My FAVORITE Overnight Oats

Have we ever talked about overnight oats before?

I was NEVER a fan of oatmeal. In life. Ever.

The consistency was similar to porridge or something equally as goopy and unappealing in my head.  I wouldn’t even pretend to entertain the idea of eating it. The texture just seemed so weird. Or maybe it’s me, but I wasn’t going to eat the stuff.

Fast forward to now, I’m older, wiser and with a different more refined palette (at least I think) and its weekly  staple in my breakfast routine!

It’s one of those amazing quick breakfasts that I can make at night and customize to my specific tastes. Or it can be my mid afternoon snack; I can add protein powder and boost it’s amazing health properties even more. I can add any extra toppings and create different flavor profiles, I can use different kinds of yogurt and make it creamier or thicker.

Lately I’ve been absolutely obsessed with this method, to the point where I’ll even call it MY FAVORITE OVERNIGHT OAT variation. I have been making this for my breakfast for a good solid 3-4 weeks now. Exactly this way, exactly these ingredients.

I think this is partially because I am obsessed with chocolate and the base for it is a Chocolate yogurt. But i couldn’t help but try the “chocolate mocha” flavor when i saw it. Usually the larger yogurt containers in the store come in 3 boring flavors: vanilla, strawberry and plain.

So what did I use?

Chocolate Mocha Greek gods yogurt

Rolled Oats (uncooked)

chocolate covered espresso bits

I used a 1/4 cup rolled oats to start.

Added in a good handful of chocolate covered espresso bits, the crunch these little babies give when you eat them is so deliciously good!

And then i cover the oats with yogurt. If i find that the mixture is too thick, I add a little almond milk either right after I’ve mixed it or in the morning when I go to eat it.
That’s all! Enjoy !


Muscle Measurements

I started keeping track of what I ate a few weeks ago – they always say fitness is 80% of what you eat and 20% of what you do.

I forgot to take body measurements then , and I lost the numbers I had when I first started working out, so I’m starting now. My pictures tell me I’m improving but the numbers give me a clearer picture as to where.

Bust 39.5″

Chest 33.5″ measured right under bust

Waist 32.75″ measured at smallest point

Hips 41.5″ measured at widest point

Thighs 25.5″ measured at widest

Calves 15″

Biceps 10.75″ measure with arm out



Weekend in Review – Labor Day Weekend


Labor Day Weekend- Fro yo
We needed a getaway and Labor Day weekend gave us just that. Our friend graciously allowed us to use his beach house but we started the  weekend off with some froyo.

Can you tell which cup belonged to who? Lol

Imagine waking up to a view like this

Labor Day Weekend at the Beach

yes that is the table on the back patio in front of me and the beach just in front of it.

Labor Day Weekend at the beach

labor day weekend at the beach

After marveling at the morning view, I got a little leg workout in while everyone changed to play. I joined them not too long after.

We made sand castles, found pretty colored seashells and buried Papi in the sand 🙂

View from our room upstairs.

We grilled steak, chicken, corn and potatoes and got some dessert to sing a belated happy birthday to D. His rude self walked in the kitchen as I was trying to light the candles and ruined the surprise but he appreciated the effort all the same. He also appreciated that Hershey sundae pie; yummy.

Sunday passed like Saturday. Enjoying the sunshine and each other’s company.

Shrimp + grits for dinner and a trip to this amazing ice cream spot for dessert. (I’m getting better at my food photography right??)

Have you heard of a Boston milkshake? It’s 1/2 milkshake and 1/2 sundae. Their chocolate peanut butter shake is unlike any other I’ve had, rich chocolate flavor and creamy peanut butter undertones.

monday passed like much of the rest of the weekend, beach and red box movies. [there was no cable or internet but honestly we didn’t miss it that much. we did rent some movies but i think we would have been fine without those too.] oh we had more boston milkshakes.

what a weekend indeed.

Weekend in Review- Girls Weekend

D was out of town this weekend so we had some more girl time.

Friday I made it to the gym after work for a quick leg day workout, and then went to pick mini up.After we got home I baked some cookies for an order I have coming up.

Saturday we did a lot of hanging out. Pretty sure I didn’t change out of my pajamas until 5 pm and in the words of Tony the Tiger it felt “greeeeeatttttt.” 

I honestly can’t remember when was the last time I stayed in my pjs ALL day and just lounged around. I mean I did some cookie decorating and laundry folding but we also took a *glorious* nap. She slept for some hours actually, which was good because I think she was under the weather these past few days; low grade fever, coughs and runny nose. (We bypassed on a birthday party actually because I didn’t want to get anyone else sick and I knew she could use the rest.)

After we woke up I decided we should get out the house and hunt some dinner down.

