Weekend in Review- Bachelorette Vibes

I can’t believe it has been so long since I last blogged (!) but my time has been spent doing a lot of things since then, I can assure you.

Most recently though, I was able to enjoy a weekend with my girls for my bachelorette party!! (Getting married VERRRYYY soon -eeek!)

Those ladies made sure I had a ball on the beach and I am forever grateful to call them my friends.



My baby is a BIG girl


I got my baby’s spring pictures back yesterday.

In the envelope were her graduation pictures. Picture this precious princess in a graduation gown with a grad cap holding paper rolled up as a diploma with a pretty satin ribbon.

Insert picture of me sobbing hysterically about time passing by too fast here.

She hasn’t officially graduated Pre-K yet, (if I’m this emotional now, what will I be like for high school graduation??) but the pictures are beautiful and an accurate representation of where we are at none the less. I’ve got like 2 months to prep my purse with soft tissues and baby pictures galore. I know I won’t be the only one who can’t contain themselves as she walks across the stage: her Papi will be there too.

Anyway, we’ve got her in soccer now and I’m absolutely elated. I love bringing our club chair out to the field and whipping my camera out to catch action shots of the kids learning the basics.

Watching the kids out there soaking up the skills knowledge is amazing.

I’m literally watching little people, taking instructions and applying them as they go. Also I love when they divide up and play against each other. Both the most adorable and most frustrating thing ever! So adorable as they try to learn how to move the ball where they want, and frustrating because they don’t understand team work or how to play the field to their advantage. Can you tell I’m one of those moms screaming for my baby to go for the goal?


Either way, my baby is growing up and I’m sure blessed to watch her do it.

Weekend in Review- I Said Yes

This weekend my lovely mama came to visit us. Baby girl and I missed her so much !

I set us up for a girls day with a few appointments to look at dresses…

Oh my, I think I have been keeping that a secret from you, haven’t I?

D and I are engaged!!! 

We actually got engaged back in May and things have been pretty hectic around here since then. Birthdays, trips out of town, and work around the house plus side business have kept me away..

 I guess we can start wedding planning together then can’t we? This will be fun, I’ll share all my inspiration pics and ideas of what I have been tossing around in my head. 😀

Anyway, with mom in town it was a perfect weekend to look at wedding dresses. And guess what?! I said yes to a dress!

The only thing I’ll say is that, exactly like all those brides say on “Say Yes to the Dress” I too found a dress that wasn’t what I thought I would pick. You’ll have to wait until my day to see what it looks like though!


Weekend in Review- Shelves & Science

i needed to pick up an order from a store on the other side of town this weekend. it was an online order so i could have had it shipped for $6 or i could pick it up in store for the free…

i chose the free option because well yeah it was free. and this particular store happens to be next to an IKEA. who doesn’t love IKEA? i don’t know, everyone i know does. so yeah i paid IKEA a visit and picked up some things for the house, including materials for a project I’ve been meaning to do in baby girl’s room.

a book wall!

we’ve been collecting a good number of books for her since she was born and it makes me so happy for her little book collection to be growing at such a young age. i hope she loves to read like her mommy..

but up until this point we haven’t had a good way to store them. in the last house i had a few small bins that i stacked by age/type of book. in the current place, they’ve been collecting dust in a box. yeah we still haven finished unpacking all our boxes; it’s a process, don’t judge me!

in comes the book wall. and it only cost me $18 (+ materials i already had at home)

each shelf is actually a picture ledge from IKEA, $6 each !

all i had to do was gather up my mounting materials and get to work






and voila. book wall that looks inviting and helps her see some of the titles so she can choose. this doesn’t hold all her books, but I’m happy with it.

Sunday, our friends invited us to go to the Science Center with them.

not going to lie, that place was pretty amazing. they had 4 floors of interactive fun for the family, and our babies were eating it right up. it made my heart swell to see them engaging their minds and playing with all the “toys” .

i’m a big fan of creative play so i know we will be back to the center in the future to spend more time having fun.

