Zoodles w/ Chicken Parm

I’m really digging these zoodles.

Here we cooked chicken parm (using a Shake n Bake Parmesan Chicken box) and topped it with modified pasta sauce* and shredded parmesan cheese. [shortcuts are nice sometimes, especially when you are feeling lazy and don’t want to be on your feet in the kitchen all night]

I seasoned the zoodles with sea salt and a little garlic powder and then cooked them in a garlic butter sauce.

Plated them next to the chicken and spooned some pasta sauce on them. boom, dinner is served.

*modified pasta sauce = pasta sauce you can buy at the store +  a little extra seasoning cause it can still be a little bland.


Apple Gorgonzola Salad

while we were in Chicago not too long ago, we celebrated D’s grandpa’s birthday at Buca di Beppo. We ordered a bunch of dishes to share and one of the dishes was this amazing salad.

It had lettuce, green apple slices, candied walnuts and I had about 3 helpings 🙂

so of course i had to try it at home.

[this weekend i purchased a mandolin. I’ve been wanting one for a while but have been hesitant because.. well i cut myself in the kitchen enough as it is without using a blade you can slice your finger off with. it has a guard that i will promise you i’ll use, and I’m thinking about getting kitchen gloves. they are supposed to be cut-resistant. found them on amazon.]

so i used my new mandolin to slice up a granny smith apple.

got some shredded lettuce together

sprinkled some gorgonzola cheese

and substituted chopped pecans for candied walnuts

(maybe there were craisins in the salad too? i didn’t add them this time)

and i used pre made italian dressing. it wasn’t quite the same because of the dressing. so i did some research and found this online for the vinaigrette :

1/3 cup white wine vinegar
3/4 tsp dried oregano
1/2 tsp dry mustard
1 tsp salt
1 pinch black pepper
1/8 cup red onion, chopped fine
1 1/2 tsp garlic, minced
3/4 cup olive oil

ill be making my own salad dressing next time !

Zoodles ! – Garlic  & Parmesan Cheese with Mushrooms 

“what the heck is a zoodles?” thats what i asked michelle when she told me she was making them for lunch the other day.

noodles made from zucchini! she sent me a pic of her lunch so i could see what they were; this new found way of eating pasta and vegetables- veggie pasta!

Idk if you can tell but they are there under the broccoli. And she has some protein off to the right on top of sautéed onions.

and then i started to see them in lots of places, zoodles I mean…

apparently they are really easy to make as long as you have a vegetable spiral slicer (other names include Vegettiti, spiralizer, spiralife, etc) i figured since im trying to eat healthy and whatnot i might as well pick one of these things up and see what they’re all about. i got mine from bed bath and beyond but i know there’s a multitude on amazon.

(researching these spiral cutter thingys found that you can cut lots of different vegetables with it and store them in the fridge. as long as they are the RAW veggies. – carrots, sweet potatoes, zucchini, jicama just to name a few…

apparently if you cook them and try to take them for the lunch the next day they’ll be a mushy mess. which isn’t what most people want to eat for lunch. haven’t done my own field testing to say for sure, but i don’t want to waste food trying either 🙂 )

they are also a way better option if you are going for a “pasta” dish as they contain wayyy fewer calories.

also a good way to make curly fries, your own ramen soup, maybe even a sweet potato mac n cheese. experiments for another day…

I gathered up my stuff and made Zoodles for dinner !

after you spiralize the zucchini they are really wet. i seasoned mine and let them sit for like 20 minutes and then i pat them dry. and they were still really wet so i like had to wring them out lol. 

I cooked the mushrooms first and then did the zoodles. 
I also did a baked sweet potato on the side. In case I didn’t like the zoodles lol.

But I must say it was a really tasty dish! D liked them too! I’m definitely gonna make them again! I think I might try pesto zoodles next..

Garlic & Parmesan Cheese Zoodles w/ Mushrooms

to make them you need:

zucchini ( i used 2 fairly large ones)

garlic cloves (i used 2 big ones)

parmesan cheese



seasoning ( i used garlic powder and sea salt)

a spiral slicer

1.Cut the stem off the zucchini, and use your spiral slicer to cut them into noodles. Put them in a bowl.

2. Season the noodles, I used garlic powder and sea salt.

3. Let the noodles “marinate” in the seasoning. I let mine sit for 20 mins.

4. Get a pan and melt some butter ( i used I can’t believe its not butter light!). Let the garlic cook for a bit in it. ( I had my stove on a little higher than medium)

5. Cook the mushrooms in the butter. Remove and set aside.

6. Pat dry the zoodles. [Or in my case squeeze all the excess water off]

7. Cook them in the pan for at least 5 mins. Add the mushrooms. Let them cook together for like 2 minutes. Remove from the stove.

