26 Weeks

How far along ? 6.5 months!!!

How big is baby? According to Baby app, about 1.66 lb and the length of a scallion. (That’s pretty long already)

Symptoms: back pain, little out of breath occasionally,

Total weight gain: i think less than 15 at this point

Maternity clothes: i need to find more pants. I hate the side panel jeans I got from target and need some other work appropriate bottoms and tops.

Sleep: yes still able to get good sleep, sometimes pretty deeply too

Stretch marks: nothing new, still using my shea butter

Food cravings: not really? If there’s ice cream in the freezer I’ll eat some but if there isn’t then that’s fine. I’ve been wanting to eat more fruit but don’t know if that is cravings based or diet based

Best moment: getting some decent progress made on my master closet! I can finally put away some of my clothes and not pull them out of boxes every morning ! 🙂

Movement: cold water seems to do something crazy to baby, and occasionally when I lay with my back kind of reclined. Also the day of baby girls end of the year musical performance, baby was playing a whole soccer game in my belly! But that could have been the 3 cinnamon rolls I stuffed my face with before the show?

Labor signs: no

Belly button in or out: pretty flat

What I miss: being able to move around freely. Trying to unpack and set up the house has been slowed down by the fact I can’t move the way I used to. Also I burned my belly the tiniest bit when I was cooking on the stove because the pan was large and I didn’t realize my belly was so close. Nothing major I jumped back immediately but it was a little scary.

What I look forward to: the baby shower that we finally set a date for!

Milestones: set a baby shower date, put together some stuff for the registry, and started planning what to do for big sister’s birthday

Weekly wisdom: take it slow, there’s so much to do but when I try to do too much my feet and back pay for it


23 Weeks

So I’m going back to pregnancy updates like I did last go round! These were super fun to do and to look back on!

How far along ? 23 weeks! I’ll be 6 months in a week!

How big is baby? According to my babycenter app, about the size of a large mango. ~11inches long and over a pound

Symptoms: a little fatigue, frequent need to pee because I feel pressure low, increased appetite. Had a lot of headaches during first trimester but I think those are mostly gone.

Total weight gain: at least 10 pounds

Maternity clothes: I’ve basically been in maternity clothes since we found out we were expecting again 😄 I’ve been loving stretchy bodycon dresses with a maternity “spandex” i found on amazon. (I’m wearing Target maternity side panel jeans in this week’s pic but I don’t love them.)

Sleep: so far so good, I use my maternity body pillow and sleep on my left side

Stretch marks: ive been using shea butter but yes I see them

Food cravings: meh not really, although I’ve been eating chicken which I wasn’t doing pre-pregnancy. Also fruit snacks, but who doesn’t love those?

Best moment: putting a bikini on for my nieces birthday this past weekend and feeling so cute!

Movement: yes, I notice most movement during the day like 10am and various times through the day but maybe it’s the way I sit in my desk chair

Labor signs: no

Belly button in or out: in, but it’s super flat like the back of it is a lot closer to the front now

What I miss: being able to bend down freely and lift things. With the move into the new house there’s so many boxes to unpack and sort thru and it’s taking me longer to get it done

What I look forward to: planning the baby shower!

Milestones: ?

Weekly wisdom: ask for help! Having babygirl#1 around who was already super helpful is saving me a lot, when I drop things she is always there to pick it up for me, she’s always ready to help me clean up and wants to be more independent so she asks to help me in the kitchen and wants to mostly get ready by herself. It frees me up a little which is great cause it takes me a little longer to do everything these days

reflection for mother’s day

in honor of this upcoming sunday; my first official mother’s day.

this time last year i was caressing my belly lovingly waiting for my princess to arrive. now i am planning her 1st birthday and trying to teach her to walk. so much has transpired in a year, it makes me sit back and examine things so much closer. all the ups and downs, tears and laughs, but what stands out the most is love. an indescrible kind of love that is overwhelming sweet and keeps you smiling well into the night even when everything around you seems to make you frown..

the other day, a friend and i were talking about pregnancy. she asked me what did it feel when the baby kicked. indescribable. how do you describe feeling life moving inside you? how can you put in words what it feels like to know that there is a tiny human growing in your womb, a tiny person that knows what your heart sounds like from the inside? my only regret is not taking enough pregnancy pics and videos! i think i was just in so much awe that i never grabbed my camera in time to capture the moment.

now i have a busy bundle of joy that i can cuddle and laugh with and kiss and teach how to be a lady. night before last she fed me cheerios and gave me kisses without me asking. we clapped our hands when the music played for jake and the neverland pirates and she laughed when i blew the cookie crumbs off her face. she can turn the darkest days into the biggest smiles. last night i watched her take her first step. she looked so surprised that she did it on her own and  immediately plopped down on her booty and started crawling around her room once more. A couple of attempts to get her to try and take any more steps but she kept reaching for my hands, for that comfort of knowing that i won’t let her fall.  there is nothing i wouldn’t do for that rowdy baby girl and although i already love her more than anything it seems to grow more with each passing day.


