Kahlua Frosting

I frosted my rum raisin cupcakes !

[[I hosted my dinner last night and cooked a turkey lasagna(post later) , and served my cupcakes as dessert. They loved it. They kept getting up to get more lasagna and said they really enjoyed the cupcakes, so I was happy, because I did everything from scratch]]

I had big plans for how I wanted to top the cupcakes which included a chocolate ganache filling or small top coat, but with cooking, and hosting, and the time factor it just didn’t happen. there’s always next time.

But this Kahlua frosting did happen. I’m sorry I didn’t take pics of the process 😦



3 cups powdered sugar

2 sticks butter softened (its important for it to be softened so it will mix well/easier)

1/4 cup & 1 tsp Kahlua

1 tsp vanilla


Put the butter and sugar in first, started whisking it together til I saw a frosting-ish consistency. (start with your mixer on the lowest setting !! or else you will end with powdered sugar everywhere ! lol)

[don’t think you can get this consistency without using a mixer, stand or hand though. unless you want to put that kind of whisking, whipping arm moving effort in, then be my guest]

Slowly added in Kahlua.

Added in vanilla at the end.


At first I was ready to frost them because it smelled so good, but the consistency looked off; the butter in it wasn’t ready yet. Dumped it back in the mixer for a little longer, til it really had that whipped look to it.

[I wanted to frost them all pretty like you see fancy bakers do, but whatevs I just put it in a ziploc bag, cut the tip and asked my friend to frost while i handled the dinner cooking. ]



Apple Pie Mini Pies /Muffins

If you caught my last post about my thanksgiving turkey maybe you saw something yummy to the left of the flowers. It was our Thanksgiving dessert. Which I made for the first time ever, with some coaching from my grandma.

I personally can eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday of the week. Maybe that’s a bit of a reach but seriously what is a dessert without chocolate? .. Ill wait.

Unfortunately not everyone feels this way including most of the family present at my dinner. As a host, I decided I’d cater to their personal faves, which included apple pie.

I always like to try a little twist on things I make, so instead of big regular apple pie, I decided some cute little apple pie mini pies/tarts would do the trick. Please excuse my poor basket weaving crust on top, it was my first time after all.

I used a pre made roll out crust, but in the future I want to take a stab at making my own.


One roll out crust was enough to do the bottom and the top “basket weave” effect for these little mini pies.

The recipe that i had was more than enough apples so I used the excess and made some apple pie muffins.

The second roll out crust did the muffins. I think I made about 6 muffins.







Clearly I overfilled a few of them, but they were fabulous none the less. They even got the approval of the original apple pie eater himself.

To be honest I think not only was it my first time baking an apple pie but it was my first time eating it, and I’m pretty sure it was everything i think  a pie should be?

Hold on, let me go eat some more to be sure 🙂

Cookies N Cream Cupcakes

The holidays are a great reason to break out the dessert recipes and show the people in your life you appreciate them.

I am in dire need of a haircut and my barber is not only my barber but a friend. He came to celebrate baby girl’s birthday, as we also attend his girls’ parties and he always offers any help should i need it because he knows D is away and his wife and him don’t live very far from us. He is really just a good person. Anywho, when he was at baby girl’s birthday he ravedddd about the cupcakes, and i have lots of cake mix. when i say lots i have LOTS. i can’t help it, they’ve been on sale and i have coupons and one can never have too much cake mix in their house, so i have stocked up. (Actually i’ve stocked up on a lot of things, i’ll do a post on my couponing stockpile later)… But yea i have lots of cake mix and i felt like baking.

& these super fancy sounding cupcakes are actually super easy!

All you need is white or vanilla cake mix and oreos (and whatever eggs/water/oil your box calls for.) (Unless you want to be really fancy and make your mix from scratch then be my guest)



I like to put a half an oreo in the bottom of each cupcake liner and them crumble a bunch of oreos in the actual batter.

(its easiest to crumble the oreos in a ziploc bag, without the cream filling. I normally just scrape the cream off with a butter knife and add it to the oreos in the liner that are lacking)

The mix made about 18 cupcakes and not counting the oreos in the bottom, i used about 9 oreos in the mix. You could always use more/less, whatever your pretty little self desires.

Then I like to frost mine with chocolate frosting.

