Birth story

So this post is super late but I wanted a verbal account of her birth story that I could go back and look at.
We went in to the doctor for our routine visit and he was asking all the normal questions. I told him that I felt her movements had maybe slowed down, I wasn’t feeling the wave of kicks as much but maybe it was because she was bigger and didn’t have as much room. Doc hooked me up to a machine to check her heart rate and my contractions. Her heart rate was fine but I was contracting every minute! He said he was gonna send us to the hospital to get induced that day! I started to cry, it was overwhelming, the thing I was waiting for was finally here and it caught me off guard. All the nurses just smiled, told me it was ok and they were so happy for me.
We left the docs office and when we got to the hospital we had to wait to get a room. By the time we got our room my mom had made it in to town, lol it’s funny because she lives almost four hours away. She got our call told her job she had to go and she hit the road!!
I hadn’t dilated anymore so around 4 they inserted a cook balloon (sp?) which consists of two small balloons that they inflate with water to help you dilate. They can stay in for a max of 12 hours, unless they fall out sooner, and generally you come out having dilated to 4-5 cm. it was super awkward trying to walk around the hospital with it in cause the tube that they used to inflate/deflate them was hanging between my legs and of course under those hospital gowns you aren’t wearing anything. They induced me too, to speed things up. I was fine for a while, working through the contractions by taking deep breaths and Dwight and I were taking trips around the hospital IVs in hand trying to help me dilate and efface more.
They checked me and found they could take the balloons out early which was a relief because it meant I dilated enough that I could take an epidural; the contractions had got to be too much. I took the walking epidural and honestly I was way more scared than I needed to be, it hurt worse when the nurse was putting my IV in. After the epidural kicked in I was pretty much flying high, everyone was so sleepy but I was wide awake and ready to walk and talk and hang out. I walked more since I wasn’t in pain and tried to sleep a little.
The contractions got really bad and I needed the full epidural very early Thursday morning. Before they put the catheter in the midwife came in and checked me and told me I was 10 cm dilated and to get ready cause I would be pushing soon.
About a half hour later our baby girl was born, 9:05 am Thursday 7 lb 20 inches with a head full of hair.


Where have I been?!

Sooo I was ready to post my 39 week update, had it ready and everything it was just saved as a draft til I saw my doc the next day. But while we were at the docs office he hooked me up to a machine to track baby and to track my contractions. He said I was contracting every minute ! I didn’t believe him, but he said they’d been doing this a long time and the machine doesn’t lie lol. I just wasn’t feeling the pain and wasn’t sure I knew how to track them properly anyway.
He told us we could go get induced that day, like leave his office and go to the hospital. Omg we were so excited. It was kind of overwhelming at first to hear that, Dwight was ecstatic and I started crying. Like it was really happening was all I could think about, the moment we were waiting for was finally there. Our bags had been packed but it hadn’t hit me until that moment and I cried a little, happy tears of course. So we rushed home to get a couple things I left and made our way to the hospital.
That was last Wednesday…
Thursday morning we welcomed our baby girl into the world, and it was ahhhhmazing!
Words can’t describe the feeling, maybe ill post her birth story..
But she’s a week old today and changing every day and getting more and more beautiful it just makes me want to cry.


maternity pics (& update)

soo saw the doc today and im still only 1cm dilated 😦 wahhhh. we took the hospital bags with us in case he told us we needed to go, we really thought i was farther along. i thought all the back pain and hardness of my belly was early labor pain. apparently not. he said she is probably facing out so her throwing her head back is causing all the pain to my back. i’ve been up and down the house all day, trying to do squats to help her. he said i was more effaced than last week but he didn’t give me a %.

but in other news:

we got to see the maternity pics.

and we love them. and they’re beautiful. and i’m glad we took the time to get them done even if i forgot some of the cute poses i wanted us to do.

they really make me want to pick up my camera and take pics like i used to, trying to capture every moment [ i am a scrapbook junkie] but ever since i got an iphone i just don’t use my camera anymore; since i have one on my phone but realistically i don’t even take pics that much. seeing these shots she got inspired me to get back to it. my dress makes me look kinda smaller than i really am but its ok. i can’t wait to get them printed and framed. we really haven’t put up any pics in our new place but i think its also cause we haven’t finished formally unpacking…

just a couple of the pics ❀





38 weeks


ive been having some back pain for the past two days now and its making me consider calling my doc and asking for a sooner appointment. i’ve heard labor starts in your back O_O. also been having contractions but i can still talk thru them so we haven’t made any hospital visits just yet.

