Few months later- BIG news!

So I realized my last post was about our wedding. It was one month after and we were still time traveling in our minds back to the beautiful weekend that we will never forget. I mean I subconsciously try to plan a return trip every time my mind drifts off.

But yeah 7 months later and now ..

We bought a house and are expecting baby #2 !

As you can imagine, things have been super hectic around here cause of all of that!!

We decided we would need a bigger place to support our growing family, and contacted our realtor and then everything went into overdrive. We spent some time decluttering our house, removing personal touches and getting it ready for potential buyers. We also got a storage unit to box up things to make for an easier transition.

We officially listed our house Feb 21, 2019 and we closed on both houses by April 11! Honestly it could have probably been even sooner but planning a sell and buy and coordinating between the different parties was a lot.

But we’re just so happy to be in our new place that we are OBSESSED WITH. We’ve already done some work on it and are continuing to slowly unpack and sort thru our stuff, can’t wait to show y’all 💕


Convos with a Toddler- ep 9

Getting ready for splash splash time otherwise known as bathtime, and babygirl spots two large ants.

Her: mommy look two bugs!

Me: where ? Let me see

Her: see there in the shower!

Me: ok *as proceed to wash to them down the drain*

Her: I want to go to a snowy country, I don’t like this country with all these bugs

Me: *laughing* like where? You know snowy countries have bugs too right? Remember Chicago? It snows there but they also have bugs

Her: yeah I like Chicago, let’s go there

Weekend in Review- Cupcake Cake

My weekend ended up taking a different direction than i originally planned. I needed to get my hair redone, my garage has been a mess for months, and I wanted to get out to the stores for Tax Free weekend and find baby girl some school pants.

Instead I ended up taking a cupcake cake order, cuddled for nap time and did some meal prepping with my sidekick.

My coworker had inquired about cupcakes for a party a few weeks ago but early this past week asked was I still available to complete the order. I said yes, and I’m glad I did because this order was fun! It was actually my first cupcake pullapart cake.

I ended up doing chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream in the birthday girl’s favorite colors.

After delivering the cake we stopped at “the grilled cheese” place for lunch/dinner. (Panera) I got a bowl of broccoli cheddar soup. 

Fun fact: i have decided to go back to my pescatarian diet again!

That meant grocery shopping and meal prepping for a week of success. 

I found baby girl some kid safe knives and she was so happy to help me make dinner. I can foresee many nights cooking together in the kitchen.

We ended up making overnight oats for my week snack, veggie stir fry and white rice for lunch and guacamole for the meatless tacos that I ate Sunday night. 

In case you were wondering, she did not want to eat any of her creations but don’t worry I’m working on her and eating more colorful foods. 


My FAVORITE Overnight Oats

Have we ever talked about overnight oats before?

I was NEVER a fan of oatmeal. In life. Ever.

The consistency was similar to porridge or something equally as goopy and unappealing in my head.  I wouldn’t even pretend to entertain the idea of eating it. The texture just seemed so weird. Or maybe it’s me, but I wasn’t going to eat the stuff.

Fast forward to now, I’m older, wiser and with a different more refined palette (at least I think) and its weekly  staple in my breakfast routine!

It’s one of those amazing quick breakfasts that I can make at night and customize to my specific tastes. Or it can be my mid afternoon snack; I can add protein powder and boost it’s amazing health properties even more. I can add any extra toppings and create different flavor profiles, I can use different kinds of yogurt and make it creamier or thicker.

Lately I’ve been absolutely obsessed with this method, to the point where I’ll even call it MY FAVORITE OVERNIGHT OAT variation. I have been making this for my breakfast for a good solid 3-4 weeks now. Exactly this way, exactly these ingredients.

I think this is partially because I am obsessed with chocolate and the base for it is a Chocolate yogurt. But i couldn’t help but try the “chocolate mocha” flavor when i saw it. Usually the larger yogurt containers in the store come in 3 boring flavors: vanilla, strawberry and plain.

So what did I use?

Chocolate Mocha Greek gods yogurt

Rolled Oats (uncooked)

chocolate covered espresso bits

I used a 1/4 cup rolled oats to start.

Added in a good handful of chocolate covered espresso bits, the crunch these little babies give when you eat them is so deliciously good!

And then i cover the oats with yogurt. If i find that the mixture is too thick, I add a little almond milk either right after I’ve mixed it or in the morning when I go to eat it.
That’s all! Enjoy !