8. Top with parmesan cheese and enjoy !!


(this is how i quickly make baked potatoes)

  1. Get a potato (sweet or regular) Poke it all over with a knife.
  2. Put it in the microwave. Depending on the size cook it for at least 3 mins on each side. I always touch the side that was face down and if it feels a little soft I know it is basically good.
  3. After cooking both sides, take it out and slice it in half, open the sides so it lays flat with the open sides up.
  4. Slice diagonals into each side, both ways. (It will look like you have cubes in the potato skins.
  5. D likes cinnamon so i sprinkle that over his. I like butter so I put it in the crevices, and sometimes I do parmesan cheese. – this time i just added the cheese after.
  6. Put it in the toaster oven on broil for a few mins.
  7. Take it out and enjoy !

Cranberry Spinach Salad

I’m trying to eat more veggies. I’m trying to make fun salads. I have spinach.

I really love the last salad I told you guys about. but i wanted to experiment with other variations.

so i found this one! and it’s just as awesome as the other one.

[actually D’s cousin had this the other night and got a big helping of 2nds. when he came for game night and saw it again he said “my eyes lit up!” 🙂  )

super easy to make. its just:

spinach [ i normally like to tear the spinach into smaller pieces]

diced small red onion

craisins/dried cranberries

feta cheese

& chopped almonds

(i also added a little orange zest)

top it with some balsamic vinagrette, so yummy.

Avocado Egg Rolls

have I ever told you how much i love avocado?

Like it goes with everything. Eggs, burgers, chicken, tacos. Bread. the list is basically endless.

I had an avocado that was over ripening really quickly and happened upon a pin that talked about making avocado egg rolls! it sounds so delicious i don’t know why i never thought of it before.

lucky for me i had egg roll wrappers and avocado and i desire to eat both.

do you have the same desire?

i can tell you how i made them.

gather up some:

egg roll wrappers (you can find them in the produce refrigerated section)

ripe avocados (i used the big green one so i only needed 1)

tomatoes (the pin i found called from roma, but i only had the bigger ones)

onion (the pin said red, i only had small yellow)

some salt & pepper (i used garlic salt)

some cilantro

splash of lime juice

1. spoon the avocado into a bowl. i like to cut it in chunks and then spoon it out. mash them.

2. mince up the onion, and cut small chunks of tomato.

3. add in the cilantro, lime juice and salt & pepper

4. taste it. you basically made guac. do you like it? adjust to your liking.

5. put some oil in a pot and let it get hot.

6. keep your wrappers in their bag if you aren’t using them or they will dry out. get one and spoon some of your guac in the middle.

7. i wet the 4 sides of my wrapper and folded the bottom & top down. fold the sides over and use a little water to seal it. be careful with the wrappers, they are thin and if you aren’t careful you might tear them a little.

8. put them in the oil and let them cook til they are brown and crunchy. but not too brown. like mine. (try not to do to many things at once or you’ll burn the wrappers, like me. also make sure the oil isnt too hot or you’ll sear the outside of the wrapper and not let the insides cook properly. )

im not like an egg roll expert or anything but they aren’t that hard to at least try. don’t let my little burnt egg rolls scare you away!


[in this case it’s actually blending.]

have you ever tried it?

D is on this 7 day detox and i’m thinking about maybe doing a 3 day one. we consume a lot of junk, and sometimes it is nice to give your body a break with a healthy alternative…

just thinking about going on a liquid diet for any period of time makes me realize how much i love bread & cheese. i mean hello broccoli cheese soup in a bread bowl? grilled cheese? crusty bread with a nice fancy cheese (and a glass of wine)? cheese fondue? string cheese and crackers? bagels and cream cheese??? heavy sigh. this will be an interesting weekend for sure. a definite test of my willpower.

he’s already gone one day, and i’m proud of him. passing any food restaurant conjures in his mind his favorite dish at said place, and even opening the fridge or cabinets at home is a reminder of all the foods that are within reach but off the list for the next week. me and baby girl are eating food too, so he can smell all the yummies that he has promised himself he will stay away from.

i know since i have been working on this current project at work i have definitely stepped my junk food intake a notch. they keep snacks in eye-view so we are comfortable. they know food makes people happy and are committed to making us so, in the hopes that it will make us super productive… but i haven’t been in the gym as much as i was –so i’m upping my food intake and not balancing it by going to the gym –maybe this detox will be good for me.

i made a juice this morning for breakfast, as like a mini trial.

i used 1 whole banana, splash of orange juice and handful of :




apple slices

here’s one of D’s lunches: (Its called Mean Green)

it’s made from:

1 Granny Smith Apple

1 Cucumber

4 Stalks of Celery

4-6 Kale Leaves

1/4 Lemon Peeled

1″ Ginger

ahhhh pray for my strength as i overcome my love for food this weekend !

