Weekend in Review –

Do you know what I love about the weekend? 

The same thing everyone else loves about the weekend; time to yourself to do what you choose.

And I love spending time with our family ‚̧ (or friends that have become family lol) This past weekend we were able to do just that…

D’s sister was in town so that meant mini got to spend time with her auntie and our newly married friends came into town so they stayed with us as well.

I finished up an order on Friday for decorated cookies and chocolate covered Rice Krispies Treats.

I made a set of each animal, and all the girls got eyelashes and blushing cheeks. I think the zebras turned out to be my favorites.

We did a lot of relaxing at home til D’s sister had to leave Saturday afternoon. And our newlywed friends had a wedding to attend in the area so that meant time for a family nap. We all found some space on the couch and powered up for the rest of the evening.

We got up and got dressed to go to D’s cousins house. We ate tacos and I explained to his cousin’s wife all the things to expect when you’re expecting and all the things you don’t need to buy for a new baby. Have I ever wrote about that here? Hmmm maybe I’ll put together a post with the info that I give out to all my new mommies.

Sunday our friends had to leave and that made us sad, but they are traveling to the Maldives for their honeymoon so I’m so excited for them! 

I caught up on some work while mini and D washed the car (and plotted on how to get me outside to splash me) . Then we went to another’s friend’s house for a play date.

We found out that they are expecting a baby girl!! Whatttt! So many good things happening for our friends, I just love it. And then we went out to dinner with them.


Weekend in Review – Wedding #2

tis the season of love!

everyone is getting married in october it seems!

i guess the weather is pretty nice in october so its a good time for nuptials…

this wedding was a little farther away than the last though. i had planned on making the drive with D but he had to be elsewhere so i took this cutie i know as my date instead.

that’s right, my momma !

and of course princess came along too, in fact she was a flower girl. i felt honored that they wanted her to be a part of their special day in that way.

we intended to start our 9 hr drive Thursday morning, but with Hurricane Matthew barreling around we left Wednesday night instead. Like 230 am.

With stops for potty breaks, food, and a Target run our trip took longer than the anticipated 9 hours but we weren’t in a rush. And let me tell you, the drive was beautiful! Lush green hills, mountains, wildflowers! My mom was saying she wished we had done road trips like this when we were kids, but I think it’ll still be fun now too ūüôā

The house we stayed at was this gorgeous cabin tucked up near the Georgia / North Carolina border. Complete with a wood fireplace, heaters in every room and everything you could need in a house. A fire pit in the back, gas and charcoal grills, towels, bed linens, games, books, DVDs, TV and even wifi. (Which was helpful, cause cell service up there was lacking)

Im not a fan of driving up windy mountain roads, but with a view like this I dealt with it. And like I said I fell in love with this cabin, who wouldn’t?

Can you imagine getting married at this venue?

The fog after the rain on Friday made these pictures look even more beautiful if you ask me.

The reception was actually held at this pavilion and the ceremony done in the grass down below. 
No filter on these pics! Just pure beauty and peacefulness.

Here’s a shot of the pavilion from the road that leads to the farmhouse where the girls got ready.

My baby got to wear the “big hair” for the big day.

How cute are the flower girls? Since I wasn’t apart of the bridal party, but was present to take care of my munchkin, I helped out by watching these beauties while the bride and her bridesmaids took pictures around the vineyard.

They loved the idea of posing for the camera and twirling in their matching tutus.

View from the house the girls got ready at.

I made rustic wedding cookies that i thought fit with the whole theme of the weekend. They were served at the rehearsal dinner. The bride LOVES sunflowers.

Also made some simple grey & white stripe chocolate covered oreos. These disappeared in a flash.

The wedding couple are both very handy and do a lot of woodworking. They made the wood cake stands that served all the pies, the wood ornaments hanging up on a christmas tree, and these huge Jenga pieces to sign as their guest book. The wood ornaments were to be taken as parting gifts that way the newlyweds could be a part of all of their guests’ Christmases hereafter.

