28 weeks

7 MONTHS. O.M.G. SEVEN. MONTHS. im just gonna let that sink in for a minute.

((and a month left til graduation)) [does little happy dance]

lots has been going on. senior design has been keeping me pretty busy, we have our final presentation next friday, so we’re freaking out just a litttttle bit. maybe ill post a pic about our project? everyone seems to be rooting for us to make it work, which is encouraging. a mom and her toddler son saw us practice flying it and they were amazed lol.

been a little stressed and overwhelmed with everything but im working on trying not to let it get to me. i listen to some of my happy songs, and picture my daughters face in my arms. speaking of her….

she can now blink her eyes, which now have lashes, and she is able to filter some of the light thru my womb. she is developing billions of neurons in her brain and adding more body fat before she makes her world debut.

How Far Along? 28 weeks

how big is baby: about 2.25 lbs (like a Chinese cabbage- whatever that is) and almost 15 in

Symptoms: fatigue, hunger, headaches, vivid dreams, HEART BURNNNN

Total Weight Gain/Loss: doc said im 157.6 this week, so i’d say i’ve gained about 17 ~18 lbs so far

maternity clothes? still squeaking by with what ive got. but my long dresses look funny now lol

Sleep: not restful. but im tired during the day a lot.

stretch marks? nothing crazy.

Food Cravings: umm, i think things with tomatoes lol

Best Moment This Week: the progress we made on our senior design project. if it doesn’t work, we dont graduate!!

Movement: yes, sometimes at 4 and 5 am.

Labor Signs: no

Gender: its still a girl lol

Belly Button In Or Out? still an innie, but barely
What I Miss: good restful sleep

What I Am Looking Forward To: my moms birthday and finishing with senior design responsibilities

Milestones: hitting the 7 month mark, realizing im at my third trimester

Weekly Wisdom: i dont even know.

dont mind the mess.



27 weeks

so lots of stuff to update on. my mom and brother were here this weekend so we got a lot of stuff done. including getting some of the stuff for the 2nd baby shower which is happening may 19. (my other baby shower is in like almost 2 weeks and i havent even sent out invitations yet >_< ) we also started packing up some of the stuff in the house to help make the move easier especially cause i cant lift anything and am finding it hard to bend down and such. it was so nice having them spend a couple days with me, i didn’t want them to go 😦

also i made a docs appt to talk about that little problem and he referred me to see a specialist. specialist gave me some stuff to help and i am on the road to recovery, praise Jesus. it really was painful and awkward and made life suck so bad.

so at the 27 week mark she is sleeping and waking at reg intervals, opening and closing her little eyes and maybe even sucking her fingers. her brain tissue is developing and her brain is very active now. she is also capable of having baby hiccups 🙂 how cute

survey time:

How Far Along? 27 weeks

how big is baby: estimated abut 2 lb and about 14.5 ” long extended

Symptoms: fatigue [ i want to take a nap every day], forgetfulness, occasional break outs, feet swelling, hemorrhoids :[

Total Weight Gain/Loss: two weeks ago i was 151.4, when i was at the doc tuesday he said im up to 155.6 so i gained 4 lbs in the past 2 weeks. i think ive gained approx 15 lbs.

maternity clothes? im wearing the longer/bigger shirts i prev owned.

Sleep: this was really hard dealing with those little monsters.

stretch marks? i think im still doing without these

Food Cravings: idk really. sometimes everything, sometimes nothing. maybe avocadoes?

Best Moment This Week: seeing the doctor to fix my little problem.

Movement: yes i love watching my belly move. she is my alarm clock in the morning.

Labor Signs: no

Gender: its still a girl lol

Belly Button In Or Out? its almosttttt an outtie

What I Miss: peaceful sleep. something is always keeping me from this it seems

What I Am Looking Forward To: finding a place. the clock is ticking on my lease.

Milestones: almost to the third trimester

Weekly Wisdom: walking a lot is bad for hemorrhoids.


