Weekend in Review – Teacher Appreciation Stuff

Life has been a bit of a blur, cookie orders, work stress and wedding planning have had me super caught up. I’ve even been missing from the gym, tsk tsk. I have a wedding I need to look amazing for!

I started off last weekend pretty well though; on the couch watching Star Wars movies all day. Yep nerd alert, I’m obsessed. And May 4 is Star Wars Day and TBS treated your girl with her fav movies all day long.

Actually I stepped out for a minute to deliver Teacher’s Appreciation cookies to some customers. I even put on my fancy new chef coat. I felt super legit wearing it, and now need to task someone with embroidering my name on that bad boy. Or my logo. Or maybe just my name, since I’m still undecided about rebranding.

I waited at Starbucks in between and treated myself to a Triple Mocha Frappe, wowwmagawd that thing was soooo good. I know it probably had mad calories in it, but man it was worth it.

For the teachers in my life, I spent the weekend getting a little crafty to thank them. Work station was looking like a tornado went off, but when I’m in creative mode that doesn’t always align with clean mode. It’s the only downside to the creative fun; the whirlwind of stuff after.

Check out these super cute mini cookies I made!

Sunday mini and I made a point to go have lunch together, (like she had a choice). Can you guess which one was mine? Also I got the side salad to make it seem healthy, but the dressing was just not doing it for me. I ate as much of it as i could (half) and disposed of the rest unhappily. I hate wasting food like that, but the dressing was such a buzzkill and was irking my tastebuds. I did get lots of healthy veggies on my pizza though! And I only ate half for lunch, I saved the rest for dinner.


Muscle Measurements

I started keeping track of what I ate a few weeks ago – they always say fitness is 80% of what you eat and 20% of what you do.

I forgot to take body measurements then , and I lost the numbers I had when I first started working out, so I’m starting now. My pictures tell me I’m improving but the numbers give me a clearer picture as to where.

Bust 39.5″

Chest 33.5″ measured right under bust

Waist 32.75″ measured at smallest point

Hips 41.5″ measured at widest point

Thighs 25.5″ measured at widest

Calves 15″

Biceps 10.75″ measure with arm out



Leg Day.. At the Beach! 

(Spoiler alert to my weekend in review : we are having a beach vacation weekend)

Just cause we are on vacation though doesn’t mean I can’t get a quick little leg workout in. 
Barefoot and all. Letting those cool waves break and bubble over my toesies while that morning sun baked my tan and I flexed and squeezed my muscles.  Salt spray flecking my hair, the slope of the sand forcing me to pay attention to my balance, and the heat making my clothes cling to my body drenched in salty sweat.

Walking lunges 
3x each

Squats 20 reps

Walking leg lifts

Sumo squats 15 reps

Donkey kicks 10 reps each

Lateral lunges 10 reps each
Front lunge + back lunge + squat 5 each leg

And then I rinsed the sweat off changed into my bathing suit and joined my family to enjoy the beach. 

Wednesday Upper Body

4x of each :

1 arm row. 20 lb kettle bell . 10 reps

Biceps curl to sh press 10 lb Dumbbells . 12 reps
Plate raise. 10 lbs. 15 reps

Bent over row. 30 lb bar. 12 reps
Hammer curl. 10 lbs Dumbbells. 12 reps

Lateral raise. 5lb plates. 12 reps
Back extension + row. 25 lbs. 10reps
17 minutes on the stair master- incorporated some squats, kickbacks and leg lifts during this cardio

Look at my little baby biceps coming thru to say hello !! 

Quick Leg Day Friday

It’s no secret that I’m working on building my lower body. That means eating to feed the gains, and lifting heavy to build the muscle. 2x a week for leg day.

Warm Up:

Lunges w/ 50lb bar


3x each below:

Deadlifts. 50 lbs. 10 reps

Hack Squat Machine. +75 lbs. 10 reps


Kettlebell Squat. 25 lbs.10 reps

RDL. 50 lbs. 10 reps


One Legged Deadlift. 10lb dumbbells. 10 reps each leg

Squats. 50 lbs. 12 reps


Pulse Lunges. 10 lb dumbbells


Glute Bridge. 40 lbs. 12 reps


Weekend in Review- Circus Fun

Friday we took baby girl to an ENT to discuss her snoring. Looks like we will be taking her in for a sleep study soon!

Saturday i got a good leg workout in and then came home to visit the pool with my babies now that we finally got our pool key card. Yay.