we finally got to take some maternity pics over the weekend, i was worried i’d have her before we found some time, but after we left i remembered other cute poses i had wanted to take that we didn’t do during the shoot. ahhhh you pregnancy brain! oh well, i will remember for next time. hopefully we will have the pics by tonight cause im anxious to see them.

other than that? both our and baby’s bags are packed and we are just waiting for the moment to hop in the car. lol every time i call anyone they think its time, shoot it really almost is time. a lot of people are thinking she’ll be here in time for fathers day so we’ll see

How Far Along? 38 weeks.

how big is baby: over 6 lbs 13 oz πŸ™‚

Symptoms: swollen feet and ankles and fingers. hunger, occasional nesting, fatigue.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: only up a 1/2 lb from last week so now im at 176. dwight thinks im going to hit 180 soon.

maternity clothes? im fine with my belly poking out from my shirt. whatev im 9 months pregnant no one is gonna bother me lol

Sleep: i am peeing a lot in the night again, getting up 2x, 3x and still having trouble finding a comfortable position to last thru the night but i try to catch a nap in the day when i can

stretch marks? yes D: wahhh

Food Cravings: im still just hungry a lot. ive been wanting lemonade a lot lately, especially the chick -fil-a one <3, but idk if thats a craving? also was really needing panera today so we went for lunch after getting pedis πŸ™‚ dont know when ill be able to do that again so took some me time

Best Moment This Week: realizing that i may be starting early labor?!

Movement: yes, OMG i think shes trying to find her way out sometimes the way she kicks me and moves in my ribs, i want to tell her that if she wants to get out she has to go down not up though lol

Labor Signs: i think so. back pain, contractions,

Gender: a little princess

Belly Button In Or Out? i think its pretty much the littlest outie ever. i dont think its going to pop out like some peoples do

What I Miss: being able to fit into my clothes ! lol

What I Am Looking Forward To: having her here

Milestones: being dilated and effaced

Weekly Wisdom: get some you-time in. get your haircut, do your nails, go shopping for something you’ll feel pretty in, you don’t know when you’re going to have time for yourself after a baby is in the picture

dont mind the dressing room, i was looking for a dress to wear in our pics. in case you were wondering this was not the winner πŸ™‚


Belly casting

I am the queen of crafts. Ok maybe not the queen but I love anything crafty and keepsake-ish so when I came across this idea of belly casting your pregnant belly I knew we had to do it. It’s really just making a mold of your belly and then decorating it after its done but its so cute to me. Anyway I’ve been talking about it forever and now that I know I’m dilating I knew we had to do it before we make it to the hospital lol. I could have bought a belly casting kit online or at babies r us but those cost upwards of $20. When it comes to crafts, I do my research. I found out that I could spend less than $10 and get the same result.
I went to michaels and bought plaster, I asked the girl for something called rigid wrap and got two rolls of the smaller size. They were $5 each and I used a 40% off one reg priced item so it came out to like 8.50$ for everything. That’s winning to me.
I sat on the kitchen island and put Vaseline over everywhere the plaster would go so we could get the mold off when it dried. Then Dwight cut the roll into strips, dipped them in warm water and laid them on me. It was an interesting and kind of messy project but it came out so cute. When it started to dry it kind of popped up a little bit so it gave the feeling of taking a band aid off almost?

I would advise anyone to sit in a comfortable chair for the drying process. It didn’t take long, maybe ten minutes, but I didn’t want to move for fear I would mess up the mold and I didn’t have anything to rest my back on so it was slightly uncomfortable especially for a person that is already slightly uncomfortable at this point in the pregnancy lol.

Now I just have to figure out what I want to decorate on it πŸ™‚


37 weeks

so i updated yesterday buttt heres my weekly survey stuff. ohhh doc said im 1cm dilated and 30-40% effaced. wooo hoo almost show time. ive gained 5 lbs in the past week and asked him about it since i was concerned but he said my blood pressure is great, better than his even, so he thinks right now its just the swelling. he said just make sure i watch my blood pressure and my vision and if anything changes give him a call. time to recheck that my hospital bag is really packed and clean the house cause im sure we will have lots of visitors very soon.

oh ! when i at the office [which also does gyn, family medicine and pediatrics] this random patient came and touched my belly ! it surprised me so i didn’t look at her crazy and also because she seemed so genuinely happy for me lol. she was telling all the nurses that i was almost there and they kind of just smiled and nodded cause they see me every week so they know lol,Β  and the random ladyΒ  told me ill be ready in a week O_O

ultrasound tomorrow

How Far Along? 37 weeks.