I know why pregnant women waddle…

I know why they waddle. And it’s not because their bellies are too big, or a baby is pressing on their bladder. It is because of hemorrhoids. And I can say that because I know -_-
I know its probably not PC to talk about it, since no one likes discussing those types of things but this is my blog and what i say goes…
It is the worst! You can’t sleep at night because you can’t find a comfortable position where it doesn’t hurt, you can’t sit like a normal person, you can’t walk right. It’s just horrible. Making a human being isn’t easy. I always knew that women were amazing and could withstand so much and had to ensure more then men but OH.MY.JEESUSSS.
If you have been pregnant or had hemorrhoids, then you know what I’m talking about. I’ve currently invested in preparation h, because apparently it can get worse during the third trimester and I’m trying to nip it in the bud now. Also icing the little monster. Now if the thought of icing your nether region seems alien to you or something you don’t think you could deal with, let me tell you that when you have a small balloon of your own skin rubbing in between your cheeks EVERY SINGLE TIME you move.. You will go to great lengths. Just remember that. The same goes for suppositories.

Hope this brought a smile or laugh to your day! But I promise I meant every word lol

Hello blood draw

Yep it’s that time again where I visit the blood draw place. I had to do my gestational diabetes screening and also some bloodwork to test the/for antibodies since I’m a negative blood type and will be getting that shot at my 28 week visit. Had to go back to the same place I did last time 0_o since its a newer less well known facility and I didn’t have the time to sit in the waiting room all day.
They give you this orange bottle of glucose that you have to drink in 5 minutes and then you gotta wait for an hour and they check you. Fun.


It doesn’t taste bad, kind of like orange soda or else I don’t think I would have been able to drink it in 5 minutes. We shall see how it goes.

26 weeks

i havent really been posting but ive been super busy. so many things to do and think about, it almost makes my head spin. i’ve been trying to deal with my last semester of school which means our senior design project, work, planning two baby showers, planning graduation, trying to find a house, dealing with being pregnant, just to name a few things. i still need to look into Lamaze (sp?) classes, setting up the hospital tour, figuring out when we are going to  need daycare, i need to do my gestational glucose screening this week, i have a test today and i need to go grocery shopping. le sigh.

you know those moments where you realize all the things you have to do, and then you just take a nap? yeah well i wish i could just take a nap right now lol…

soo in other news, d told me we were going to breakfast on saturday and then he surprised me with an appointment to the 3D/4D ultrasound place 😀 i may have cried a little. may be. we did the one where you get to keep the CD with pics and DVD with the session. they also let you view your session online for a year and hear the audio from the session (the DVD has a lullaby instead of what we were actually saying). it was sooooo nice. he hasn’t been able to come to the past few ultrasounds ive had so it was nice for him to see what she looks like now.[ its crazy how far technology has come!] she was being a little camera shy and kept her hands up near her face for a lot of it but we saw her beautiful little face, and the lady gave me chocolate to try and perk her up a bit, and when i was eating she was opening and closing her mouth too!!! it was the cutest thing ever. she also started doing what looked like some crunches and then put her feet up near her face. soon she’ll be too big to move that much so it was cute to see how active she is now. theres about 80 something pics on the CD, some aren’t very clear cause her face is very near the placenta which causes things to be blurry or hard to make out but we love all of them anyway. later that day we watched what to expect when youre expecting which i thought was cute 🙂

update time:

How Far Along? 26 weeks

how big is baby: last week i found out shes 1lb 12 oz but my app says she measures about 14 inches (an English hothouse cucumber) and weighs about 1 2/3 lbs

Symptoms: fatigue [ i want to take a nap every day], forgetfulness, occasional break outs

Total Weight Gain/Loss: last week i was at 151.4 i dont know what im up to this week. still haven’t found a scale

maternity clothes? yes, havent bought anything else but im loving my old navy maternity pants

Sleep: i would love to get more of this

stretch marks? im getting bigger but i dont think i have any marks

Food Cravings: chocolate things. and thats alli can remember right now.