Weekend in Review- Wedding Weekend #1

(this post is 1 week overdue. stuff has been a little crazy in my household)

this past weekend was beautiful but a little hectic.

took off work after lunch thursday to head down south to be a bridesmaid in my friend’s wedding. HER WEDDING. whatttt.

missed the entire rehearsal because of an accident on the highway that doubled our roughly 2.5 hours drive into 5 hours. no biggie, we are alive and well and not involved in that accident!

all the girls slept over the brides house and basically tried to cram into her room. one more day until she belongs to him and not just us lol! it was great, we listened to music, drank wine, and girl talked til we fell asleep.

of course the bride couldn’t fall asleep with such a big day on the horizon and told us the next morning about how we all had a beautiful symphony of snores and sighs early ¬† in the am. it was so cute she said!

friday, the day of the wedding was a lot of running around and checking last minute things off the list. we helped each other fix our dresses, hair and makeup. girl love <3.

we wore convertible dresses and each tied them a different way.

a few of the lovely bridesmaids. ūüôā¬†

i realized i didn’t have many pics of the wedding or reception because i was a little busy being a bridesmaid. oh well.

i presented the newlyweds with some cookies to commemorate the event and was really happy to be there for them on their special day. i promise to always hold my girl up in prayer and be there for her whenever she needs me.


saturday i had to drive back up and work on two more cookie orders that were due by Wednesday. What do you think of this first one?

Weekend in Review – Cookies + Chuck E Cheese

Pretty quiet weekend.

We had ground beef homemade tacos on Friday night and I baked cookies.

Mini knows I bake and we normally have cookies in the jar, but we ran out. And she still asks me every night after she finishes her dinner if she can have one, and the sadness on her little face when I tell her we don’t have cookies breaks my heart. So I whipped up some chocolate and vanilla ones.

Saturday I worked on icing the cookies per their shape. I did a few different themes so I could practice using different decorating techniques, and even tried using my airbrush.

I haven’t really practiced with it in a while, and I can see that I need to do some more work before I claim to be ¬†a pro. My stencils moved while I was airbrushing so that was a fail but at least I am getting the pressure to a point I am comfortable with. (You can see what I’m taking about in the red polka dot bow tie, and the blue stripe tie, a little bleeding underneath the stencil.)

I also did a couple different themes so I could practice some flat lays. I’m still working to get the lighting just right and utilizing my backgrounds to really make a good picture. I’m getting there, right?

Sunday we slept in after having gone out to hibachi for dinner Saturday night (thanks Groupon! +  leftovers for later)

We had a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese and after that it was family nap at home.

Weekend in Review- House Warming

This weekend was fun! 

We had some guests come in late Friday so we worked to clean up the house and make sure everything was presentable for the little party we threw on Saturday.

And the occasion for the party was a little house warming. Mainly for our friends who hadn’t seen the place, some because they moved a few hours away. It was nice.

D got on the grill and made some burgers; we had turkey ones, beef ones and black bean ones (for our vegan friends!). He also grilled 10 lbs of wings, 2 ways. 

I made a few things myself:)

The cheese ball that I made for baby girls birthday 

Cut some fruit up for a colorful healthy option

Made a power green salad with Craisins , red onions, chopped almonds, and orange zest

Cooked 2 platters of a very cheesy Mac n cheese

Who doesn’t love chocolate strawberries?

And almond sugar cookies

Ands 3 tier display of rum cake bites
The festivities were to start around 1:30 but everyone showed up like an hour after that which was great because we were still preparing food. 

I also put together a rum punch and we had some Beer and mini water bottles.

We played Jenga, spades, listened to music and chitchatted about lots of stuff. Babygirl got to play with lots of people and I was happy to entertain.

Our last guests stayed until almost midnight!

Later that night me and my friend went out for a little. Our boys had taken off on Friday night so we decided we needed some time to ourselves as well.

And Sunday was a day for rest. We napped and snacked on leftovers in front of the living room tv cuddling under blankets on the couch. 