observations on breast feeding

so as i’m a new mom there’s a lot of things i didn’t know about. breast feeding being one of them, i mean i knew it existed but i didn’t really know about it, you know? well now that i’m a member of the mom club i’ve learned a lot about breast feeding. initially people used to ask if i planned on breastfeeding? um, duh of course i planned on breast feeding. why wouldn’t i provide for my child the way nature intended me to? [ i know this is not an option for some people in certain situations but i was not one of them.] i prepared myself while pregnant by buying a few nursing bras and stocking up on nursing pads and some lanolin. i was tempted to buy a nipple shield because i heard it could be painful but when i got to the aisle i saw different size shields, how was i supposed to know if i was a 20mm or 24 mm? or even a 27 mm?? i left them for a later date.

on to my observations…

1. its special – the first time i fed her, i was just about falling asleep with her in my arms having just brought her into the world but it was special knowing that i was giving her what no one else could. I mean its pretty awesome that I can provide for her naturally.

2. lanolin is awesome. – the first week things were a little rough, we were getting used to each other and it was painful, i cringed everytime she latched because it hurt. it felt like she was chewing them up and they look so battered after :(. i applied the lanolin after every feeding and before showering [why before showering? i don’t know that’s what the tube said] and eventually things got better and now it’s a breeze and i have all but done away with my tube.

3. saves $ – while being super special and totally mind blowing that my body actually produces food to nourish a human being, it saves money on not having to buy formula. and i have heard formula is pricey! plus trying to find the right formula, when my body is sitting here making the exact kind of food my baby needs? um yeah breastmilk all the way.

4. it helps you lose weight – so in the first month i lost a good 28.6 lbs. now i know some of this was her, and the fluids that came out during birth but the rest of it is all thanks to breastfeeding. i will say that it kind of sucked the first week, with the cramps but who is trying to keep the baby belly after pregnancy? [the cramps were HORRENDOUS, i mean i could quite literally feel my uterus contracting as i breast fed, which is good but i’d rather not feel it i just want to know its happening]

5. save up for later – you’re body automatically corrects itself to how much your baby needs based on your feeding patterns. but sometimes your body makes more than your baby wants at the time and you can pump that extra milk and save it for later. if you have a deep freezer you can save it for 6+ months later ! so i’ve been pumping what she doesn’t drink and i now have a nice little stash of milk popsicles in my freezer for times i have to be away from her.

6. breast feeding accessories are pretty amazing – nursing bras aren’t a necessity but it comes in handy to just unclip and pop out and feed. i will say that nursing pads are kind of a requirement. in the beginning i forgot one day and there was a little milk that dried on my skin and when it came time to feed i had to unstick the fabric from my raw nipple and it wasn’t so nice. also when you and your baby oversleep at night and you become engorged and leak all over the bed, it helps to have a nice little pad in between to catch the milk. its almost like a pad/tampon during a period.

7. Sometimes it sucks – now that I’m working it means I have to carry my pump and all its accessories around and it makes for a large and obnoxious extra bag to carry around with me. If you’re lucky there’s a mothers room at your job, if you’re even luckier there’s availability in that room that you can use!
I can’t get a time slot to use the one at my job so I’ve resorted to hogging the handicap bathroom which has led to some spilled milk cause there’s only a tiny shelf and I have a lot if stuff needed to pump.it made me want to cry; this stuff is like liquid gold!
And then when you’re done you have to clean all your pump parts which isn’t always convienient [im on business travel and the mothers room doesn’t have a sink and the bathrooms are not close by] [and at my own job there’s not hot water on my floor]
And if you’re in public and need to pump! I pray for you! At the airport yesterday I asked around for the mothers room and everyone kept pointing me to the family restroom. Yeah well it smelled like pee -___- if you’ve ever had to pump you know it’s a lengthy process, were talking at least 20+ minute between prepping, pumping and packing up. I was not a happy camper.

Things I’ve learned since I became Bris mom

So in the almost two months that I have been a parent I have learned a few things and I thought id share:
1. I’m kind of obsessed with her. -I could hold that little girl all day and not think anything of it, except for the fact that occasionally I would need to pee and sleep and do other stuff ya know. And I promise I could spend all day just watching her, staring into her alert eyes and memorizing her every moment. [reading that back to myself makes me sound like such a creeper but I am her mom so its ok]
2. Sleep is a thing of the past.-I thought I wasn’t getting much sleep when I was pregnant, boy was I wrong! Lol even though the past few weeks we’ve had help from our families I still have to feed her every 2-3 hours and sometimes its even less than that. On top of that she doesn’t always want to sleep when I do, so I don’t think I can call it sleep as much as taking little naps here and there.
3. Breastfeeding is amazing. Not only have I dropped 28.6 lbs in a month but apparently breast milk is like a cure for anything baby; her little baby acne, getting rid of the eye gook problem we had the first week and its just better for babies all around.

