i’m slacking in my posting.

i still haven’t finished my DIY.

i need to put my clean laundry away.

i have to go to the grocery store soon.

i need to call my dad to talk about that thing we talked about the other day.

but here’s some crazy valentine’s heart for you to look at:


i mean who doesn’t love chocolate and flowers for valentines day?

(p.s. isn’t my food photography getting better?! – all thanks to my DIY lighting !- see the how to here )


Weekend in Review – Dinner Party

Friday- a little gym time, a little house cleaning time, a little diy lighting making and game night.

I’m super ecstatic that more family is in town because that means more get togethers! I made stuffed shells and Caesar salad and a kit kat version of the cake I made last week.

We played monopoly and heads up after stuffing our faces with stuffed shells.

Monopoly is super intense in our house. And D is a an absolute beast at it so he always wins lol. But heads up was a lot of fun, no one really wins but we all laughed a lot.

Here is the cake with half of my new lighting setup. (More on the set up later but I’m super exited to take better pics now )


Saturday we went to a basketball game with 3/4 people that came to game night. They ended up coming back to our house for pizza after. [Next time you order a pizza ask for them to cut it in squares, you’ll eat less pizza !]

D helped Tre with his math homework and the rest of us watched pitch perfect 2.

Sunday we made it to church. Well the later service, but hey we made it!

After that I went to get my phone screen fixed. For some time now, like some months, I’ve had intermittent outages when the screen just straight up doesn’t work. And it’s a touchscreen phone so that means you can’t use it. It got really bad this weekend, like I couldn’t use it for a good 7+ hours so I finally caved and went to get it checked out. Which resulted in me waiting now at the mall for like 3 hours. But they had a Barnes & Noble in the mall so I sat on the floor and read.I missed reading. I walked out the mall with two new books and a new phone.

Tre was over again for homework help with D, then did some cooking lessons with me. We made yellow rice, roasted asparagus, Italian chicken and baked sweet potatoes.

No pictures 😦 – we remembered after it was done hahaha.

And then I baked some banana bread with my overripe bananas. It was a sweet end to the weekend.

Also I did a terrible job decorating some vday cookies just to get some decorating practice in.

And so I could have things to take pictures of in my set up.

And so we had some cookies in the house.


Weekend in Review – Christmas Cookie Prep

A lot of baking happened this weekend.

Also a lot of peepeeing in the potty.

That’s right my big girl was using the potty like a lady, not a baby. I’m a proud mommy right now…Especially cause I am still trying to rid my car of the pee smell from the accidents of last week. 🙂

Friday baby girl and I went to a Christmas themed surprise bday party for my friends fiancée.

She collects nutcrackers so babygirl was fascinated looking at all of them, and they have a 10.5 ft christmas tree so that was impressive too.

I am collecting nutcrackers now too; they’re fun. I mean i know they don’t actually do anything, but yeah.

Saturday, I partially gave up my search for baby girl’s school Christmas pics. They were all cute this time around, like she smiled for the camera and everything! So I bought two from the photographer and for the life of me I can’t find them in the house, the car, my computer bag, anywhere!

I am kind of frustrated cause it is the first time she has cooperated for professional shots and the evidence is nowhere to be found!! They will probably show up this time next year and I will send it out then, I guess….

I bribed her with one of her previous bday gifts that she never opened and got her to stand in front of the tree to take my own christmas pics. I need something to put on the card!

No this isn’t the actual pic, but you can see how cooperative she was being with me.

Then I baked a lot of cookies. Like a lot, but I didn’t realize it was a lot til I I did inventory of them on Sunday night.

155 in total.

Granted 105 were mini ones, but still. That is alot.

Sunday I went to brunch with my friend who I haven’t seen in like 4 years. She moved to Georgia and happened to be in town this weekend. Yay.

After brunch I started decorating my ridiculous hoard of cookies and had a friend and her little mama come over.

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the cookies: 

Like I said, I made a lot of mini cookies, and alot of larger cute christmas shapes. Can’t wait to finish so I can show you!


Christmas is Coming !!

