )

red sangria (with apples and oranges)

mushroom meringues

flower sugar cookies

“2” sugar cookies that i packaged to go

and cupcakes. lots of cupcakes. (carrot, white chocolate raspberry & cookies n cream)

i couldn’t get a shot of the whole food table because a lot of it disappeared before i got a chance 🙂

here’s a part of the dessert table before the food. look at this awesome piece of real tree! its beautiful and was what the cupcakes rested on.

more of the dessert table before the food. i used moss to create the wood/forest theme, and had a whole bunch of other tinkerbell stuff that i added because i believe that the little things really add a big value. 

   here’s a shot of the whole dessert table.  check out my fake log ! 😀           mini cupcakes for the kids !   on the left: fireflies in a jar next to the mushroom meringues! so many people thought these were real mushrooms lol!                                            

and of course: my little fairy 🙂

for her friends i made up little tinkerbell gift bags that had a:

butterfly wand glowstick (or baton for the boys)

tinkerbell bubble thing

tinkerbell candy

fun swirly straw

tink pencil

and one of those suction balls cause they are cool

i printed out tinkerbell coloring pages but really they just played with each other and the balloons and whatever toys that could reach. and thankfully their considerate parents helped put the toys away for me !


i get off of work so excited to see the light!

after being inside an office during the most enjoyable parts of the day, i am so elated to pick my princess up and see her beautiful shining face!

and i think of the list of things i will accomplish as soon as i get home. sometimes i even write them down on a notepad, so i can feel good about doing them and cross them off as my prize. my list today includes things like find the papers i need to file my taxes, looking into building a website for my  budding side business, finish the laundry so i can have clean dish towels again, get a quick home workout in since I’ve been in a long work training all week and haven’t had time to go to the gym, and get myself ready for tomorrow. oh yeah make sure i eat something for dinner too.

and then i look around my house and i see what a mess it is. dolls are all over my family room floor covered in blankets and the remaining dish towels (because they are sleepy and going “night night”), i have broken crayons all the way from my bathroom to the kitchen, and various other house items strewed in along the way as well :batteries, cards my little one has colored on, pieces of mail she’s retracted from the counters, shoes, a couch throw, and box of things i need to donate to Goodwill.

i can’t find my fuzzy house shoes cause little miss has decided she likes to try and walk in them, and all she can think about when she walks thru the door is crackers and juice. i know she’s hungry so i try to fix her dinner which thankfully i had already prepared last night. pasta with meat sauce. she doesn’t want it. she wants an apple (which is really an orange) only she just wants to play with it. and now its on the floor, if i had known that i wouldn’t have taken the time to peel it so carefully and remove all the little stringy white things. and she wants her elmo books. but i want her to eat her dinner. she doesn’t want it. i take bites to show her its yummy and maybe she will get jealous that I’m eating her food  with her spoon. she doesn’t bite the bait.

i try to warm up some chicken, she’s a big fan of chicken especially fried chicken, like tenders. but she doesn’t want this chicken. i just want her to eat some dinner. i’m getting tired and frustrated, she’s whining, and i haven’t started on any of my list. she’s not eating anyway so i do some laundry. i walk thru the kitchen and try to find something else she will eat, i tell her ill send her to her bed hungry since she’s being bratty but my heart doesn’t mean that. she sees me pull the bag from the freezer and she shouts “pancakes pancakes !” i smile, I’ve been waiting for her to eat something.

after i bathe her, wash her hair and detangle it, i sit on the couch and i am tired. i eat her pasta for dinner. i can’t find all of the tax papers i was looking for, i don’t feel like moving the laundry over, and do a couple sets of squats to try and keep myself motivated. i catch a toe cramp doing jump squats which is like a sign to me that I shouldn’t push myself. i am tired. i’ve accomplished a lot i tell myself, because its true. so i don’t have the same motivation when i got home that i had while on the way home, my baby girl is fed and clean and smiled and gave me kisses, and a headache, but she told me she loved me and looking at her beautiful face is all that matters to me anyway.


Baby email

I think, I’m going to sign my baby girl up for an email… Don’t call me crazy, there is a method to my madness. I know she’s advanced and seems to be good with technology as young as she is, but I’m not trying to get extra coupons or dropbox storage space I swear! With this email I want to do something special for her.
First, I want to get her a good one while I can ! (I remember when I was trying to get a “professional” email address it seemed all variations of my name were taken which was annoying.)
But really I want to do it so I can write to her. What started out as a blog about her and my pregnancy has evolved into a fun place to tell you about what’s going on in our lives. It’s a place where I show you pictures, and recipes, and share stories about little things that happen, (ok I need to get back on this part but I have been really busy!) But really I want to capture our moments in words and be able to give them to her for when she’s old enough to remember and understand how much mommy and daddy and all her family love her. I want her to look back on all the funny, cute things she did and have her own scrapbook of memories and pictures that I will secretly keep for her. I want to write her stories, that she can go back and read later on and see how much she really means to me, excuse me while I grab a tissue to wipe my eyes right now. 🙂

moments like these

this picture really puts into perspective the way you prioritize your time. everyone is so caught up trying to get this done, trying to get that done, crossing off all the to-dos from the list and trying to get that overtime in at work to look good for your boss. but if you have kids, spending time with them is so important.  interacting with them and really being a part of their development is the most important thing you can do.

