Convos with a toddler – Pt 8

Can we all agree that a nighttime shower is magical? You let the day stresses melt away as the hot water pours over you. You wash away the dirt and sweat with sweet smelling body wash and scrub your skin fresh again.

Personally I’ve been favoring Dove Body Wash, it’s moisturizing (which helps fight the hard water coming out the tap) and the coconut orchid scent is pretty decent. I try to catch them when they’re on sale or thru BJ’s with a coupon, cause savings duh.

After being freshly showered, baby girl leaned over, inhaled deeply and said:

“mommy you smell like donuts” and giggled.

Well, I guess that’s not a bad thing right?




Honest Opinions Needed

So I need a bit of help, like some suggestions or opinions, whatever you’ve got.

A few years ago, I started a baking business, as you may know. It makes me heart so happy to bake beautiful delicious things, and put smiles on people’s faces and see them stuff their faces with my gourmet cupcakes, and beautiful cookies.

When I first started my biz, I needed a name, every business has one, its their identity, how people remember them, how they refer you to other new potential clients. I came up with Bee’s Baked Yummies. I’m a sucker for alliteration.

I wasn’t completely sold but it was mine and I grew to love it for that reason.

In the few years that have passed, I have been completely ignorant to the way to be an entrepreneur in this social media age. I had that “if you build it, they will come” type of mentality. Yeah, bull$#it. That is so not true. If you build it, they don’t know it’s there, so you gotta do work. You gotta put elbow grease in it, and understand the system and learn how to get out there to your customers.

I was ignorant to how to portray my edible art, and create a cohesive look and feel for my social media pages.

But that was then. I’ve been taking a baking business course that has helped me TREMENDOUSLY, like completely opened my eyes and made me see the light. I will forever be grateful to my course leaders for the knowledge they’ve bestowed on us, and everyday have been trying to make my business better, to be a successful entrepreneur.

In this new era of my business, I’ve been trying to address my branding. My colors and look and feel of my site, and my name.

Bee’s Baked Yummies, what does that make you think of? I originally had a bee in my logo, but it’s long been gone, and sometimes I feel as if the name doesn’t quite roll off the tongue.

I’ve been thinking about “Stargazer Sweets.”

How do you feel about that?

A few people were quite against it, which honestly surprised me. I thought it sounds so much smoother, I have the chance to reinvent myself, why are they so adamant I don’t change my name?

I think because of familiarity, we as people like what we know. It’s is familiar, it is comfortable. “Change can be scary, because it’s different and new.” They feel that “Bee” is me, and they picture that when they hear my old name.

But actually I am also the “stargazer” from “stargazer sweets.”

I am probably the biggest nerd you didn’t know that you knew. I loveee sci-fi/fantasy books, I adore Star Wars movies, and science and space and stars and magic and the list goes on.

I remember as a child, I begged my parents to get me a telescope, I had them wake me up at 3 am so we could watch the meteor showers at night, and look at the craters on the moon. I actually created a character on the inside of my backpack in the 7th grade, she was this dazzling brave heroine, “The Starry Knight.” So you see, I’m not losing myself from my business identity, I’m just polishing it off and showing you a new side of me.

What do you think of my potential change from Bee’s Baked Yummies to stargazer sweets?

Blogging update 

My posts have been few and far between these past few months. I’ll be energized and charged about writing and sit and have nothing to say because I’m thinking about dinner, coloring with mini, or folding laundry. I haven’t been making it a priority to blog because I’m busy baking, cleaning the house or sitting on the couch for some downtime.

I haven’t taken the time to just sit down and write for myself. So for that I apologize. To me. And to you, my readers. 

During a meeting at work recently, we had an icebreaker question to warm up the room a little. It was “when you were a child what did you want to grow up and be?” Someone said dinosaur (lol), someone said polictian (whoa), and I said writer. 

It’s true. As a child I wrote short stories and loved reading fiction (lots of sci-fi and magic!) and as an adult I still do love those things. But I’ve noticed that I haven’t allowed myself much time for those things. And I’m going to change that (for real this time). I’ll continue with my mom posts, and incorporate more food posts (because I love food) and maybe include my baking projects too. I’m putting this out there for me, to hold myself accountable to sticking to what I said I’d do. It’s important for me to continue my creative writing and maybe I’ll incorporate some of my hand letting/sketches that Ive got tucked away. I told D this year, I wouldn’t hide my nerd side (all the Star Wars movies please) but I think this year will be the one where i open up more too, get back to the artsy things that run thru my brain all day and keep me motivated to continue to create. 

Convos with a Toddler ep 7

It was bedtime, babygirl had her bath time and was dressed and ready for bed.

I read her the very hungry caterpillar.

We said night time prayers.

She leaned in close and said she wanted to tell me a secret.

“When are you and daddy going to marry?” And she pulled back covered her mouth with her hands and giggled.

It melted me heart how cute she is. 

Thanksgiving 2017

So thankful. 

Thankful for family and being able to spend time with them. 

We hosted a small thanksgiving at our house this year and we were blessed that both of babygirls grandmas were present. Along with her uncle and her papa, and both her parents! 