that’s just a few, ill update as i realize more

Birth story

So this post is super late but I wanted a verbal account of her birth story that I could go back and look at.
We went in to the doctor for our routine visit and he was asking all the normal questions. I told him that I felt her movements had maybe slowed down, I wasn’t feeling the wave of kicks as much but maybe it was because she was bigger and didn’t have as much room. Doc hooked me up to a machine to check her heart rate and my contractions. Her heart rate was fine but I was contracting every minute! He said he was gonna send us to the hospital to get induced that day! I started to cry, it was overwhelming, the thing I was waiting for was finally here and it caught me off guard. All the nurses just smiled, told me it was ok and they were so happy for me.
We left the docs office and when we got to the hospital we had to wait to get a room. By the time we got our room my mom had made it in to town, lol it’s funny because she lives almost four hours away. She got our call told her job she had to go and she hit the road!!
I hadn’t dilated anymore so around 4 they inserted a cook balloon (sp?) which consists of two small balloons that they inflate with water to help you dilate. They can stay in for a max of 12 hours, unless they fall out sooner, and generally you come out having dilated to 4-5 cm. it was super awkward trying to walk around the hospital with it in cause the tube that they used to inflate/deflate them was hanging between my legs and of course under those hospital gowns you aren’t wearing anything. They induced me too, to speed things up. I was fine for a while, working through the contractions by taking deep breaths and Dwight and I were taking trips around the hospital IVs in hand trying to help me dilate and efface more.
They checked me and found they could take the balloons out early which was a relief because it meant I dilated enough that I could take an epidural; the contractions had got to be too much. I took the walking epidural and honestly I was way more scared than I needed to be, it hurt worse when the nurse was putting my IV in. After the epidural kicked in I was pretty much flying high, everyone was so sleepy but I was wide awake and ready to walk and talk and hang out. I walked more since I wasn’t in pain and tried to sleep a little.
The contractions got really bad and I needed the full epidural very early Thursday morning. Before they put the catheter in the midwife came in and checked me and told me I was 10 cm dilated and to get ready cause I would be pushing soon.
About a half hour later our baby girl was born, 9:05 am Thursday 7 lb 20 inches with a head full of hair.

Where have I been?!

Sooo I was ready to post my 39 week update, had it ready and everything it was just saved as a draft til I saw my doc the next day. But while we were at the docs office he hooked me up to a machine to track baby and to track my contractions. He said I was contracting every minute ! I didn’t believe him, but he said they’d been doing this a long time and the machine doesn’t lie lol. I just wasn’t feeling the pain and wasn’t sure I knew how to track them properly anyway.
He told us we could go get induced that day, like leave his office and go to the hospital. Omg we were so excited. It was kind of overwhelming at first to hear that, Dwight was ecstatic and I started crying. Like it was really happening was all I could think about, the moment we were waiting for was finally there. Our bags had been packed but it hadn’t hit me until that moment and I cried a little, happy tears of course. So we rushed home to get a couple things I left and made our way to the hospital.
That was last Wednesday…
Thursday morning we welcomed our baby girl into the world, and it was ahhhhmazing!
Words can’t describe the feeling, maybe ill post her birth story..
But she’s a week old today and changing every day and getting more and more beautiful it just makes me want to cry.


pregnancy update


i start my weeks on tuesday, so this tuesday i was 37 weeks, but i don’t see my doctor til wednesday or thursday so i have been waiting til those days to do my weekly update post… buttt i feel like there’s nothing wrong with a little midweek update..

i have officially hit the full term mark, that is mind blowing. where did the time go?! i really have to finish packing my bag and get her room ready and finish unpacking the house and put my birth plan together and [insert long list of household chores here] ! ahh so much to do, but i just want to lay down.. and other times i just want to cook and bake and eat lots of chocolate yogurt. sigh. no relax i’m really not freaking out that bad, it just puts things into perspective of what i really want to have done before we make it into the delivery room. like finish painting her room, and putting her clothes away. and get this baby bag that i think im in love with. well not really in love with, but it appeals to me way more than any other baby bag i’ve seen thus far.

took my group b strep test and came back negative. woo hoo. doc said it wouldn’t have been harmful for either of us if it was positive, just some antibiotics here and there but regardless i’m glad i’m don’t have to worry about it. also i have added more protein to my diet, like what someone suggested to me, and i have noticed that the swelling is not so pronounced. successssss.

also i was laying down on my side yesterday and i swear to Bob that i saw her head move in my belly. like i started to feel her move, and then i looked and it was like this half a baseball sized bump started poking out on my right side, i haven’t seen a bump so large so it freaked me out and in response i turned automatically and then after put my hand to feel. dwight wasn’t in the room so i called him in to feel it too. definitely was a head or a butt, more likely her head since i think shes been head down 🙂 also my braxton hicks have been getting stronger and more “painful” and just this morning i think i’m starting to feel the “lightening” that people talk about? or maybe i’m just imaging it cause i’m excited..