Of course Anna had to take the ride with us.

We ended up at Bahama Breeze, because I knew we could get some chicken tenders for her and a good salad for me. 

Also a Raspberry Lemon Breeze because we say on the patio and was muggy outside. 

Sunday was for more lounging. I did more decorating, and we did more napping. Also we picked D up and went back to that glorious supermarket that I will admit I have come to love. What 

Weekend in Review- Family Visit

my mom’s family came in town and my cousin slept over. baby girl was ecstatic. (!)

mini hasn’t seen her nana in a while so she was so happy when D opened the door and they walked in. and when Chelsea walked in, baby girl immediately recruited her to play barbies and play-doh in her corner.

we made turkey burgers and sweet potato fries for dinner.

saturday morning we made pancakes for breakfast and the girls hit the pool for a little sun. we actually got mini to put her head under the water, but her face after she came up let me know it was not at all what she expected and she had no plans of trying it again anytime soon. [we didn’t get to take her for swimming lessons this summer like i had planned but she has an uncle that used to be a lifeguard who will be marrying his soon to be wife who also used to be a lifeguard. and they have a pool. and I’ve signed them up to teach her.]

after the pool D and I got ready to go to my friend’s baby shower.

we got lost on the way to their house and couldn’t stay very long at the party but i was glad we could be there if even for a short time (oh my gawddd, you should have seen their kitchen. the island was HUMONGOUS. i need it in my life asap.) they catered some amazing food and mama-to-be looked great ! she was all smiles and was taking selfies with her guests and being a great host. not at all how i remember myself at my baby shower- swollen, uncomfortable and hot ! haha.

D had a basketball game which meant we had to leave the party early. and unfortunately they didn’t win. they came up the almost 20 points they were down, but a few bad calls from the ref and a couple of missed shots just didn’t make it work for them this time. it was nice to watch him play though. lately his games have been late and a little far away so he goes by himself since we have a mini with a bedtime.

sunday morning we lounged around for a bit, playing puzzles with baby girl and watching olympic events on tv.

around noon some of the boys went to Dick’s Sporting Goods while the girls got ready to go visit this new grocery store. i saw people mention it on Facebook and it seemed to be a mix of Trader Joe’s and Wholefoods.

OMG. it was better.

first, it was huge inside: a big produce section, dry food section, huge selection of gourmet cheeses, cooked food area, they serve beer and wine while you shop and an amazing section where you can portion your own size of grains, nuts, trail mix and candy.

they had green bell peppers 2 for $1! fresh made almond butter and different types of peanut butter ! delicious cooked baja quinoa! pizza slices made fresh 2 for $4!

new fave grocery store for sure!

i ended up getting a nice amount of stuff including fresh made almond butter, fresh made chocolate peanut butter, pearled farro, green beans, green bell peppers, a poblano pepper, an eggplant, 2 fancy sounding cheeses, cooked baja quinoa, some spices, caprese pizza, a vareity of soap and some other awesome things.

and when we came back home all our guests went back to theirs 😦

i experimented a little with some of the food we bought and made some:

cauliflower rice tabbouleh

roasted egglant (this was kind of a fail) + salad + mushroom risotto

Weekend in Review- House Warming

This weekend was fun! 

We had some guests come in late Friday so we worked to clean up the house and make sure everything was presentable for the little party we threw on Saturday.

And the occasion for the party was a little house warming. Mainly for our friends who hadn’t seen the place, some because they moved a few hours away. It was nice.

D got on the grill and made some burgers; we had turkey ones, beef ones and black bean ones (for our vegan friends!). He also grilled 10 lbs of wings, 2 ways. 

I made a few things myself:)

The cheese ball that I made for baby girls birthday 

Cut some fruit up for a colorful healthy option

Made a power green salad with Craisins , red onions, chopped almonds, and orange zest

Cooked 2 platters of a very cheesy Mac n cheese

Who doesn’t love chocolate strawberries?

And almond sugar cookies

Ands 3 tier display of rum cake bites
The festivities were to start around 1:30 but everyone showed up like an hour after that which was great because we were still preparing food. 

I also put together a rum punch and we had some Beer and mini water bottles.

We played Jenga, spades, listened to music and chitchatted about lots of stuff. Babygirl got to play with lots of people and I was happy to entertain.

Our last guests stayed until almost midnight!

Later that night me and my friend went out for a little. Our boys had taken off on Friday night so we decided we needed some time to ourselves as well.

And Sunday was a day for rest. We napped and snacked on leftovers in front of the living room tv cuddling under blankets on the couch. 

