26 Weeks

How far along ? 6.5 months!!!

How big is baby? According to Baby app, about 1.66 lb and the length of a scallion. (That’s pretty long already)

Symptoms: back pain, little out of breath occasionally,

Total weight gain: i think less than 15 at this point

Maternity clothes: i need to find more pants. I hate the side panel jeans I got from target and need some other work appropriate bottoms and tops.

Sleep: yes still able to get good sleep, sometimes pretty deeply too

Stretch marks: nothing new, still using my shea butter

Food cravings: not really? If there’s ice cream in the freezer I’ll eat some but if there isn’t then that’s fine. I’ve been wanting to eat more fruit but don’t know if that is cravings based or diet based

Best moment: getting some decent progress made on my master closet! I can finally put away some of my clothes and not pull them out of boxes every morning ! ūüôā

Movement: cold water seems to do something crazy to baby, and occasionally when I lay with my back kind of reclined. Also the day of baby girls end of the year musical performance, baby was playing a whole soccer game in my belly! But that could have been the 3 cinnamon rolls I stuffed my face with before the show?

Labor signs: no

Belly button in or out: pretty flat

What I miss: being able to move around freely. Trying to unpack and set up the house has been slowed down by the fact I can’t move the way I used to. Also I burned my belly the tiniest bit when I was cooking on the stove because the pan was large and I didn’t realize my belly was so close. Nothing major I jumped back immediately but it was a little scary.

What I look forward to: the baby shower that we finally set a date for!

Milestones: set a baby shower date, put together some stuff for the registry, and started planning what to do for big sister’s birthday

Weekly wisdom: take it slow, there’s so much to do but when I try to do too much my feet and back pay for it


24 Weeks

How far along ? 24 weeks. Hot dang I’m already 6 months in!

How big is baby? According to my babycenter app, ~ 1.2lb and about the length of an ear of corn

Symptoms: occasional heartburn, tiredness, shortness of breath sometimes

Total weight gain: I think roughly 10-12 pounds

Maternity clothes: this dress is actually from Target, but the regular section! It kind of balloons out at the bottom in a cute way and I think will last me the whole pregnancy! Win!

Sleep: my maternity pillow is my best friend, also been trying to sleep where I can while I can. Naps on the couch on the weekend etc

Stretch marks: yep, i try to keep them moisturized though with some shea butter

Food cravings: meh not so much. Occasionally I’ll want a Dairy Queen blizzard, or some chocolate milk but that’s about it.

Best moment: seeing baby at the last ultrasound

Movement: i notice most movement when I am sitting in a way that I kind of lay back a little more than normal, like my desk chair at work or depending on my position on the couch

Labor signs: no

Belly button in or out: in, but it’s super flat like the back of it is a lot closer to the front now

What I miss: drinking wine!

What I look forward to: planning the baby shower, possibly early July


Weekly wisdom: set manageable to-do lists to help get thru all the daily tasks that need to get done

23 Weeks

So I’m going back to pregnancy updates like I did last go round! These were super fun to do and to look back on!

How far along ? 23 weeks! I’ll be 6 months in a week!

How big is baby? According to my babycenter app, about the size of a large mango. ~11inches long and over a pound

Symptoms: a little fatigue, frequent need to pee because I feel pressure low, increased appetite. Had a lot of headaches during first trimester but I think those are mostly gone.

Total weight gain: at least 10 pounds

Maternity clothes: I’ve basically been in maternity clothes since we found out we were expecting again ūüėĄ I’ve been loving stretchy bodycon dresses with a maternity “spandex” i found on amazon. (I’m wearing Target maternity side panel jeans in this week’s pic but I don’t love them.)

Sleep: so far so good, I use my maternity body pillow and sleep on my left side

Stretch marks: ive been using shea butter but yes I see them

Food cravings: meh not really, although I’ve been eating chicken which I wasn’t doing pre-pregnancy. Also fruit snacks, but who doesn’t love those?

Best moment: putting a bikini on for my nieces birthday this past weekend and feeling so cute!

Movement: yes, I notice most movement during the day like 10am and various times through the day but maybe it’s the way I sit in my desk chair

Labor signs: no

Belly button in or out: in, but it’s super flat like the back of it is a lot closer to the front now

What I miss: being able to bend down freely and lift things. With the move into the new house there’s so many boxes to unpack and sort thru and it’s taking me longer to get it done

What I look forward to: planning the baby shower!