Usually D is away this time of year, so it was special that we were able to have thanksgiving with him. And in our home ❤

Traditionally my family doesn’t have a traditional thanksgiving holiday. I don’t know how to make collard greens or candied yams, we don’t usually have sweet potato pie or green bean casserole. But we did have an amazing non traditional spread this year, put together by 3 moms, we served:

Chicken wings

Grilled Salmon

Roasted carrots and butternut squash

Parmesan roasted broccoli

Mac and cheese

Rice and beans

Candied yams

Carrot cake

Chocolate peanut butter Reese’s Cake

With so much food, and after prepping all day we basically fell into a food coma at like 6pm. Super relaxing to be in our home and be able to just chill out and do nothing. 

But we did other fun things after Thanksgiving, like try on my wedding dress (wooooohooooo), watch movies on the couch, watch our alma mater play at Disney’s Wide Worlf of Sports and just spend time together. 

We also spent one of our vacation days at Disney! Who doesn’t love the most magical place on Earth? 

I’m so excited that I finally got the rose gold mickey wars! I wore them alllllll day at the park.

Weekend in Review- Thanksgiving

I’ll save you the customary Thanksgiving food posts because everyone does them.

I was thankful to spend time with my family and also for my little brother to show us how to “Juju on the beat.”

and of course thankful for this little bundle of joy and sunshine

Friday, two friends were getting married so I went black friday shopping at a bake store down the street from my mom’s and rushed back home to get ready.

The wedding was supposed to start at 330 and was about 1.5 hours away from her house. Formal attire meant I had to find a gown, and I was pleased when I tried the little sage number on after having ordered it online.

I was so happy to see some of my girls and spend the evening with them as we celebrated the union of two people who seem truly fitting for each other.

look at that beautiful bellyyyyy on her though. She was absolutely slaying in this red dress.

The wedding ended up stretching out til past midnight so my friends encouraged me to stay with them.The long drive back in the dark was not something i was looking forward to so I accepted.

As I was completely unprepared for a sleepover, we stopped at a Walmart by her house and picked up a few things i would need. The few people that were there at 130 am gave us some interesting looks but two different people told us they liked our dresses hahaha. I told her we must look like we went to prom tonight !

The next morning we talked while she made breakfast and I made my way back down south to my moms. They were having a lazy day so the girls snuggled up in Nana’s bed and took a long afternoon nap.

Sunday mini and I headed back to our home. After being gone for a week we needed to do grocery shopping, get a tree, unpack and get situated before the start of the new week.

remind me to tell you my struggle story about this christmas tree i put up.

Weekend in Review – Halloween

if you have you been wondering where I’ve been, mommy duties have kept me quite busy.

my princess has had some breathing problems and suffered from obstructive sleep apnea for a good while now. and two weeks ago, she got her tonsils and adenoids removed.


yes they put her under and i was there to try and calm her down as the anesthesiologist put the mask over her face, and it broke my heart to see her fighting hands off, and reaching for me to save her from the operating room. the look in her eyes was pleading for me to pick her up and i had to restrain her too. i walked out crying my little eyes out, but the nurse assured me that most parents react the same.

recovery was trying. she was in pain from the whole ordeal, and did NOT want to take her medicine to feel better. she would yell at me as loud as she could, through a stream of snot and tears that she “felt good” and didn’t need to take it. but her whole temperament was completely different when on the meds, much more calm, without a fever.

she survived on soggy toast, popsicles, almond milk and gatorade. her appetite was strange though, i stocked the freezer with ice cream, and the fridge with yogurt and apple sauce thinking she would love the chance to eat all her favorites all day but she ate barely any of it.

she was ready for daycare after about a week and a half, and I’m happy  to say she hasn’t been snoring, i’ve seen no trace of the sleep apnea, and even her daytime mouth breathing seems to have vanished. also a slight voice change but i still love that little sound.

this weekend however, we were ready to have fun.

saturday we went to a local college’s family Halloween Day.

the clubs on campus had set up tables of events for kids, with art activities, candy and free fair food (pretzels, snow cones, ice cream and popcorn) it was fun but HOT. I’m glad we didn’t dress up because standing in line for some of the tables felt like i was tanning by the pool.

it ended at 5, and we went back to our friends house to hang out for the rest of the night. watching the kids play together was so funny. they were running laps thru the house and both of us mom were happy to know that they would tire themselves into a full night of sleep after that.

sunday was an errand day mostly. doing laundry for the week, which i have yet to put away, meal prepping to make week nights easier, and making some yummy little halloween chocolate covered oreos for my work potluck.

Leg Day

i missed the gym. i missed you. and I’ve been eating the ice cream in my house.

but summer bodies are made in the winter! to the gym i finally went!

walking lunges. 50 lbs


3 sets with the weights

squats 50 lbs. 10 reps

RDL. 50 lbs. 12 reps.


walking lunges with 10 lb plates

diagonal walking lunges with 10 lb plates


walking lunges

diagonal lunges

jump squats.


20 minutes on the stair master

(try listening to daft punk while you do cardio!)