I feel like christmas really snuck up on me this year. Do you feel like that too? Like where is the time to get everything done? I’m not even really shopping for a lot of people, don’t plan on decorating my yard, and am still wondering how its already December 10.

Christmas is  like 2 weeks away and I need to bake and decorate cookies !

I have to get a christmas pic of babygirl!

I need to make some christmas cards !

I am behind ! Make me feel better and tell me you don’t know where the time has gone either…


But I did get a few cards out the way this week…

And I did bake some chocolate cookies yesterday, whch I plan to decorate later…

Now to get that christmas pic of my little elf…

Weekend in Review- Bake , Cake and Presents

friday was a good day.

i got some errands done including getting babygirl’s stuff for xmas. i didn’t have plans for what to get her as she is still young but target + cartwheel app is bomb.com. Found a Frozen doll + toddler dress; original price $35, on sale for $27 and then a 50% cartwheel coupon. For $13.50 i couldn’t pass it up. She has been obsessing over Frozen this season and i don’t mind getting her a few small things. I am grateful to be able to have the means to do it and am grateful that she is such an amazing little human.

Target dollar section had some Frozen hairclips, and Minions ones, and a 3pk of Frozen socks. Everyone could use some cute character socks.

Also I bought her some dress up shoes. She goes to her friend’s house and immediately they reach for the dress up clothes. I figured I could get her some dress up stuff too. Target had single light up dress-up shoes for $9, but this 4pk was $20. I am all about the bargains, coupons and savings, can you guess which one I got?

I also found this awesome little cake store that is closer than my other one so I picked up a few things, and I got my eye on a few more. I can’t wait to use the gold I bought on some christmas cookies that i will be baking soon. Eeek! pictures will be coming too.

I had an order for Saturday, so I was also picking up a few ingredients to complete:

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Rum Cake Bites

& a small cake that had strawberries.



saturday we watched christmas movies all day then went to a basketball game with little mama’s friend & his family.

sunday was a errand day. went on a hunt for some other christmas stuff; i am grossly behind this year. sighhh. Thankfully most people I buy for don’t want anything so I am doing small appreciation gifts.

Also today is my wordpress Anniversary !!

3 years ago I started this blog !!


So happy anniversary to US, thank you for reading and commenting and following  ❤ ❤

Weekend in Review – Minion Cupcakes

Saturday was the busiest.

i had to work friday but all i could think about was my upcoming cupcake order and my mom coming up for the weekend; i love that little lady!

i visited my cake place to pick up boxes and i also got some pumpkin spice flavoring. i figure its fall, maybe i should experiment with some pumpkin flavored cupcakes. other people go crazy for that stuff; pumpkin everything. it’s not my cup of tea, but if they are ordering, then i’m baking it.

we had dinner at this awesome little haitian place friday night. i need to learn how to make the black rice and that red sauce that i put on my fried chicken. its not breaded fried chicken like you would find at kfc or popeyes, its different, and i love that too.

got on the bike for a good 20 mins cardio that night to work off the entire plate of food i stuffed in my mouth.

saturday i started prepping some of the stuff for my cupcake order. then mama, mini & i went to my job for “Family Day.”  It’s just a day they pick to have you bring your family out and have some fun.

A lot of it is centered around children’s activities, and eating hamburgers and hot dogs and stuff. They brought in some bounce houses (babygirl went in one and a little girl with her painted face unintentionally scared her so bad she was ready to come right back out.

inside the building, they had a lot of little stations; face painting; balloon animals, a photo booth, coloring station, some building challenge stations. i wish we walked in the building earlier to get in on some of that action.

it was a nice, different kind of outing. i mean the food was alright; the burgers could have been better, the ice cream was melting basically as we took it out the freezer and i didn’t even want to look at the mac n cheese, but it was nice to get out the house and see my coworkers in a different light.

see mini with her balloon princess crown?
then we got back home and spent the rest of the day baking.

 it was an order for 4 dozen cupcakes. all different flavors and one of the dozen was to have Minion toppers. i was sooo excited to make these. my favorite was doing the little evil purple ones.

i made a special cupcake for the birthday girl:

sunday i delivered cupcakes and watched movies with my girls.