Milestones: ?

Weekly wisdom: ask for help! Having babygirl#1 around who was already super helpful is saving me a lot, when I drop things she is always there to pick it up for me, she’s always ready to help me clean up and wants to be more independent so she asks to help me in the kitchen and wants to mostly get ready by herself. It frees me up a little which is great cause it takes me a little longer to do everything these days

Convos w/ a Toddler – Ep. 5

Backstory: Little Mama has been doing so good with the potty training that we graduated her to wearing big girl panties all the time, including during nap time and BED TIME. but a few nights we have had some tiny accidents in the middle of the night, so to fix this we have been trying to get her to pee a lot and not drink anything after a certain hour. But mainly I try to make her pee multiple times during the before bed routine.

Me: Ok we got the pj’s on now its time to go pee

Mini: I don’t need to go

me: ok are you sure you don’t need to go? lets just go sit for a second

mini: i already went. (she did, like 5 minutes prior)

me: ok well lets go take the medicine and then we go pee.

mini: ok. (takes medicine)

me: ok lets sit on the potty for 2 seconds. lets just check if you have some more.

mini: ohhh-k… mommy i dont have any more

me: you don’t have anymore? are you sure? did you push?

mini: no i don’t have any more peepee. i don’t have anymore pee pee in my belly.


Backstory: mini gets a runny nose sometimes and we ask her to get tissue so we can wipe it. I was in the kitchen as this time washing dishes when she needed her nose wiped.

Me: go get me some tissue so I can wipe the nose.

Mini: you bossy (as she walks to take some tissue from the bathroom)

Me: (incredulous face) what did you just say to me

Mini: you so bossy mommy, mommy is bossy

(with the cutest little smirk on her face)

Me: (laughing) get over here so j can wipe your nose

Convos with a toddler – ep 4

Backstory: mini got a cut on her knee at daycare. Later that night as I was giving her a bath I brushed it with the wash rag in process of cleaning her. While I’m toweling her off:

Mini: mommy don’t touch my boo boo

Me: I’m sorry I have to dry you off

Mini: stop I’m going to be mad

Me: (laughing) you’re going to be mad? At me?

Mini: yeah cause you’re not listening

(At this point I call out to D so he can come hear this and I recap the story for him )

Me: so you’re going to be mad at me ?

Mini: yeah cause you’re not listening. Daddy you going to give mommy the jack ups right?



Backstory: mini LOVES cheese. Grilled cheese, string cheese, cheesy rice, cheesy fries everything cheese. Lately she had a lot of cheese and when she went #2 in the morning it was small and I wondered if the recent intake of cheese was causing her to be constipated.
Mini: mommy can I have some bread 

Me: sure (puts bread to make toast into toaster oven)

Mini: with cheese?

Me: um maybe later

Mini: mommy can I have cheese on my bread

Me: well I want you to make a bigger poop on the potty before you have any more cheese. If you make a big one the you can have more cheese

Mini: (walks to the bathroom even though she just went like 15 mins prior)

Me: what are you doing ? Where are you going

Mini: I’m going to make a big poop on the potty so I can have cheese

Me and d start laughing because she meant this every single word and she pushed and she did make a big one so I put some cheese on her bread


i get off of work so excited to see the light!

after being inside an office during the most enjoyable parts of the day, i am so elated to pick my princess up and see her beautiful shining face!

and i think of the list of things i will accomplish as soon as i get home. sometimes i even write them down on a notepad, so i can feel good about doing them and cross them off as my prize. my list today includes things like find the papers i need to file my taxes, looking into building a website for my ¬†budding side business, finish the laundry so i can have clean dish towels again, get a quick home workout in since I’ve been in a long work training all week and haven’t had time to go to the gym, and get myself ready for tomorrow. oh yeah make sure i eat something for dinner too.

and then i look around my house and i see what a mess it is. dolls are all over my family room floor covered in blankets and the remaining dish towels (because they are sleepy and going “night night”), i have broken crayons all the way from my bathroom to the kitchen, and various other house items strewed in along the way as well :batteries, cards my little one has colored on, pieces of mail she’s retracted from the counters, shoes, a couch throw, and box of things i need to donate to Goodwill.

