Weekend in Review- soccer & nibs

Weekend started with some Saturday soccer, our new normal.

Babygirl did sooo good. As a thoughtful loving little person, she has struggled a little bit with the aggressiveness that soccer requires. She sees the kids she plays with, as teammates and friends. That’s a great thing! I love that she understands teamwork and sharing, but when it comes down to playing against each other we needed her to just get out there and fight for the ball.

And this Saturday she did! She jumped in the thick of it all, and kicked the ball out and really showed the progress in her ball handling skills. I was super impressed! And she was happy to receive all the praise I was giving.

I made sure to get some arts and crafts time with her in so we could do an activity together.

She’s been obsessed with painting lately because she has been gifted lots of art supplies, so we painted this bird house.

Also at Hobby Lobby , i was able to pick up some ink and bibs… because I’m taking calligraphy up.

What’s that? I’m crazy you say? When do you even have the time to play with calligraphy pens???

Yes I know. But hear me out, I love doodling and writing. I’ve got pens and markers and brushes galore. I love the feel of pen on paper and making the words attractive to look at. And I can’t just have baking as a hobby, because let’s be honest I can’t eat all my kitchen creations. Especially when my wedding is on the horizon. So in an effort to ease my restless soul/hands I’ve decided to delve into the world of artistic lettering.

How cool would it be to do fancy wedding envelopes for people? Or do those gorgeous wedding signs that are becoming so popular? I know that’s super forward thinking of me, to already be crafting another business venture but clearly when I do something I just jump all the way in.

I started an Instagram for it in case you wanted to check out my newest non edible art.



Do you have a hobby? 

As a mom, I find that much of my time (outside of work) is spent wiping stuff; wiping noses, wiping counters, wiping floors, wiping butts. 

There’s a lot of cleaning as part of a momma’s daily tasks, but honestly, it’s not my favorite thing to do. Surprise right? The thing I do the most in my time, is not the thing I love to do. (Don’t get me wrong I do keep my house clean I just don’t LOVE breaking my back picking up socks off the floor, scrubbing the shower grout lines, folding loads and loads of laundry and things of that nature 🙂 )

To be really honest, I feel like I don’t love my job some days too. The stress of it, the time it takes away from being with family, the feeling that they don’t place value on employees, etc. it just doesn’t give me the warm fuzzies all the time.

All of that being said, I think it’s important for a person’s sanity and wellbeing to take a little time out of their day to do something they love. 

Everyday I think you should do something you love, even if it’s just 15 mins! Take 15 minutes for yourself and do something that will make you happy. Maybe it will help brighten other parts of your life, or just give you the motivation to get thru the stuff you don’t love doing to get to the stuff you do like to do.

So what do I like to do? 

Artsy stuff actually. I like to bake (but my waist said I can’t do this all the time!!), make beaded jewelry (after princess has gone to bed), write (obviously cause I have a blog), and I think I’m going to get into some modern calligraphy, maybe throw a little paint in the mix somewhere. 

I actually got some books in the mail today that I will be reading. (My reading choices are scattered and I’m not ashamed to admit that I love reading what the bookstores classify as teen fantasy fiction: Harry Potter, Twilight, the Lunar Chronicles series etc 🙂 )
I mean when I find the time of course. 

The Alchemist

Recently at a get together I got in a discussion with a friend. He is the boyfriend of one of my very good friends and he recently bought her a makeup palette that she really wanted to get but couldn’t find. I was happy that he bought it for her and made her a very happy lady. He started to say that since she and I love makeup and since we do it so well, (her eyebrows are nothing less than perfection!), that we should look into doing something with that passion. I mentioned that I have been on a big baking kick and how everyone has been commenting on my baked yummies, and how they all tell me I should sell them. (Literally had a girl at my job come by my desk yesterday to tell me that she told EVERYONEEE in her family and all the coworkers that left early for the holidays on how AH-MAZING the mini rum cakes I made were and to ask if I planned on making them again soon.) My friend’s boyfriend asked me have I ever read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. Coincedentally it is on my list of books that I wanted to read.


[When I was younger I had a very big passion for reading and writing, I would dedicate countless hours to sitting with a book in my hand getting lost in the story. I absolutely loved science fiction novels, and am proud to say that I am a devout Harry Potter fan. I think around the time I started college I just didn’t carve out the time to keep up my reading hobby, and it’s time to change that so I went and bought The Alchemist, along with 2 other books and started to read.]

I’ve been hearing about The Alchemist for a while now, and I am happy I finally got to read it. It’s a story that talks about omens, and the universe conspiring to help you when you really want something. It got me thinking on a few of the good omens I’ve been shown, and what I think my friend’s boyfriend was trying to say. Maybe I should take the steps toward figuring out what my personal omens really mean…

Anyway do you have any good book recommendations?