Best Moment This Week: going to the 3D/4D ultrasound 😀 😀

Movement: yes, i know what position she’s in so i try to guess if its punches or kicks that i feel lol

Labor Signs: no

Gender: its still a girl lol

Belly Button In Or Out? its almosttttt an outtie

What I Miss: sleep and having less to worry/think about

What I Am Looking Forward To: being done with school. 40 something more days til graduation.

(i have a lot of things on my plate and would love to cross something off the list)

Milestones: another week closer to third trimester

Weekly Wisdom: take naps. they help with focusing.


25 weeks

Well been very busy with everything but went to the doctor and everything seemed good. I have to go in and get my gestational glucose screening done. Doc thought i was measuring bigger than I should be for how far along I am so he ordered an ultrasound. I had no problem with that I love seeing babygirl 🙂

Went to my ultrasound and she’s right on track. 1 lb 12 oz right now eeeeek. She is breech though with her hands and feet up near her face and she was playing hide and seek while we were trying to look at her. Got a few cute ultrasound pics but it took some time to get a profile one, guess she’s saving her beauty shots for when she makes her world debut ❤

How Far Along? 25 weeks

how big is baby: about 13.5 inches long and about a 1.5 lb [like a rutabaga]

Symptoms: fatigue, leg numbness, forgetfulness, hunger

Total Weight Gain/Loss:I weighed in at 151.6 when I went to the doctor on wed, up almost 5 lbs from the last doc visit

maternity clothes? yes, love my maternity jeans ! love my fold down cotton pants love colored racerback tanks

Sleep: ive deduced that its kind of a numbness i get in my legs when i sleep. i try to switch sides when it starts to bug me too much and roll back to my left when my right gets uncomfy

stretch marks? not that i can see but i also can’t see the bottom half of my tummy when i look down:)

Food Cravings: ummm bruschetta [sp?], chocolatey things, pastries and breakfast foods like bagels

Best Moment This Week: spending my spring break with the people i love

Movement: yes and her little movements are getting stronger, its my favorite hobby now to sit and watch my tummy twitch

Labor Signs: no

Gender: its a girl

Belly Button In Or Out? im slowlyy watching it inch closer to the surface

What I Miss: sleep mostly

What I Am Looking Forward To: planning the baby showers !! my pinterest board is getting full of ideas lol

Milestones: realizing I’m almost at the start of my third trimester

Weekly Wisdom: naps are beautiful


24 weeks

soooo im officially 6 months. that’s like mind boggling. we’re 2/3 of the way there already. O_O checkpoint reached. time to put things into high gear. we’ve been looking into places we want to move to and i’ve been actively planning out the details of both baby showers. plus thinking about graduation and trying to iron out the registry items and what we want her room to look like. i mean i know she’s going to be sleeping in our room but i want her to have her own room so we can  put all the other stuff in there. plus i want to decorate it lol.

sooo my app says that my little girl has gained about 4 oz since just last week! she’s just over a lb and almost a foot long. they say she will start to plump up now, and her brain is growing quickly and her taste buds are continuing to develop. her lungs are developing branches of the respiratory system and her skin will be changing soon to be less translucent. she’s starting to look more like the little princess from my dreams.

