My FAVORITE Overnight Oats

Have we ever talked about overnight oats before?

I was NEVER a fan of oatmeal. In life. Ever.

The consistency was similar to porridge or something equally as goopy and unappealing in my head.  I wouldn’t even pretend to entertain the idea of eating it. The texture just seemed so weird. Or maybe it’s me, but I wasn’t going to eat the stuff.

Fast forward to now, I’m older, wiser and with a different more refined palette (at least I think) and its weekly  staple in my breakfast routine!

It’s one of those amazing quick breakfasts that I can make at night and customize to my specific tastes. Or it can be my mid afternoon snack; I can add protein powder and boost it’s amazing health properties even more. I can add any extra toppings and create different flavor profiles, I can use different kinds of yogurt and make it creamier or thicker.

Lately I’ve been absolutely obsessed with this method, to the point where I’ll even call it MY FAVORITE OVERNIGHT OAT variation. I have been making this for my breakfast for a good solid 3-4 weeks now. Exactly this way, exactly these ingredients.

I think this is partially because I am obsessed with chocolate and the base for it is a Chocolate yogurt. But i couldn’t help but try the “chocolate mocha” flavor when i saw it. Usually the larger yogurt containers in the store come in 3 boring flavors: vanilla, strawberry and plain.

So what did I use?

Chocolate Mocha Greek gods yogurt

Rolled Oats (uncooked)

chocolate covered espresso bits

I used a 1/4 cup rolled oats to start.

Added in a good handful of chocolate covered espresso bits, the crunch these little babies give when you eat them is so deliciously good!

And then i cover the oats with yogurt. If i find that the mixture is too thick, I add a little almond milk either right after I’ve mixed it or in the morning when I go to eat it.
That’s all! Enjoy !


Weekend in Review – Cookies + Chuck E Cheese

Pretty quiet weekend.

We had ground beef homemade tacos on Friday night and I baked cookies.

Mini knows I bake and we normally have cookies in the jar, but we ran out. And she still asks me every night after she finishes her dinner if she can have one, and the sadness on her little face when I tell her we don’t have cookies breaks my heart. So I whipped up some chocolate and vanilla ones.

Saturday I worked on icing the cookies per their shape. I did a few different themes so I could practice using different decorating techniques, and even tried using my airbrush.

I haven’t really practiced with it in a while, and I can see that I need to do some more work before I claim to be  a pro. My stencils moved while I was airbrushing so that was a fail but at least I am getting the pressure to a point I am comfortable with. (You can see what I’m taking about in the red polka dot bow tie, and the blue stripe tie, a little bleeding underneath the stencil.)

I also did a couple different themes so I could practice some flat lays. I’m still working to get the lighting just right and utilizing my backgrounds to really make a good picture. I’m getting there, right?

Sunday we slept in after having gone out to hibachi for dinner Saturday night (thanks Groupon! +  leftovers for later)

We had a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese and after that it was family nap at home.

Weekend in Review- Cake & Kabobs

i love my 3 day weekends.

we let baby girl stay home on friday and ran some errands.

later we went to a tournament basketball game, baby girl was not excited for pictures.

saturday D had to work an event so little mama and me tried to organize the house a little bit. you know, some sweeping and mopping and shower scrubbing. a little mirror cleaning and sink + counter washing.

later we grilled some food for game night. im still doing the pescatarian thing so i made a black bean burger + some shrimp and green pepper shish kabobs.

i also made this rustic stars & sprinkles cake.

we actually didn’t even play any games it was more like dinner + hang out at our house. which is cool too. i fell asleep on the couch. i might have even snored.

sunday we realized that the time change happened and were sleepyheads. didn’t make it to church.

we went to an open house that could be promising, but didn’t beat out our top house picks. i put it at the bottom of the list anyway; the master bedroom was pretty awesome.

later we went to the championship game of the tournament.

and then monday happened.



Weekend in Review – Valentines

happy valentines day everyone ❤

friday i hung out with my cousin doing girly things, like getting our nails done, eating sushi ( i went pescatarian for Lent!), and doing a little shopping! Nothing too crazy in the shopping dept, a little cuticle conditioner and hair stuff from Ulta, and some party stuff at Target. We wandered thru Target looking for fun Valentines things but i think everyone scooped all the good stuff up. we opted for some chocolate- what is valentines without chocolate??


saturday my cousin came over to help me because I had to make 10 boxes for Valentines orders. it was fun, we made a mess and in the end i think we made some really beautiful chocolate strawberries for the lovely ladies that were going to be receiving them.

This was some of the beautiful strawberries before: 
And then after:




D and I went on a double date with our friends later that night and had a blast downtown.

Sunday D made me this amazing breakfast. I ate some of the strawberries before i remembered to take a pic hahaha.