how big is baby: over 6 lbs but im sure ill find out more tomorrow

Symptoms: swollen feet and fingers and ankles, absentmindedness, nesting, tired, hunger [ they said i might not be able to eat as much cause she’s getting bigger but its not true -___- ]

Total Weight Gain/Loss: im up 5 lbs from last week so im at 175. total weight gain of like 35 lbs?

maternity clothes? maternity pants for the win, but one of them is feeling realllllyyy snug, thats what i get for getting skinny maternity jeans [rolls eyes at self], so i prefer yoga pants

Sleep: same. this is hard sometimes, sometimes one side of my body gets numb so i have to roll over but rolling over with such a big belly its hard to roll like that. my dreams are still crazy and vivid

stretch marks? yes D: wahhh

Food Cravings: idk really, just want to eat a lot

Best Moment This Week: finding out i started dilating !

Movement: yes, OMG i think shes trying to find her way out sometimes

Labor Signs: braxton hicks still, and cramps, started dilating and my cervix is a good percentage effaced

Gender: a little princess

Belly Button In Or Out? i think its pretty much the littlest outie ever. i dont think its going to pop out like some peoples do

What I Miss: being able to fit into my clothes ! lol

What I Am Looking Forward To: having her here

Milestones: being dilated and effaced

Weekly Wisdom: find someone to drive you where you need to go πŸ˜‰ getting cramps and contractions while youre driving is kind of scary


pregnancy update


i start my weeks on tuesday, so this tuesday i was 37 weeks, but i don’t see my doctor til wednesday or thursday so i have been waiting til those days to do my weekly update post… buttt i feel like there’s nothing wrong with a little midweek update..

i have officially hit the full term mark, that is mind blowing. where did the time go?! i really have to finish packing my bag and get her room ready and finish unpacking the house and put my birth plan together and [insert long list of household chores here] ! ahh so much to do, but i just want to lay down.. and other times i just want to cook and bake and eat lots of chocolate yogurt. sigh. no relax i’m really not freaking out that bad, it just puts things into perspective of what i really want to have done before we make it into the delivery room. like finish painting her room, and putting her clothes away. and get this baby bag that i think im in love with. well not really in love with, but it appeals to me way more than any other baby bag i’ve seen thus far.

took my group b strep test and came back negative. woo hoo. doc said it wouldn’t have been harmful for either of us if it was positive, just some antibiotics here and there but regardless i’m glad i’m don’t have to worry about it. also i have added more protein to my diet, like what someone suggested to me, and i have noticed that the swelling is not so pronounced. successssss.

also i was laying down on my side yesterday and i swear to Bob that i saw her head move in my belly. like i started to feel her move, and then i looked and it was like this half a baseball sized bump started poking out on my right side, i haven’t seen a bump so large so it freaked me out and in response i turned automatically and then after put my hand to feel. dwight wasn’t in the room so i called him in to feel it too. definitely was a head or a butt, more likely her head since i think shes been head down πŸ™‚ also my braxton hicks have been getting stronger and more “painful” and just this morning i think i’m starting to feel the “lightening” that people talk about? or maybe i’m just imaging it cause i’m excited..

hospital bag & lamaze

clock is ticking. don’t have much time left now so a hospital bag is nice to have ready. i would wait til the last minute cause i tend to overpack butttt in this situation i might be going crazy so better to have it done now. it should be like packing an overnight bag right?

what i got so far:



underwear and nursing bras

disposable nursing pads

camera and extra batteries

toiletry bag….

nursing cover

post partum belly wrap




what i plan on packing for her bag:

going home outfit

2 pairs of mittens

extra outfit or two?

…. {insert suggestions here}


oh went to the doc this week and im not dilated or effaced. still getting contractions and cramps so i guess maybe by next week we’ll see?

took a “lamaze” class this week… well i shouldn’t call it that. everyone has been asking if we have taken it and blah blah and we hadn’t. when we started looking at classes everything was very close to my due date so we looked up someone we had got referred to, she does private sessions. she really didn’t go over any breathing exercises but more vids and a powerpoint on the different stages of labor, different terminologies, different positions she could be in when the time to arrive comes. she did however tell me to add some more protein to my diet to see if that helps with the ankle/foot swelling so i’ve been working on that.