Weekend in Review- Cupcake Cake

My weekend ended up taking a different direction than i originally planned. I needed to get my hair redone, my garage has been a mess for months, and I wanted to get out to the stores for Tax Free weekend and find baby girl some school pants.

Instead I ended up taking a cupcake cake order, cuddled for nap time and did some meal prepping with my sidekick.

My coworker had inquired about cupcakes for a party a few weeks ago but early this past week asked was I still available to complete the order. I said yes, and I’m glad I did because this order was fun! It was actually my first cupcake pullapart cake.

I ended up doing chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream in the birthday girl’s favorite colors.

After delivering the cake we stopped at “the grilled cheese” place for lunch/dinner. (Panera) I got a bowl of broccoli cheddar soup. 

Fun fact: i have decided to go back to my pescatarian diet again!

That meant grocery shopping and meal prepping for a week of success. 

I found baby girl some kid safe knives and she was so happy to help me make dinner. I can foresee many nights cooking together in the kitchen.

We ended up making overnight oats for my week snack, veggie stir fry and white rice for lunch and guacamole for the meatless tacos that I ate Sunday night. 

In case you were wondering, she did not want to eat any of her creations but don’t worry I’m working on her and eating more colorful foods. 



Weekend in Review – Gender Reveal

Lots of fun happened this weekend including mini and I traveling to my hometown for my cousins gender reveal party.
And lucky me I got to know the gender before everyone because I was hiding it in these cupcakes for them to eat and see ! 

Cutest theme  for a gender reveal of twinkle twinkle little star …and guess what!

It’s a baby girl !!

Another little princess gets added to our family tree.

So excited for them on this new journey. She’s not due til May so they have some time before their world turns upside down haha.

Also it was dad to be’s birthday this past week so I made him a birthday cake filled with chocolate and peanut butter goodness.

Saturday was a family day.

And after the party mom, mini and I slept good on the couch.

And Sunday was a girls day.

I got to have brunch with these pretty girls that are stuck with me forever 💕 have you heard that quote that says if you’ve maintained a friendship for 7 yrs statistics show it will last a lifetime? Yeah well one of these girls I’ve known since the 6th grade and the other since 9th grade!! And considering my 10 year high school reunion is next year, well yeah that means they are stuck with me!

We had chicken and waffles + bottomless mimosas and salmon deviled eggs to start. And sadly I lost the pictures of all that glorious sounding food!

My actual entree consisted of an egg sandwich with avocado, heirloom tomato slices and srircha aioli and a side of tater tots!

It was great but next time I want the sauce on the side and the egg cooked thru cause yeah it was messy business.

Hope you had a great weekend filled with family and friends too❤️

Weekend in Review- Bake , Cake and Presents

friday was a good day.

i got some errands done including getting babygirl’s stuff for xmas. i didn’t have plans for what to get her as she is still young but target + cartwheel app is bomb.com. Found a Frozen doll + toddler dress; original price $35, on sale for $27 and then a 50% cartwheel coupon. For $13.50 i couldn’t pass it up. She has been obsessing over Frozen this season and i don’t mind getting her a few small things. I am grateful to be able to have the means to do it and am grateful that she is such an amazing little human.

Target dollar section had some Frozen hairclips, and Minions ones, and a 3pk of Frozen socks. Everyone could use some cute character socks.

Also I bought her some dress up shoes. She goes to her friend’s house and immediately they reach for the dress up clothes. I figured I could get her some dress up stuff too. Target had single light up dress-up shoes for $9, but this 4pk was $20. I am all about the bargains, coupons and savings, can you guess which one I got?

I also found this awesome little cake store that is closer than my other one so I picked up a few things, and I got my eye on a few more. I can’t wait to use the gold I bought on some christmas cookies that i will be baking soon. Eeek! pictures will be coming too.

I had an order for Saturday, so I was also picking up a few ingredients to complete:

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Rum Cake Bites

& a small cake that had strawberries.



saturday we watched christmas movies all day then went to a basketball game with little mama’s friend & his family.

sunday was a errand day. went on a hunt for some other christmas stuff; i am grossly behind this year. sighhh. Thankfully most people I buy for don’t want anything so I am doing small appreciation gifts.

Also today is my wordpress Anniversary !!

3 years ago I started this blog !!


So happy anniversary to US, thank you for reading and commenting and following  ❤ ❤

Weekend in Review – Farm Animals

Friday I made some farm animal cupcakes & cookies for an order I had for a petting zoo party. They were funfetti & chocolate + almond flavored!