How Far Along? 24 weeks= 6 months !! woooooo !

how big is baby: almost a foot long (like an ear of corn) and just over a lb supposedly

Symptoms: fatigue, leg pains especially during sleep, back aches

Total Weight Gain/Loss: i really really need to find a scale but i know ive put on weight since the last time i checked

maternity clothes? still working with what ive got. fortunately i had a lot of “wife beaters” in lots of colors and they all seem to be long enough to still cover all my girls

Sleep: i have been able to sleep a little more on my right side lately. but i get leg pain during the night. mostly on my left side. trying to find a fix

stretch marks? nothing new

Food Cravings: ummm citrus fruit id say, and blue bell mint cookies and cream ice cream

Best Moment This Week: relaxing on my break

Movement: yes, not as much as before. guess she’s starting to get a little cramped in there. but my mom did get to feel her kick and she was super excited 🙂

Labor Signs: no

Gender: its a girl

Belly Button In Or Out? im slowlyy watching it inch closer to the surface

What I Miss: sleeping how i did pre preg,

What I Am Looking Forward To: planning for her shower, finding a new place and being done with undergrad

Milestones: hitting the 6 month mark. which means i got roughly 3 more months of my little bun cooking in the oven.

Weekly Wisdom: i still look good in a bathing suit 🙂

23 weeks

so in a week i will be 6 months. [opens eyes wide] they say senior year goes so quickly, graduation in 65 days not that i’m counting, so maybe its that but i feel like this pregnancy is flying by as well. i feel like just yesterday we were making the calls to notify family & friends. any who i’ve still been nesting and wanting to bake and cook and organize. and sleep. i miss sleep. sleeping while pregnant is not what i thought it would be. i had this strange misconception that i would try to get in as much sleep now because once shes here i’ll never sleep the same again but honestly its hard. the first trimester all i wanted to do was lay in bed and i slept but lately i can’t get comfortable or stay asleep. sometimes i’ll wake up to pee, or i’ll wake up cause i’m hot and uncomfortable or i just can’t sleep in anymore. sighhhh. but my little bump is growing and so is my appetite lol.

according to my app: she is now more than 11 inches long and weighs more than a lb. she can also feel me dance [lol i guess she can feel me walk too then? (it says her sense of movement is well developed now)] the blood vessels in her lungs are developing to prepare for her breathing and her hearing is becoming more keen [her cochlea which is the inner ear mechanism has fully formed- this houses all components of hearing] so she hears what i hear 😀 but at a different level cause she also hears my muscles, tissues, placenta and amniotic fluid. bit noisy i guess. and it says i can look forward to the possible swelling of my feet and ankles. [oh joy.]

How Far Along? 23 weeks

how big is baby: around 11 inches and weighs more than a lb (weight of a large mango)

Symptoms: fatigue, nesting, back aches, all the time hunger, forgetfulness..

Total Weight Gain/Loss: i really need to find a more accessible scale.

maternity clothes? yeap, ill be needing larger shirts soon too.

Sleep: i have trouble sleeping in even when i’m really tired. sleeping on my left side is the most comfortable for long periods but occasionally i’ll switch. i have lots of vivid dreams too. if i can work it in, i’ll try to nap during the day but it doesn’t always work out :/

stretch marks? nothing new

Food Cravings: sweet things mostly, but lately ive been wanting fruit and water. and caprese salad (idk why lol)

Best Moment This Week: dreaming about her pretty little face

Movement: she moves still but i feel like not as much as before, probably cause she’s getting bigger and has less space to move around. i try to pull my shirt up and see if i can see her moving but she always stops when i’m watching its like she’s shy 🙂 cause as soon as i stop looking she’ll move again. its like she’s playing peek a boo with me !

Labor Signs: no

Gender: its a girl

Belly Button In Or Out? i think i will no longer have an innie by the end of the week. i swear it gets smaller by the day.

What I Miss: sleeping in! and sleeping peacefully! and being able to bend down and pick things up easily.

What I Am Looking Forward To: planning for her shower, finding a new place and being done with undergrad

Milestones: realizing i will no longer be a part of the innie club very soon, realizing im almost at the 6 month mark which means hellllooo home stretch aka third trimester

Weekly Wisdom: umm i feel like maybe i had some but i’ve been a little forgetful lol


these arent maternity jeans but stretchy leggings that come up pretty high so you might see the ridge, thats not my belly button poking out yet. and yes this is a public bathroom pic