My baby is a BIG girl


I got my baby’s spring pictures back yesterday.

In the envelope were her graduation pictures. Picture this precious princess in a graduation gown with a grad cap holding paper rolled up as a diploma with a pretty satin ribbon.

Insert picture of me sobbing hysterically about time passing by too fast here.

She hasn’t officially graduated Pre-K yet, (if I’m this emotional now, what will I be like for high school graduation??) but the pictures are beautiful and an accurate representation of where we are at none the less. I’ve got like 2 months to prep my purse with soft tissues and baby pictures galore. I know I won’t be the only one who can’t contain themselves as she walks across the stage: her Papi will be there too.

Anyway, we’ve got her in soccer now and I’m absolutely elated. I love bringing our club chair out to the field and whipping my camera out to catch action shots of the kids learning the basics.

Watching the kids out there soaking up the skills knowledge is amazing.

I’m literally watching little people, taking instructions and applying them as they go. Also I love when they divide up and play against each other. Both the most adorable and most frustrating thing ever! So adorable as they try to learn how to move the ball where they want, and frustrating because they don’t understand team work or how to play the field to their advantage. Can you tell I’m one of those moms screaming for my baby to go for the goal?


Either way, my baby is growing up and I’m sure blessed to watch her do it.


Weekend in Review – Lazy Days

This weekend I had an off Friday

Got some gym time in and let me tell you the secret to cardio: is to do it with a friend. So much easier to barrel thru 30 minutes on the treadmill when someone you know is suffering with you and you catch up on “the tea” in between taking breaths and sipping water.

D and I also took a random trip out to some new construction homes to window-shop for houses that we can’t quite afford. We saw a beautiful 5 bedroom house that had this amazing loft space, I could imagine putting a projector in there and having a snack wall and popcorn maker. It had 2 masters and an amazing pantry and kitchen, the only downside was the laundry room was downstairs. I don’t know how I’ve lucked up to have always had my laundry be on the same floor as my bedroom, and I don’t have plans in the future to change that.

Saturday we took a drive to a car show. It wasn’t very big, but the weather was gorgeous and mini liked checking out all the old cars. Some allowed us to sit in there and snap a pic, and it was just nice to get out of the house and do something different. Now that she’s getting older I love that we can do fun random outings with her.

Sunday was a home day. We lounged on the couch, painted our toes, played Jenga, and I worked on some baking orders for the week.

Hope you all have a lovely week!

Blogging update 

My posts have been few and far between these past few months. I’ll be energized and charged about writing and sit and have nothing to say because I’m thinking about dinner, coloring with mini, or folding laundry. I haven’t been making it a priority to blog because I’m busy baking, cleaning the house or sitting on the couch for some downtime.

I haven’t taken the time to just sit down and write for myself. So for that I apologize. To me. And to you, my readers. 

During a meeting at work recently, we had an icebreaker question to warm up the room a little. It was “when you were a child what did you want to grow up and be?” Someone said dinosaur (lol), someone said polictian (whoa), and I said writer. 

It’s true. As a child I wrote short stories and loved reading fiction (lots of sci-fi and magic!) and as an adult I still do love those things. But I’ve noticed that I haven’t allowed myself much time for those things. And I’m going to change that (for real this time). I’ll continue with my mom posts, and incorporate more food posts (because I love food) and maybe include my baking projects too. I’m putting this out there for me, to hold myself accountable to sticking to what I said I’d do. It’s important for me to continue my creative writing and maybe I’ll incorporate some of my hand letting/sketches that Ive got tucked away. I told D this year, I wouldn’t hide my nerd side (all the Star Wars movies please) but I think this year will be the one where i open up more too, get back to the artsy things that run thru my brain all day and keep me motivated to continue to create. 

Weekend in Review- Christmas Party

It’s been a little crazy around her, last week was an exhausting week of work and baking adventures. I’m pretty sure I smelled like buttercream and was covered in sprinkles for most of it, but who says that’s bad? 