[2 dozen cupcakes + 1 dozen decorated cookies]

We grilled wings, I made potato salad and a house salad and invited people over.

They played phase 10 while I finished up my baking project.

Saturday we hung out at home for most of the day and later on in the evening, babygirl & I went to a friend of a friend’s church cause they were playing the movie “Inside Out.”  It’s a cute cartoon movie about feelings and how they work and what not.

D grilled more wings.

Sunday was another lazy day.

I’m finally getting baby girl off of relentlessly requesting to watch the “the doggies” (101 Dalmatians) cause I just couldn’t take it anymore. Now we are back to obsessively watching Finding Nemo, and I saw Despicable Me 2 was on TV, so I recorded that too. She calls it “movies” but I keep telling her they are minions. Either way she is really excited to watch the little yellow guys, but they aren’t in every movie scene so when they aren’t on the screen she keeps asking me “where are movies?” It’s cute. And it’s not 101 Dalmatians so I’ll take it.

But we did get a few errands done, which involved checking out Starbucks new Salted Caramel Mocha! In the festive red cups, of course.

Also she requested that I paint her nails (check her mani pedi) and that she wear a dress. I find that on weekends she will demand that sometimes; that she wants to wear a dress. And she will sometimes veto my first dress option for her. I love my little human. ❤

Weekend in Review – Minion Cupcakes

Saturday was the busiest.

i had to work friday but all i could think about was my upcoming cupcake order and my mom coming up for the weekend; i love that little lady!

i visited my cake place to pick up boxes and i also got some pumpkin spice flavoring. i figure its fall, maybe i should experiment with some pumpkin flavored cupcakes. other people go crazy for that stuff; pumpkin everything. it’s not my cup of tea, but if they are ordering, then i’m baking it.

we had dinner at this awesome little haitian place friday night. i need to learn how to make the black rice and that red sauce that i put on my fried chicken. its not breaded fried chicken like you would find at kfc or popeyes, its different, and i love that too.

got on the bike for a good 20 mins cardio that night to work off the entire plate of food i stuffed in my mouth.

saturday i started prepping some of the stuff for my cupcake order. then mama, mini & i went to my job for “Family Day.”  It’s just a day they pick to have you bring your family out and have some fun.

A lot of it is centered around children’s activities, and eating hamburgers and hot dogs and stuff. They brought in some bounce houses (babygirl went in one and a little girl with her painted face unintentionally scared her so bad she was ready to come right back out.

inside the building, they had a lot of little stations; face painting; balloon animals, a photo booth, coloring station, some building challenge stations. i wish we walked in the building earlier to get in on some of that action.

it was a nice, different kind of outing. i mean the food was alright; the burgers could have been better, the ice cream was melting basically as we took it out the freezer and i didn’t even want to look at the mac n cheese, but it was nice to get out the house and see my coworkers in a different light.

see mini with her balloon princess crown?
then we got back home and spent the rest of the day baking.

 it was an order for 4 dozen cupcakes. all different flavors and one of the dozen was to have Minion toppers. i was sooo excited to make these. my favorite was doing the little evil purple ones.

i made a special cupcake for the birthday girl:

sunday i delivered cupcakes and watched movies with my girls.

Fairy Fun: Birthday Edition!

we had a blast this past weekend. and i am now officially the mother of a TWO year old; wish me luck as we embark upon the times of terrible twoness and potty training!

but back to party talk: it was a blast! i felt so blessed to be surrounded by people we love, to celebrate our mini. we really had a great time, and all of my party planning and decoration making turned out beautifully ! (does that sound like im tooting my own horn? i just was really pleased with the way everything turned out, and everyone kept commenting how amazed they were with the look of everything and how much of it i made myself)

and the food… it was great! i made a lot of it and i am tired from everything but for that little princess i would do it all over again to see her face light up the way it did. every time she saw some new decoration her little eyes would open wide and she would say “woww” “loook” “want to touch.” ❤

so what did we eat? for a little over 30 people (omg we really fit that many people in our house comfortably) we had:

6 boxes of pizza

10 lbs of chicken wings (that i seasoned in two diff flavors)

2 boxes of quiches (48+72= 120 little quiches!)