Mushroom Meringues

Everyone was so fooled by these little “mushrooms” I had to keep telling them they weren’t real.

& they fit in perfect with my Tinkerbell/Pixie Hollow theme and were so easy to make! not to mention delicious!

Want to know how i bamboozled everyone?

all you need is:

3 egg whites

1/4 tsp cream of tartar

3/4 cup sugar

chocolate ( i used semi sweet chips)

cocoa powder (for dusting)

1. take your egg whites and cream of tartar and beat them with the whisk attachment. i beat them til they were looking kind of foamy. turn your oven to 225 F.

[[ it is so important that there are no traces of the egg yellow in your mix, and that your bowl and whisk are clean or else they wont beat right. i had the tiniest bit of yellow when trying to get the white separated and it would NOT beat correctly! and if you are wondering how did i fix the mistake? i couldn’t 😦 ]]

2. add in the sugar one tbsp at a time. beat the mix til it looks soft, glossy and kind of like marshmallow fluff.

3. pipe out the pieces of the mushroom ( i used a piping bag and coupler or if you have a big enough round tip-like a 1/2″)

[one sheet was just the circle that would become the mushroom tops. (i dipped my finger in water to smooth out the tops if they didn’t circle out nicely enough)

another sheet i created little stems by piping a small circle and lifting the bag up to make it stand ]

4. bake for 1 hour. after one hour turn off the heat and let them sit in the oven for another 30-60 minutes. you want them to dry out.

5. take the stems and with a sharp knife cut off a little of the top to create a flat stem top. (it will help when you adhere the top and stem together)

6. melt your chocolate til it is just glossy. take a spoon and a mushroom top and apply chocolate to the bottom of it. take a stem and stick it to the chocolate. lay them upside to set. (you can put them in the fridge for a bit but i just let mine air dry)

7. when all the the mushrooms are put together and the chocolate has set: dust cocoa on the tops and you are done!

i baked them ahead of time (because planning a party gets crazier each day) and kept them in a tupperware and they were amazing.

Biscuit pizza

I am not a fan of cooking on Fridays, something about the weekend just screams relax and get out the kitchen (unless it involves baking yummies ! Lol). My mom has this thing where she does NOT cook on Fridays either, pretty sure I’ve come to adopt her philosophy.

Anyway this past Friday, I needed something to feed mini and myself. We ate all of my meal prepped food for the week and I didn’t feel like standing at the stove to make something. Soo I thought about what I had in my kitchen and what felt Friday appropriate. Pizza.

[But when isn’t pizza appropriate? I mean come on, bread and cheese alone: yummmmm. Throw in some saucy tomato goodness and voila! Amazingness that you can eat with your hands. I seriously think pizza should be in the major food groups but what do I know. ]

Anyways, I didn’t have a premade crust, and I didn’t feel like attempting to make my own dough (which I will do soon cause I can, with my mixer!) but I had biscuits! You know the kind that come in the tube that you pop out and separate and bake for like 10 mins? Yup those, I’m sure you have some in your fridge right now. They are a great quick side for dinner so I know when they’re on sale I grab a few.

Anyway I popped those out and put them on a baking sheet, and pressed them flat. I didn’t use a rolling pin or anything, just used my fingers and kept pressing til I had a flatter disk to work with.

Then I spread tomato sauce on my mini pizzas.

I only had cheddar cheese so I layed that heavily and realized that I had some spinach so I shredded that up and only covered two before my oven was ready.

We really weren’t in a mood for waiting any longer for dinner 🙂 two spinach and 3 cheese it would be.

I baked them for about 15 mins at 350 and dinner was ready.

After enjoying them, I think I maybe could have cooked them longer? The crust wasn’t as crusty but I’m not sure if that’s because I was using a biscuit and not pizza dough lol. Maybe I could have precooked them for a few mins before adding my pizza toppings? They were good but not perfect. They did make a good quick fun dinner though !