Somehow my phone screen ended up cracking, and now looks like a spiderweb of shattered glass. I tried to get a new one Sunday night but was told after arriving to the T-Mobile store that I would have to wait for my claim to process. I was irritated that it cracked in the first place as I didn’t break it myself and now was looking at paying my deductible to get a new one. Not how I planned the end of my weekend. I tried waiting at Barnes & noble hoping my claim would process before T-Mobile closed for the day, but I was I was out of luck once again. At least I got 2 new books and a Java Chip Frapuccino out of it? I’ll be heading to the store after work today to pick up my new phone (after giving them money I didn’t plan on spending for that ūüė¶ )

3rd Birthday – Frozen Fun

so we celebrated babygirl’s 3rd birthday this past weekend.

I was so excited to put together this party for her and to have so many people we love come together for it.

Unfortunately my phone screen wasn’t cooperating during the event so I¬†wasn’t able to capture as many pictures as i wanted.

But we had a ball.and more importantly she did.




some snow covered oreos

this cheese ball was amazing ! i need to make another one!



 one of the smaller goody bags featuring a cookie i made and some frozen themed candy


the larger goody bags had an olaf on them and had

frozen pencil

frozen chaptsick

frozen washcloth

frozen mini chocolate bar

frozen candies

frozen sticker


table centerpieces using bath & body works candle jars

cardstock for the silver band and the number 3

snowflakes from a pack


tissue paper


Food included:

2 boxes of mini quiches

1 homemade artichoke dip & scoops

1 cheese ball

2 fruit salad platters

1 slow cooker full of turkey meatballs

2 pasta salads (one with shrimp, one without)

6 dozen mini cocktail patties

2 sandwich rings cut to feed 15 people each (one turkey and one ham)




almond cookies

chocolate cookies

chocolate “snow” covered oreos

Frozen themed little chocolate bars and candies

vanilla cupcakes


chocolate peanut butter cake


thank you to everyone who helped make my vision come to life and to all the beautiful people who came to celebrate our little queen b. ‚̧

Weekend in Review – Red Lobster + House Work

i didn’t feel like cooking on friday so we went out to eat, lol. and being pescatarian means red lobster was right up my alley. and¬†red lobster is having lobster fest!

i had the ultimate feast i think? lobster mac n cheese sitting on top of a lobster tail, mashed potatoes and lobster medallions stuffed with a seafood mix. some roasted green beans and sun dried tomatoes too.

Saturday was leg day at the gym for me and then gardening and house sorting out.

we will be moving from our current residence to another pretty soon so i was trying to go thru and give/throw away stuff. D was trying to get the yard together. i want to move with less things than is our house, cause damn we have a lot of stuff. it’s a possibility we will be downsizing to a 3br house but we have our eyes and hearts set on a 4br.

and then i used a bogo chipotle coupon for dinner. sofritas bowl for the win!

sunday morning we got up and got ready for our early house showing. we were literally getting in the car to leave when we got a text that said it was cancelled for monday (but our appt was for sunday). We got a cancellation email for the second showing and then found out the it was no longer available. bummer.

we drove to the first one anyway cause the text had the wrong date and we didn’t get a cancellation email and the guy wasn’t answering his phone. we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to see the house and let them know we were interested but no luck. we drove by¬†another house on our list. nice neighborhood, but small unfenced yard.


we picked up some more mulch and then went to breakfast.

did you know it takes a ton of mulch to complete any project? we have a small flowerbed out front and one along the backwall of our backyard. we got 12 bags to start figuring it would be enough.

[i told D people at my job complain about how much mulch they end up using. we ended up going back to the store TWICE to finish the job. And its still a pretty thin layer.]

We ended up using THIRTY bags! thankfully we got them on sale. $1 bags !

Also here’s some cookies I made last week:


i’m slacking in my posting.

i still haven’t finished my DIY.

i need to put my clean laundry away.

i have to go to the grocery store soon.

i need to call my dad to talk about that thing we talked about the other day.

but here’s some crazy valentine’s heart for you to look at:


i mean who doesn’t love chocolate and flowers for valentines day?

(p.s. isn’t my food photography getting better?! – all thanks to my DIY lighting !-¬†see the how to here¬†)