Weekend in Review – I’m Back

*whispers into the dark* are you there? did i lose you? can you hear me? is this thing on?

i took an unexpected break from blogging, and i gave you no warning. for that  I’m sorry. a lot has happened, i forgot to wish you a happy holiday season with your loved ones, i didn’t get to toast to a new year’s with you but I’m back.

i’ve been juggling a lot of things at once, and felt i needed to take a break from some things to help clear my mind. you ever get that feeling too? that you are taking on too much and it’s starting to weigh a little heavy?

anyway, i’ve been hitting the gym pretty regularly the past few weeks, and i’ve recruited a coworker to join in the fun with me. it’s nice to have someone to keep you accountable and to push you when you feel you might want to slack off a bit.

i’ve been working on some things for my baking business; i’ve written up business goals for 2017 and i am proud to say that even though its only January i have already started achieving some of the things i set out to do. also i’m researching and trying to perfect my craft. if you want to check me out on instagram : @beesbakedyummies. ( i love feedback!)

but yeah this weekend. got a good leg day in friday morning with my friend and refueled with a yummy lunch at Panera. I love that even though Panera is quick and clean. Their food is great and they’ve committed to cutting out all the extra unnecessary stuff (damn this is starting to sound like a Panera ad! Ha they aren’t paying me, i just love Panera)

Later I cleaned the house and made dinner. It didn’t come together how i envisioned but everyone had seconds so i can’t complain. Coconut rice, pineapple chicken and a strawberry and spinach salad.

Also I baked a cake to enjoy while we had game night. Scrabble was our game of choice and it was really fun! (Using Monopoly is the go to, but D was not there and we opted for something a little less intense).

Saturday was pretty much a lazy day, mini and I lounged around til my bridesmaid dress appointment. Had to get fitted for a dress I will wear later in the year, glad i went because the dress size i normally wear was NOT the size i had to get and the dress takes 14 weeks to be delivered!

Sunday after the rain cleared, and we bundled up we headed to get some stuff from the craft store. I really just needed Gorilla Glue to fix one of the kitchen drawers, but i found some stuff to do crafty projects with.

Can you guess what I’m working on?


Also today is my grandma’s birthday! I love that little lady! Happy Birthday Dahling !(not her name).

Leg Day

There’s nothing like hitting the gym after you stuffed your face for Thanksgiving !

And nothing like going to your gym after visiting a different one while you were back in your hometown.

Last Tuesday I found the closest LA Fitness to my mom’s place and I was honestly disappointed. For being there at 8 am I found lots of dumbbells and plates scattered on the floor and dust bunnies as big as Brina, my mom’s yorkie! Gross right?! People have allergies and that’s not cool to leave clumps of hair and fuzzies just hanging out on the weight floor. It made me really appreciate the cleanliness of my normal gym!!


Walking Lunges 50 lbs.


3x each

Squats 50 lbs. 12 reps

RDL. 50 lbs. 12 reps


Front loaded squats. 30 lbs. 12 reps

lateral lunges. 30 lbs. 5 each leg

good mornings. 30 lbs. 10 reps



Stairs Machine. 15 minutes


abs + stretching 5 minutes.

Leg day 

Now you know after eating all that cake and cupcakes and delicious brunch over the weekend I had to get back in the gym so I can get ready for thanksgiving ! 

Started with 

Walking lunges : 50 lbs

Squats.bar + 30 lbs . 12 reps
Good morning to squat. 50 lbs. 10 reps
Deadlifts 50 lbs. 10 reps

Plie squat. 20 lb db. 12 reps
Stair master. 16 mins 

Weekend in Review – Gender Reveal

Lots of fun happened this weekend including mini and I traveling to my hometown for my cousins gender reveal party.
And lucky me I got to know the gender before everyone because I was hiding it in these cupcakes for them to eat and see ! 

Cutest theme  for a gender reveal of twinkle twinkle little star …and guess what!

It’s a baby girl !!

Another little princess gets added to our family tree.

So excited for them on this new journey. She’s not due til May so they have some time before their world turns upside down haha.

Also it was dad to be’s birthday this past week so I made him a birthday cake filled with chocolate and peanut butter goodness.

Saturday was a family day.

And after the party mom, mini and I slept good on the couch.

And Sunday was a girls day.

I got to have brunch with these pretty girls that are stuck with me forever 💕 have you heard that quote that says if you’ve maintained a friendship for 7 yrs statistics show it will last a lifetime? Yeah well one of these girls I’ve known since the 6th grade and the other since 9th grade!! And considering my 10 year high school reunion is next year, well yeah that means they are stuck with me!

We had chicken and waffles + bottomless mimosas and salmon deviled eggs to start. And sadly I lost the pictures of all that glorious sounding food!

My actual entree consisted of an egg sandwich with avocado, heirloom tomato slices and srircha aioli and a side of tater tots!

It was great but next time I want the sauce on the side and the egg cooked thru cause yeah it was messy business.

Hope you had a great weekend filled with family and friends too❤️