The sun was beaming and someone was having a birthday party so a lot of kids were there with floats and plastic balls and thankfully mini had a good time. she didn’t like getting splashed in the face, or the large blow up shark float but all the kids were pretty nice and the other parents were too.

it was our first time really interacting with people in the neighborhood other than our next door neighbors and I’m pleased to say it seems like they  are all a friendly bunch.

we are working on getting her comfortable in the water and then on learning how to swim. she kept asking to go back to the pool after we left so it seems we are on the right track.


we ate chicken tacos when we got back home then took a family nap. it was great.

i made fried ravioli and chicken for dinner and that was even better than the after pool nap.

sunday we slept in a little. D got up to play basketball so me and mini played with puzzles and baked chocolate cookies. i’ve got a variety of shapes so i’ll post the after shots when they are all pretty and decorated.

when D got home i took my turn at the gym where i got a nice upper body workout with some cardio on the elliptical. i have been putting in work for the body i want!

after i got back home i had just enough time to shower and get ready to head to the this Circus Event.


i tried to get them to call D up for the volunteer parts but i think they already had their eye on him for this basketball section of the show. 🙂

Weekend in Review -paint & party

Friday night we had an Olaf pizza party to celebrate mini’s success and by success I mean going on the potty for #2. We’ve been struggling with this one but we promised her to have a party if she went and she did. 

She requested Olaf for her party and D got paper Frozen placemats, Frozen plastic cups, and an Olaf balloon. We had dominoes pizza and lemonade and danced around the living room.

Saturday morning we were up early getting ready for a concealed carry class! Found it on groupon for the low.

Mini me went to spend the morning with her little boyfriend 🙄 while we took the class. They were both so excited to know they were going to play together! It was so funny that he was sad Thursday night because she didn’t play with him at daycare so I knew he would be happy to have her come over and play Saturday. I’m glad we have such good friends in them and I can’t wait to show our babies the cute pictures we have of them playing now.

After we all got home I changed to go legs + cardio in the gym. I’m really working on eating right and tracking what I consume and consistently going to the gym. My results should be great !


And after I got back home again i started working on the guest room. We haven’t done much to it other than put a bed and armoire in there. (Also stuffed the closet with cold weather clothes and craft stuff.)

Floors will get changed later but I couldn’t get over the color. Originally I was fine with the dark hunter green shade, planning on having a Harry Potter themed room. I found cute prints to put on the walls and a nice cover for the bed, but after we put the furniture in, the room seemed small with the large furniture and my eyes were always drawn to the less than professional paint job itself.

I updated the color to this pretty neutral and I am sooo happy with it. While waiting for the color to mix in I found a scent paint additive on sale for $2. It’s just an oil that leaves your paint scented for a while!! I got a tropical scent and I’m happy with that as well. I will say that after adding the scent I found it harder to get a good paint consistency but I could have shook it up more too.


Sunday  morning I made eggs with a runny yellow over power greens with crumbled goat cheese for breakfast!

I ran some errands including returning two sets of lampshades that didn’t fit the bill for our master bedroom nightstands and picking some cute kitchen stuff off a wedding registry.

Later mini and I attended the bridal shower with the gifts. It was at her moms house which was beautiful.The driveway was a winding 2 mile journey on a dirt road through some woodsy area that I’m not familiar with.The house itself was a kind of open floor plan 2 story house with a loft, and the kitchen had a large island and lots of counter space. I loved the fact that they built the house themselves.

The groom-to-be’s mom was there and she was so happy to us; the last time she saw me i was about 8 months pregnant with mini on graduation day. (We are friends of the groom since he was my study buddy in college and one of my senior design partners.) She was happy to know that we are still friends, and guess what? Mini is the flower girl in their wedding! I have also roped them soon-to-be newlyweds into teaching their flower girl how to swim as they were both lifeguards (she was actually his boss when they met haha!)

All the girls fell in love with mini and it was such a nice little dinner party/bridal shower. I’m so happy for this upcoming nuptial because you can see how happy they are together !  Mini napped this candid pic of me at the shower.


Juicing Review

i tried it. this past weekend.

it was ill timed. you shouldn’t plan to do a “juice fast” when you’re going to have house guests. imagine waking up and your guests want to eat pancakes, eggs, and bacon and you’re slurping a celery smoothie. not so fun.

actually i had in mind after we knew of our visitors, that i was only going to do a 1.5 day one. a mini one. and i lasted til almost dinner time on the first day. i started getting headaches. but i was craving that crab dip we bought from the grocery store the day before. and burgers. and the moose tracks ice cream that was in the fridge. and the garlic pull apart bread that was next to it.

i don’t think juice fasting is for me, at least not yet.

i don’t like feeling hungry. i would rather just do maybe a meal replacement smoothie/juice every few days instead. i know some people say its good to detox and I’m ok with that, but there are other ways to detox. and maybe i’ll research those before committing to a few days worth of hunger pangs, headaches, and loose bowels 🙂