i try to remember that when i get home and i’m tired but baby girl isn’t. i try to remember that when she’s spilled her spaghetti all over the floor, on purpose, and has made me upset that i now need to clean pasta sauce out of the tile grout. i try to remember that when she takes all the dvds off the shelf and has spread them all across the living room floor. i try to remember that even when she ripped the newspaper to shreds because she thought it was funny.

i really do love every minute i spend with her, and wish that i was able to spend more of my day with her. but bills. and errands. even when she makes me frustrated i adore her little face and try to hug her and kiss her as much as i can, because she’s mine and i love her and she’s perfect even if she is throwing a tantrum because she wants more cookies. i cherish every single moment i have with her because i am here to witness the beautiful growing girl that she is…






lasting effects

so a couple of weeks ago i noticed one of my nail beds looking a little weird. it was right at the cuticle, and it was kind of soft and seemed to be peeling. didn’t think much of it… til i started noticing my other nails doing the same. i told D about it and his toe was undergoing the same peeling.

he, on the other hand, recalled hurting that particular toe this summer and knew that the damage from that incident was causing this nail bed damage. i could not recall an injury affecting most of my fingers and my big toe. i was starting to get a little worried and i looked it up online, as i do with everything. i got results like nail fungus, nail bed damage from some type of blunt force trauma, other random causes that just didn’t really apply to me…

and then D was like “hey, what if its part of that hand rash thing you had?” i looked that up and found that a lot of adults that experienced hand, foot and mouth disease, also experienced this weird nail bed damage which caused their nails to start peeling off from the cuticle. booooooooo. but yeah for figuring out why it was happening anyway.

it kind of sucks, some of the nails are peeling more than others and I’ve been trying to buff and file them down to be flatter, and then paint them so the peeling sharp edges don’t catch on things.. but its not working out as smoothly as i anticipated. i’ve cut all my nails down to pretty short length cause the more advanced stage peeling nails also hurt when you press them too hard. i can see there’s another nail growing underneath but the top damaged nail isn’t quite ready to go yet so i’ll just sit and wait with my short nails for now. in the meantime it has required me to keep my nails consistently freshly painted, which is kind of nice. 🙂

in case you were wondering what they looked like? see below. if not look away LOOK AWAY !




not pictured are my thumbs, and my big toe which are also suffering from this stuff. but like i said, at least it makes me keep them freshly painted which makes me feel kind of fancy lol.

happy halloween

arghhh. this post is a little late. but i completed my diy mini’s halloween outfit ! and even did a little diy for myself…

after getting glitter everyywherrre to make her tutu i must say i was quite impressed with myself. no overpriced etsy tutus over here, just a mommy-made cute costume. i will say that the bandeau top wasn’t as long as i had envisioned on her but my garden fairy was a treat to everyone that saw her.

and because i couldn’t resist the temptation to be the “fun mom,” i couldn’t let the holiday just pass me by. i didn’t want to go over the top, and didn’t really feel like buying much to make myself a costume to be honest, but i wanted something to show that i push my own creative limits. and i love couples costumes. so i was a deer.

and before you ask, yes i did go to work like this.



most of this stuff was already in my makeup bag so that was an extra plus, and with some youtube inspiration on completing the look i was on my way to turning heads in the office lol. i did get some felt for ears, which was on sale 4/$1 ! i only needed two colors and some glue and some bobby pins. boom.

balloons are the devils work

sometimes when im at work, i need a break. i need that quick change of activity to help my focus- and sanity.. i normally read the news, listen to a couple of songs, or research a topic that has my attention. yesterday i went on a mommy blog and read this post about balloons and i thought it was mildly funny, occasionally mini trips on the string at home, its annoying to hear her ask me every 2 seconds when we go to the grocery store, etc. like i said mildly funny,  until i knew what the author of that article really felt when she gave it that title.


generally when we go to the grocery store, mini asks for a balloon, which she used to call a bubble, but has now graduated to saying something that really does sound like balloon.

if the store was giving them away i would give her one so she could give me some peace..

[lately when its time to go in the car seat,  she gives me a big fuss (especially on the way home -maybe she’s really tired?).] so yesterday i gave her a balloon from a prev grocery trip so she could play with.

(she depleted the snacks stash that very morning so i couldn’t make more of a mess in the backseat by giving her those which always keep her happy. )

on the way home she began BAWLING. like at the top of her lungs. like something had jumped in the car had grabbed her. i tried to help, i figured she dropped the balloon or the string got stuck on the car seat. but driving and reaching behind you blindly while searching for something specific is not super easy. i tried to pull when i found the string but it was stuck on something. (one side is a balloon and at the other end is a card promoting the store’s baby club). SHE WAS SCREAMING. i was worried that it was wrapped on her in some way and she and i were pulling on the string and also hurting her at the same time, but of course i couldn’t see. i kept feeling her arms and legs and face and fingers looking to see if it got wrapped on something. SHE WAS SCREAMING. i kept reaching to find out what it was stuck on, or what part of her body was in pain but nothing. i was right there, almost in the neighborhood, i started to wonder if she didn’t want the balloon at all and the very string in her face was like a ghost haunting her? or did she want it so bad and the string was a tease that she couldn’t have the actual balloon? literally in the neighborhood- i couldn’t take it anymore. i pulled over,  in the middle of the road mind you, and hopped in the backseat. she was fine, the string and card where stuck on the car seat and the balloon was draping onto the floor. i detangled it and handed her the balloon, she didn’t want it. like she really did not want it. like she wanted it no where near her. SHE WAS SCREAMING. i popped it onsite and vowed right then and there no more balloons.

i gave her the pacifier and we went home.

balloons should be banned from the universe.