It’s a pretty simple process but i included some pics of mine if you wanted to see what it looks like.












Chocolate dipped coconut macaroons

super late post alert. i made these before xmas.

I think holidays and baking are like two peas in a pod, you just can’t have one without the other. It’s not right, so I’m not even surprised that I was in the mood to bake something fancy and delicious, and I was ever so excited to try these amazing sounding chocolate dipped coconut macaroons.
Another super simple recipe for something that turns out magnificent.

14 oz can condensed milk
14 oz bag of coconut flakes
1 tsp vanilla
1/4 tsp salt
2 large egg whites
Chocolate chips


Set the oven to 400
Mix the coconut, vanilla and condensed milk together

Beat the egg whites and salt together and then combine with coconut mix.
On your silicone baking mat/parchment paper drop spoonfuls of this mix.

Bake for 20-22 minutes

melt the chocolate while you’re waiting for them to cool and press the bottoms of the macaroons into it, i also took my spoon and drizzled a little on the tops. let the chocolate set, and enjoy


refrigerate in a container. (if you don’t eat them all first 🙂 )

note to self: get parchment paper or a silicone baking mat, because prying these bad boys off my cookie sheet was not fun and made me feel like i needed to eat a lot to compensate for all the hard work of getting them off, and resulted in a little bit of macaroon dismemberment.





Chocolate chocolate chip Biscotti

I know as if I didn’t have a million other things to do but I was in the mood for baking up something new, something new and fancy! I found a couple of tasty sounding biscotti recipes but my chocolate obsession suggested this one first.

6 tbsp room temp butter
1 cup sugar
3 eggs
1.5 tsp vanilla
1 3/4 cup flour
3/4 cocoa powder
1.5 tsp baking powder ( original called for 2)
>1/4 tsp salt (cause I hear salt is always necessary when baking from scratch)
Choc chips! (i didn’t use as many as i normally use but i feel like i should have)

A mixer, sometimes I mix things by hand but I think you really need a mixer for this one.

As fancy as it sounds and seems biscotti is actually not that difficult to make. They’re really just twice baked cookies.

Ok so first you beat the butter with the sugar, best to do if the butter is not cold. Then beat one egg in at a time. Add the vanilla.

Put all the dry ingredients in the eggsugarbutter mix; the flour, cocoa and beat that together.


Once all that’s done, and you’ve made sure all the dry ingredients are mixed add the chocolate chips (or whatever else you would like: almonds, hazelnuts, peanut butter chips etc)


Preheat oven to 350 F and make two log shaped masses on your silicone mat/ parchment paper -which is not the same as wax paper! I had neither so I sprayed my cookie sheet and prayed lol. Leave a couple inches between your two logs if you’re putting them on the same sheet cause they will expand!

Bake for 25 mins, then let cool for 10 mins.
Cut the log/loafs into slices and turn them on their sides and bake on each side for 10 mins, at 300 F.




Recipe makes a lighter version of biscotti,  and after eating these i found that they werent the crispy cookies i was really looking for, not that they didnt taste good. but now i want to experiment with different flavors, mayybe chocolate peanut butter, or chocolate hazelnut? all the taste testers at my job seem to prefer nutella lol so hazelnut might be next on the list.





Strawberry and chocolate puff pastries

So I wanted to use the other sheet of puff pastry that I had and I was kind of craving the spinach and feta again but sadly I didn’t have enough spinach. (im sure my mom and dad would love to hear that i was craving spinach lol)

But I already had my pastry sheet thawing so on to plan b; something sweet. What did I have in my closet of goodies? Milk chocolate, and what to go with it? Strawberries. Yum.

Strawberry and chocolate puff pastries

1 sheet puff pastry
Milk chocolate (enough for one square of however many you want to make)
Strawberries (I used frozen but would advise fresh. Unless you want to let them thaw out all the way which I didn’t)
1 egg
Flour (for the baking sheet)
[Oven set to 400]


I cut my sheet into 9 squares and laid them onto my floured baking sheet.

I took a piece of chocolate for every square and laid it in the middle.

then i cut the strawberries and put it on top of the chocolate, then closed them up with a fork.