I had a few orders due before my weekend started so that’s what kept me so busy:

Marble chocolate oreos for an engagement party

Finally Friday we were able to head to our friends house a few hours away. I missed my friends so I was glad to be spending the weekend with them to celebrate my friends 2nd annual Christmas party. And Bri was happy to see her “baby cousin” and titis. 

Convos with a Toddler ep 7

It was bedtime, babygirl had her bath time and was dressed and ready for bed.

I read her the very hungry caterpillar.

We said night time prayers.

She leaned in close and said she wanted to tell me a secret.

“When are you and daddy going to marry?” And she pulled back covered her mouth with her hands and giggled.

It melted me heart how cute she is. 

Thanksgiving 2017

So thankful. 

Thankful for family and being able to spend time with them. 

We hosted a small thanksgiving at our house this year and we were blessed that both of babygirls grandmas were present. Along with her uncle and her papa, and both her parents! 

Usually D is away this time of year, so it was special that we were able to have thanksgiving with him. And in our home ❤

Traditionally my family doesn’t have a traditional thanksgiving holiday. I don’t know how to make collard greens or candied yams, we don’t usually have sweet potato pie or green bean casserole. But we did have an amazing non traditional spread this year, put together by 3 moms, we served:

Chicken wings

Grilled Salmon

Roasted carrots and butternut squash

Parmesan roasted broccoli

Mac and cheese

Rice and beans

Candied yams

Carrot cake

Chocolate peanut butter Reese’s Cake

With so much food, and after prepping all day we basically fell into a food coma at like 6pm. Super relaxing to be in our home and be able to just chill out and do nothing. 

But we did other fun things after Thanksgiving, like try on my wedding dress (wooooohooooo), watch movies on the couch, watch our alma mater play at Disney’s Wide Worlf of Sports and just spend time together. 

We also spent one of our vacation days at Disney! Who doesn’t love the most magical place on Earth? 

I’m so excited that I finally got the rose gold mickey wars! I wore them alllllll day at the park.

Weekend in Review- Cupcake Cake

My weekend ended up taking a different direction than i originally planned. I needed to get my hair redone, my garage has been a mess for months, and I wanted to get out to the stores for Tax Free weekend and find baby girl some school pants.

Instead I ended up taking a cupcake cake order, cuddled for nap time and did some meal prepping with my sidekick.

My coworker had inquired about cupcakes for a party a few weeks ago but early this past week asked was I still available to complete the order. I said yes, and I’m glad I did because this order was fun! It was actually my first cupcake pullapart cake.

I ended up doing chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream in the birthday girl’s favorite colors.

After delivering the cake we stopped at “the grilled cheese” place for lunch/dinner. (Panera) I got a bowl of broccoli cheddar soup. 

Fun fact: i have decided to go back to my pescatarian diet again!

That meant grocery shopping and meal prepping for a week of success. 

I found baby girl some kid safe knives and she was so happy to help me make dinner. I can foresee many nights cooking together in the kitchen.

We ended up making overnight oats for my week snack, veggie stir fry and white rice for lunch and guacamole for the meatless tacos that I ate Sunday night. 

In case you were wondering, she did not want to eat any of her creations but don’t worry I’m working on her and eating more colorful foods. 


Weekend in Review- I Said Yes

This weekend my lovely mama came to visit us. Baby girl and I missed her so much !

I set us up for a girls day with a few appointments to look at dresses…

Oh my, I think I have been keeping that a secret from you, haven’t I?

D and I are engaged!!! 

We actually got engaged back in May and things have been pretty hectic around here since then. Birthdays, trips out of town, and work around the house plus side business have kept me away..

 I guess we can start wedding planning together then can’t we? This will be fun, I’ll share all my inspiration pics and ideas of what I have been tossing around in my head. 😀

Anyway, with mom in town it was a perfect weekend to look at wedding dresses. And guess what?! I said yes to a dress!

The only thing I’ll say is that, exactly like all those brides say on “Say Yes to the Dress” I too found a dress that wasn’t what I thought I would pick. You’ll have to wait until my day to see what it looks like though!