Somehow my phone screen ended up cracking, and now looks like a spiderweb of shattered glass. I tried to get a new one Sunday night but was told after arriving to the T-Mobile store that I would have to wait for my claim to process. I was irritated that it cracked in the first place as I didn’t break it myself and now was looking at paying my deductible to get a new one. Not how I planned the end of my weekend. I tried waiting at Barnes & noble hoping my claim would process before T-Mobile closed for the day, but I was I was out of luck once again. At least I got 2 new books and a Java Chip Frapuccino out of it? I’ll be heading to the store after work today to pick up my new phone (after giving them money I didn’t plan on spending for that 😦 )

Weekend in Review -paint & party

Friday night we had an Olaf pizza party to celebrate mini’s success and by success I mean going on the potty for #2. We’ve been struggling with this one but we promised her to have a party if she went and she did. 

She requested Olaf for her party and D got paper Frozen placemats, Frozen plastic cups, and an Olaf balloon. We had dominoes pizza and lemonade and danced around the living room.

Saturday morning we were up early getting ready for a concealed carry class! Found it on groupon for the low.

Mini me went to spend the morning with her little boyfriend 🙄 while we took the class. They were both so excited to know they were going to play together! It was so funny that he was sad Thursday night because she didn’t play with him at daycare so I knew he would be happy to have her come over and play Saturday. I’m glad we have such good friends in them and I can’t wait to show our babies the cute pictures we have of them playing now.

After we all got home I changed to go legs + cardio in the gym. I’m really working on eating right and tracking what I consume and consistently going to the gym. My results should be great !


And after I got back home again i started working on the guest room. We haven’t done much to it other than put a bed and armoire in there. (Also stuffed the closet with cold weather clothes and craft stuff.)

Floors will get changed later but I couldn’t get over the color. Originally I was fine with the dark hunter green shade, planning on having a Harry Potter themed room. I found cute prints to put on the walls and a nice cover for the bed, but after we put the furniture in, the room seemed small with the large furniture and my eyes were always drawn to the less than professional paint job itself.

I updated the color to this pretty neutral and I am sooo happy with it. While waiting for the color to mix in I found a scent paint additive on sale for $2. It’s just an oil that leaves your paint scented for a while!! I got a tropical scent and I’m happy with that as well. I will say that after adding the scent I found it harder to get a good paint consistency but I could have shook it up more too.


Sunday  morning I made eggs with a runny yellow over power greens with crumbled goat cheese for breakfast!

I ran some errands including returning two sets of lampshades that didn’t fit the bill for our master bedroom nightstands and picking some cute kitchen stuff off a wedding registry.

Later mini and I attended the bridal shower with the gifts. It was at her moms house which was beautiful.The driveway was a winding 2 mile journey on a dirt road through some woodsy area that I’m not familiar with.The house itself was a kind of open floor plan 2 story house with a loft, and the kitchen had a large island and lots of counter space. I loved the fact that they built the house themselves.

The groom-to-be’s mom was there and she was so happy to us; the last time she saw me i was about 8 months pregnant with mini on graduation day. (We are friends of the groom since he was my study buddy in college and one of my senior design partners.) She was happy to know that we are still friends, and guess what? Mini is the flower girl in their wedding! I have also roped them soon-to-be newlyweds into teaching their flower girl how to swim as they were both lifeguards (she was actually his boss when they met haha!)

All the girls fell in love with mini and it was such a nice little dinner party/bridal shower. I’m so happy for this upcoming nuptial because you can see how happy they are together !  Mini napped this candid pic of me at the shower.


3rd Birthday – Frozen Fun

so we celebrated babygirl’s 3rd birthday this past weekend.

I was so excited to put together this party for her and to have so many people we love come together for it.

Unfortunately my phone screen wasn’t cooperating during the event so I wasn’t able to capture as many pictures as i wanted.

But we had a ball.and more importantly she did.




some snow covered oreos

this cheese ball was amazing ! i need to make another one!



 one of the smaller goody bags featuring a cookie i made and some frozen themed candy


the larger goody bags had an olaf on them and had

frozen pencil

frozen chaptsick

frozen washcloth

frozen mini chocolate bar

frozen candies

frozen sticker


table centerpieces using bath & body works candle jars

cardstock for the silver band and the number 3

snowflakes from a pack


tissue paper


Food included:

2 boxes of mini quiches

1 homemade artichoke dip & scoops

1 cheese ball

2 fruit salad platters

1 slow cooker full of turkey meatballs

2 pasta salads (one with shrimp, one without)

6 dozen mini cocktail patties

2 sandwich rings cut to feed 15 people each (one turkey and one ham)




almond cookies

chocolate cookies

chocolate “snow” covered oreos

Frozen themed little chocolate bars and candies

vanilla cupcakes


chocolate peanut butter cake


thank you to everyone who helped make my vision come to life and to all the beautiful people who came to celebrate our little queen b. ❤