a veggie platter (w/ ranch & hummus dip)

a fruit platter

chips & artichoke dip (courtesy of my grandma 🙂 )

white sangria (with strawberries & peaches )

red sangria (with apples and oranges)

mushroom meringues

flower sugar cookies

“2” sugar cookies that i packaged to go

and cupcakes. lots of cupcakes. (carrot, white chocolate raspberry & cookies n cream)

i couldn’t get a shot of the whole food table because a lot of it disappeared before i got a chance 🙂

here’s a part of the dessert table before the food. look at this awesome piece of real tree! its beautiful and was what the cupcakes rested on.

more of the dessert table before the food. i used moss to create the wood/forest theme, and had a whole bunch of other tinkerbell stuff that i added because i believe that the little things really add a big value. 

   here’s a shot of the whole dessert table.  check out my fake log ! 😀           mini cupcakes for the kids !   on the left: fireflies in a jar next to the mushroom meringues! so many people thought these were real mushrooms lol!                                            

and of course: my little fairy 🙂

for her friends i made up little tinkerbell gift bags that had a:

butterfly wand glowstick (or baton for the boys)

tinkerbell bubble thing

tinkerbell candy

fun swirly straw

tink pencil

and one of those suction balls cause they are cool

i printed out tinkerbell coloring pages but really they just played with each other and the balloons and whatever toys that could reach. and thankfully their considerate parents helped put the toys away for me !

S’mores Cupcakes

Sometimes in a girl’s life, Aunt Flow will come and be very demanding. She will demand that you lay down because you are in pain, and demand that change your outfit to accomodate her, and sometimes she will demand that you eat chocolate. It’s not me, it’s her! I swear!! She said I need to eat the chocolate, and spoon the peanut butter out of the jar into my mouth, and eat the ice cream while I watch chick flicks in my sweat pants…

She came to visit and she demaded that I eat cupcakes. She said I had to have s’mores too, so why not combine the two??!! I think the little sheep I count to fall asleep even turned into smores cupcakes, that’s how bad I wanted these little babies! Like come on, who wouldn’t want one of these things?!

I combined a few different ideas that I found to make them, but they consist of a graham cracker crust, marshmallow filling, milk chocolate frosting, graham cracker crumbles on the top and some chocolate chips on the inside. Woooooooo. Needless to say the people at my job love me because I can’t finish them by myself so they get to indulge with me!

[ They have been coming back to me all day to give me these “phenomenal” reviews! One person, bless her heart even told me I have a “God given talent,” she made my day for sure !! ]

Can you tell I’ve been trying to practice my food photography? You eat with your eyes first and I’m trying to get better at capturing that first bite 😉

(making the graham cracker crust)



i caved and bought one of these. it is kind of awesome. i couldn’t find the plunger one that pushs the cut cupcake out after you core it, but i made this one work 🙂 now im super excited to make all kind of filled cupcakes and muffins!20150115-150114-54074824.jpg


adding the marshmallow filling …20150115-150115-54075416.jpg

homemade milk chcolate frosting ❤ ❤ (Aunt flow was very happy for this)




Kahlua Frosting

I frosted my rum raisin cupcakes !

[[I hosted my dinner last night and cooked a turkey lasagna(post later) , and served my cupcakes as dessert. They loved it. They kept getting up to get more lasagna and said they really enjoyed the cupcakes, so I was happy, because I did everything from scratch]]

I had big plans for how I wanted to top the cupcakes which included a chocolate ganache filling or small top coat, but with cooking, and hosting, and the time factor it just didn’t happen. there’s always next time.

But this Kahlua frosting did happen. I’m sorry I didn’t take pics of the process 😦



3 cups powdered sugar

2 sticks butter softened (its important for it to be softened so it will mix well/easier)

1/4 cup & 1 tsp Kahlua

1 tsp vanilla


Put the butter and sugar in first, started whisking it together til I saw a frosting-ish consistency. (start with your mixer on the lowest setting !! or else you will end with powdered sugar everywhere ! lol)

[don’t think you can get this consistency without using a mixer, stand or hand though. unless you want to put that kind of whisking, whipping arm moving effort in, then be my guest]

Slowly added in Kahlua.

Added in vanilla at the end.


At first I was ready to frost them because it smelled so good, but the consistency looked off; the butter in it wasn’t ready yet. Dumped it back in the mixer for a little longer, til it really had that whipped look to it.

[I wanted to frost them all pretty like you see fancy bakers do, but whatevs I just put it in a ziploc bag, cut the tip and asked my friend to frost while i handled the dinner cooking. ]