It’s nutella and strawberry wrapped up french toast, sprinkled with some powdered sugar. i asked for seconds.

then we did some work on that DIY i mentioned. can you guess what it is yet?

andddd i have been working on my website. sooo exciting. so i officially got it up. it’s for my baking stuff. 🙂 if you want to check it out :

let me know what you think?


i’m slacking in my posting.

i still haven’t finished my DIY.

i need to put my clean laundry away.

i have to go to the grocery store soon.

i need to call my dad to talk about that thing we talked about the other day.

but here’s some crazy valentine’s heart for you to look at:


i mean who doesn’t love chocolate and flowers for valentines day?

(p.s. isn’t my food photography getting better?! – all thanks to my DIY lighting !- see the how to here )

Weekend in Review – free yard sale?

this weekend was jam packed. not with jam but with family.

friday we had a lot of people over cause family was in town for the weekend. D made some wings, I put some garlic bread in the oven and made some spinach-craisin-feta-almond-orange zest salad. my aunt brought over some rice and beans and stewed chicken, my uncle brought over cheese and crackers, and i baked a cake.

it was D’s nephew’s birthday earlier in the week so we sang happy birthday with this cake. it was chocolate on the inside. and Peanut Butter Frosting on the outside, with a chocolate ganache drip and chopped Reese’s on top. also i sprayed some gold mist on top, just for fun.

It was magnificient. Everyone kept talking about how moist the cake was, and how great the frosting was and it made me so happy that it made them happy! He texted me later to say thank you so much for the cake and how it was “literally the best cake ever!” 🙂

Dwight even said he would have love this for his birthday cake. can you imagine that?  well no you probably can’t, but let me tell you D does not like chocolate. he can eat a chocolate bar, he likes Reeses but he is not a chocolate ice cream or chocolate cake person! he doesn’t understand how i can buy double  dark chocolate chip ice cream and eat all of it by myself.

BUT he wants this cake for his birthday ! -im writing down this cake combo in the recipe books as a winner for sure.



saturday we helped clean my uncle’s storage unit out as he was giving away all the things he no longer wants. it was a long day, i don’t think anyone realized how much stuff was in there.

we also helped move some of it in my cousin’s new place as she just moved up this weekend. when i say we moved things i actually mean Dwight lol. without him i don’t know how we would have done any of it actually. the movers packed my uncles storage unit so full and so high with stuff that only he was able to reach any of the top stuff to start unpacking it all in the first place.

we acquired some new gym stuff for the garage, a new shelf unit for the kitchen/dining room, some bar glasses, some new patio furniture, some plastic organizing bins which i already put in the craft room, and a pool table. oh and some tools too. (which i’m going to use to make some food photography props 🙂 )


sunday was time for relaxing. i think we were all pretty tired. but it was my uncle’s birthday so i baked his favorite cake: carrot. and i forgot to take a picture of that too 😦 but everyone loved that one as well!

and then most of the out-of-towners had to go back home 😦

weekends are too short, but i had an amazing time regarless








Homemade Granola

i work in a room that always has snacks. i’m taking doritos, cookies, peanut butter crackers, pringles, beef jerky, chocolates, biscotti, endless coffee, you name it.

i love it.

the unfiltered access to midday snacks is awesome. keeps you somewhat motivated and upbeat, especially when that 2:30 sleepy feeling washes over you…

But too much of that and not enough of things like cardio, or restraint (haha) can lead to a tight waistline 🙂

i’ve done a great job about paring back to snacking on things that are a little bit better for my body.& i’ve come to the realization that i really like yogurt, if granola is involved. i mean i can eat yogurt + granola everyday. but did you know granola is kind of expensive? like a little bag can run you at least $5. and for a girl that’s eating it everyday, that adds up.

i finally decided it was time to just make my own, cause really its not hard at all. or expensive.

my first attempt at homemade granola i mixed:

3 cups rolled/old fashioned oats

sweetened coconut flakes

chopped dark chocolate chips

cocoa powder (no more than 1/4 cup)

chopped almonds


sea salt

on the stove at medium heat:

regular honey

amaretto honey (that i bought from a local person)

brown sugar

< 1 tbsp veg oil

(oven set to 350F)

i waited til my honey mix was basically liquid-y and took it off the stove to cool a little.

i spooned it into my dry mix a bit at a time, trying to coat all the ingredients.

spread the mix onto parchment lined baking sheet.

baked for about 30 mins, turning every 10 mins. it smelled AH MAZING, like D came in the kitchen because of the smell.

i let it cool after; it got nice and crispy.

then i broke it apart (it had formed a nice little plate of yummy granola-ness) and put it in a tupperware.

im going to experiment with other flavors lator, maybe add in some dried fruit, other nuts, protein powder, peanut butter. 🙂