Leg Day

There’s nothing like hitting the gym after you stuffed your face for Thanksgiving !

And nothing like going to your gym after visiting a different one while you were back in your hometown.

Last Tuesday I found the closest LA Fitness to my mom’s place and I was honestly disappointed. For being there at 8 am I found lots of dumbbells and plates scattered on the floor and dust bunnies as big as Brina, my mom’s yorkie! Gross right?! People have allergies and that’s not cool to leave clumps of hair and fuzzies just hanging out on the weight floor. It made me really appreciate the cleanliness of my normal gym!!


Walking Lunges 50 lbs.


3x each

Squats 50 lbs. 12 reps

RDL. 50 lbs. 12 reps


Front loaded squats. 30 lbs. 12 reps

lateral lunges. 30 lbs. 5 each leg

good mornings. 30 lbs. 10 reps



Stairs Machine. 15 minutes


abs + stretching 5 minutes.

Leg Day Wednesday

So on my way back from the gym it was POURING rain. I’m talking raining cats and dogs, I’m talking a legit thunderstorm trying to power wash all the dirt and dust off my car. And you know what I thought about (aside from making it home safely of course) ?

It made me think about this one time I was visiting my family in Jamaica. We were at my grandma’s house out in the country. Her house sits on top of a hill and the yard gave us kids plenty of space to run around and burn off some energy. Anyway it started pouring down one day, so of course the Directv wasn’t working which meant we were moping around the house waiting for the rain to stop so we could either go outside or find something to watch on tv.

And the adults got tired of us looking like sad, bored puppies and they shooed us outside. We can go outside? What, but its raining? It’s only a little water they said. So we ran out there and danced in the pouring sheeting rain, we grabbed some shampoo and washed our hair in the rain and then we grabbed the soap and washed the cars in the rain too. It was sooo much fun I still remember it to this day. Little things like that are what I try to hold on to and remember when I’m playing with my mini; I want her to have fun things to remember and stories to tell.

Warm Up: Walking Lunges w/ 60 lb bar

4x each:

Goodmorning to Squat. 50 lb bar. 12 reps


Sumo squat. 25 lb kettlebell. 10 reps

Romanian Deadlift (RDL). 50 lb bar. 12 reps


Double pulse squats. 50 lb bar. 10 reps

One Leg Deadlift. 10 lb plates. 10 each leg


Front lunge + Back lunge + Curtsy Lunge. 10 lb plates. 5 each leg.

20 minutes on the stair master. alternating with leg lifts, donkey kicks/kickbacks

Weekend in Review- Welcome to Indy 

As you could tell from the title we went to Indiana this weekend.

Baby girl did great on the plane! A guy actually told us that while we were walking to baggage claim and after thanking him I realized he was the guy sitting in the row in front of us. He said he travels for work quite a bit and he was pretty stoked that at least on this flight the child in the row behind him was so well behaved.

(I love when she crosses her little legs. )

We stayed with Ds cousin  while we were there and Friday night the adults took a trip to Broad Ripple. All the cousins were bathed, dressed in pjs and watching Monsters Inc when we departed to see what the night life was like.

And at midnight I wished this cutie a happy birthday.

Saturday it was their daughters birthday so they threw a party for her at their house.

Complete with bounce house, bbq chicken+ burgers and a piñata. Also lots of cousins.

Watch my little baby swing that bat!

We went out again Saturday night after the kids were asleep from playing all day.

Two nights in a row of babysitters sp we could get to go out, what is life?

His cousins were all saying how great it was to be back together and now be adults with our own kids getting to hang out again for the weekend.

And Sunday and Monday were lazy days spent chilling at the house, playing pool in the man cave/basement and watching movies in the living room.

It was so nice watching our girls play. Little mama doesn’t have any cousins nearby that are her age so it warmed my heart to see them play the way their dads did when they were the same age.

But the of course it was back to reality for us with a flight back home on Monday night.

Another successful flight with little mama, and every passenger in our radius was smitten with her of course. We even snagged her a pin from one of the flight attendants and some free gold fish !