[i used frozen strawberries and didnt let them thaw all the way. not necessarily a good idea, although my pastries came out good they were not as crisp as I wanted]


Took the egg and lighty brushed the tops of all the pastries.


let them cook for 10-15 min. [i should add that I should have poked holes in the top for them to breathe!- they oozed a little bit]
Oh well baking is a learning process anyway. they still tasted really good and i know how to make them better next time 🙂

oooohh maybe ill sprinkle some sugar on top too ! 😀



Oreo truffles

truffles are kind of a hit or miss with me. while they taste amazing sometimes they are so rich in flavor its almost a little intimidating. a couple of weeks ago, my friend made some oreo truffles for the girls at work and i was hesitant to try one. i had never heard of them and when she explained what they were made of i politely smiled and said id try one. she really is a sweetheart, but i am not a fan of cheesecake and it was sounding like oreo cheesecake balls. i took two to try and as i was walking away i was sooo upset i hadnt taken more. they were kind of amazing and not in an overpowering way! so ever since then i have had it in the back of my mind to try to make these little guys out.

oreos [i used regular double stuffed, but maybe ill try a diff flavor next time]

cream cheese [ i used both regular flavored and chocolate flavored. yes i meant choc flavored cream cheese]

chocolate chips [i used semi sweet]

double boiler [or a pot and like a glass bowl]

food processor/rolling pin

wax paper?


since i don’t have a double boiler, nor do i even know what one looks like. i put my chocolate chips in a glass bowl and placed that in a pot of water on the stove.  i needed to melt the chips out.


i also don’t have a food processor or rolling pin lol so i put my oreos in a ziploc bag (and let all the air out) and took a can and started to break down the oreos. the cream in the middle made the oreo crumbles get kind of clumpy in some spots so maybe next time ill take the cream out before and just mix it up together in the next step..


since i was using two types of cream cheese i separated my oreo crumbs into two different bowls. i added cream cheese to their respective bowls and tried to fold ingredients in so that i could roll little cream cheese oreo balls.


after all the chocolate chips had melted out i dipped the balls into the chocolate and placed them on the wax paper. this step was considerable messy for me as i tried using my hands to dip the balls at first. i ended up with melted chocolate chips, cream cheese and oreo crumbs all over. sorry no pics of this 🙂 so after that i just used a spoon and rotated the balls in the chocolate.


when i was done coating all of them i put them in the fridge for at least an hour. we ate most of them and put the rest back in the fridge for later. they were yummmmmyyy

creme brulee- but chocolate so its better

so i have a obsession slight fancy for anything chocolate. and as i wasnt feeling well last week i decided to try to cheer myself up and add a checkmark on list of things ive been dyingggg to make.

i’ve been watching a lot of HGTV and food network lately, lol, and one of my favs is “chopped” [its like a cooking competition where they use crazy ingredients etc etc] but they mentioned brulee. and the little light bulb went off that i want to make creme brulee. so i began my pinterest search and found a couple of recipes. and of course because it said chocolate creme brulee i had to make it.

i was suprised that they are actually really easy to make and don’t require a lot of ingredients at all. i got a set of little ramekins (apparently thats what they are called, not white ceramic bowl things like i always thought) at bed, bath and beyond. its was $8 for (4) 6 oz ones and i had a coupon because bed bath and beyond will always and forever take your coupons.

This was the website i got the recipe from



    • 2 cups heavy cream
    • 1/4 cup plus 3 tablespoons sugar
    • 3 ounces bittersweet chocolate, chopped (1/2 cup)
    • [my hand may have accidentally tipped a little more in]
    • 5 large egg yolks
    • (i may have lost half a yolk somewhere in the process)

So you preheat the oven to 250 and mix the sugar and cream in a small pan over the stove. When the sugar dissolves add in the chocolate and whisk til all that is melted and smooth. take the 3 tbsp sugar and whisk that with the eggs then pour the cream mix into the egg mix. strain your custard thru a sieve (which i didn’t have so i skipped) pour the custard into the ramekins and then place the ramekins in a roasting pan with hot water that comes up halfway on the ramekins. bake them for about an 1 hour maybe a little longer. [ i think i went 1 hr 10 mins maybe just to be sure] let them cool and then refrigerate. when you’re ready to eat them is when you would torch them but i have no torch, nor was i going to get one. so i did what the alternative step was to sprinkle sugar on top and broil them til the sugar carmalized. it took less than 5 mins.


It was both beautiful and delicious 🙂