Party planning sneak peek

here are a few pics of some of the party planning that has been going on in my house.

pic 1 is my first attempt at making cake pops. you should never ever attempt a recipe for an event right before the event especially if you’re making cake pops ! this was definitely a learning experience and a test on time management for how im going to uutilize the few days before her party.

also pictured is our dining room table which is covered in my crafts. good thing we have a kitchen island that we can eat at :)… can you guess the theme ?

i still need to get table cloths, balloons, and balloon accessories. i also need to finish the centerpieces and decorations but i am well on the way to being done at least a month before its time to partayy. woo hoo.






i disappeared again :(

ahh i was doing so good about keeping up with my weekend recaps and i fell off :(.  again. so sorry.

i’ve been super busy though so it’s been hard to keep up with everything.

i’ve been trying to plan babygirl’s 1st birthday party. [the fact that she’s already turning one is amazing to me] and also trying to plan her baptism now that D is back. its going to be a crazy weekend cause her party will be saturday and her baptism sunday and then my birthday on monday. wooooo. and then i’ll be able to breathe and not know what to do with myself cause i kind of like putting this all together.

so how has party planning been going you ask? well very good actually. i picked a theme and understand what is important in terms of making it all come together. meaning: my theme doesn’t need to visually permeate to each and every object at the party so i’ve picked table ware that will work nicely with my theme and i have utilized resources to make some of my decorations. so im spending $0 on somethings most people don’t keep after a party anyway. i’ve got together a menu and have opted to make the desserts O_O .  i will be recipe testing very soon. like really soon. [i don’t want to make them for the first time the week of the party to find out it’s not going to work.] i think i’ve come up with a good plan to cut costs and still come out with an amazing party.

i think i’ve covered all the details. now that we have a venue and i have seen what the layout is i am currently working on execution of decoration making. i’ve also picked out an outfit for her and have ordered the necessary accessories. i’ve also designed the invitations myself (kind of proud of this cause i think they are super cute) for her bday party and baptism and will be getting them printed soon. i am on track to not be stressed out the week of our bdays! (especially since we are probably going out of town the weekend before which would be my last chance for getting a lot of stuff done.)


and my garden? well the my green beans are looking very promising but i need to trellis them.. like last week!

and my okra is finally appearing to do something [though they were looking green and healthy, i felt  for a few weeks nothing was happening with them so i was crossing my fingers that they were just working on their roots since no above-ground progress was visible.]

i also have two avocado trees sprouting from seed and a third which i need to plant.

my tomato plant is finally starting to look healthy again, i should probably plant another…

my flowers seem to be looking alright. though i have no flower buds, the leaves are looking green and getting big and looking distinctly different from one another. hoepfully they will get planted in the ground very soon. (on the honey-do list lol !)

my lettuce. well. idk. i’ll probably see about spinach in the future. i think lettuce grows better hydroponically anyway.

pictures to come later today. hopefully.