i can’t find my fuzzy house shoes cause little miss has decided she likes to try and walk in them, and all she can think about when she walks thru the door is crackers and juice. i know she’s hungry so i try to fix her dinner which thankfully i had already prepared last night. pasta with meat sauce. she doesn’t want it. she wants an apple (which is really an orange) only she just wants to play with it. and now its on the floor, if i had known that i wouldn’t have taken the time to peel it so carefully and remove all the little stringy white things. and she wants her elmo books. but i want her to eat her dinner. she doesn’t want it. i take bites to show her its yummy and maybe she will get jealous that I’m eating¬†her food¬† with¬†her spoon. she doesn’t bite the bait.

i try to warm up some chicken, she’s a big fan of chicken especially fried chicken, like tenders. but she doesn’t want this chicken. i just want her to eat some dinner. i’m getting tired and frustrated, she’s whining, and i haven’t started on any of my list. she’s not eating anyway so i do some laundry. i walk thru the kitchen and try to find something else she will eat, i tell her ill send her to her bed hungry since she’s being bratty but my heart doesn’t mean that. she sees me pull the bag from the freezer and she shouts “pancakes pancakes !” i smile, I’ve been waiting for her to eat something.

after i bathe her, wash her hair and detangle it, i sit on the couch and i am tired. i eat her pasta for dinner. i can’t find all of the tax papers i was looking for, i don’t feel like moving the laundry over, and do a couple sets of squats to try and keep myself motivated. i catch a toe cramp doing jump squats which is like a sign to me that I shouldn’t push myself. i am tired. i’ve accomplished a lot i tell myself, because its true. so i don’t have the same motivation when i got home¬†that i had while on the way home, my baby girl is fed and clean and smiled and gave me kisses, and a headache, but she told me she loved me and looking at her beautiful face is all that matters to me anyway.


moments like these

this picture really puts into perspective the way you prioritize your time. everyone is so caught up trying to get this done, trying to get that done, crossing off all the to-dos from the list and trying to get that overtime in at work to look good for your boss. but if you have kids, spending time with them is so important.  interacting with them and really being a part of their development is the most important thing you can do.

i try to remember that when i get home and i’m tired but baby girl isn’t. i try to remember that when she’s spilled her spaghetti all over the floor, on purpose, and has made me upset that i now need to clean pasta sauce out of the tile grout. i try to remember that when she takes all the dvds off the shelf and has spread them all across the living room floor. i try to remember that even when she ripped the newspaper to shreds because she thought it was funny.

i really do love every minute i spend with her, and wish that i was able to spend more of my day with her. but bills. and errands. even when she makes me frustrated i adore her little face and try to hug her and kiss her as much as i can, because she’s mine and i love her and she’s perfect even if she is throwing a tantrum because she wants more cookies. i cherish every single moment i have with her because i am here to witness the beautiful growing girl that she is…






11 month update

the countdown has begun!

my babygirl is turning 1 !

i would keep that little rhyme up but i’ve got nothing else.

oh myy. i’ve blinked my eyes and here she is almost a toddler now.

what’s new with her? well she is about 19 lb 15oz and 29 in long/tall.

she loves to stand up and try to walk. (she especially loves toys with wheels that she can push)

she is eating lots of things. so much that i stopped keeping track like i was. sometimes we’ll cut up pieces of what we’re eating and give her. i.e avocado, strawberries, kiwi, rice, ice cream ! bananas she’s not too fond of – maybe the slimy texture? she loves her little puff snacks, and those baby cheetos too. not too fond of the baby yogurt balls, although it could be the mixed berry flavor we got. she also really likes those arrowroot cookies, with her two little teeth she goes to work on them!

other than that i don’t know what else. she’s smart though. her little puff snacks are just a bottle with a top you can pop off. she knows that she can’t use her own hands to pull it off so she takes the bottle to her mouth and uses her teeth to pop the top and proceeds to put her little baby hands in the bottle to get her prize.

i can’t remember what else is new from last month but maybe that’s cause even when she does something not new i still think its amazing. especially watching her do things for herself, like holding her bottle, picking out from the same tray the puff snacks that she prefers from the cheerios that aren’t as desirable to her, to knowing which cabinets don’t have locks yet and opening those instead.¬†image11