23 Weeks

So I’m going back to pregnancy updates like I did last go round! These were super fun to do and to look back on!

How far along ? 23 weeks! I’ll be 6 months in a week!

How big is baby? According to my babycenter app, about the size of a large mango. ~11inches long and over a pound

Symptoms: a little fatigue, frequent need to pee because I feel pressure low, increased appetite. Had a lot of headaches during first trimester but I think those are mostly gone.

Total weight gain: at least 10 pounds

Maternity clothes: I’ve basically been in maternity clothes since we found out we were expecting again 😄 I’ve been loving stretchy bodycon dresses with a maternity “spandex” i found on amazon. (I’m wearing Target maternity side panel jeans in this week’s pic but I don’t love them.)

Sleep: so far so good, I use my maternity body pillow and sleep on my left side

Stretch marks: ive been using shea butter but yes I see them

Food cravings: meh not really, although I’ve been eating chicken which I wasn’t doing pre-pregnancy. Also fruit snacks, but who doesn’t love those?

Best moment: putting a bikini on for my nieces birthday this past weekend and feeling so cute!

Movement: yes, I notice most movement during the day like 10am and various times through the day but maybe it’s the way I sit in my desk chair

Labor signs: no

Belly button in or out: in, but it’s super flat like the back of it is a lot closer to the front now

What I miss: being able to bend down freely and lift things. With the move into the new house there’s so many boxes to unpack and sort thru and it’s taking me longer to get it done

What I look forward to: planning the baby shower!

Milestones: ?

Weekly wisdom: ask for help! Having babygirl#1 around who was already super helpful is saving me a lot, when I drop things she is always there to pick it up for me, she’s always ready to help me clean up and wants to be more independent so she asks to help me in the kitchen and wants to mostly get ready by herself. It frees me up a little which is great cause it takes me a little longer to do everything these days


Convos with a Toddler- ep 9

Getting ready for splash splash time otherwise known as bathtime, and babygirl spots two large ants.

Her: mommy look two bugs!

Me: where ? Let me see

Her: see there in the shower!

Me: ok *as proceed to wash to them down the drain*

Her: I want to go to a snowy country, I don’t like this country with all these bugs

Me: *laughing* like where? You know snowy countries have bugs too right? Remember Chicago? It snows there but they also have bugs

Her: yeah I like Chicago, let’s go there

Weekend in Review – Teacher Appreciation Stuff

Life has been a bit of a blur, cookie orders, work stress and wedding planning have had me super caught up. I’ve even been missing from the gym, tsk tsk. I have a wedding I need to look amazing for!

I started off last weekend pretty well though; on the couch watching Star Wars movies all day. Yep nerd alert, I’m obsessed. And May 4 is Star Wars Day and TBS treated your girl with her fav movies all day long.

Actually I stepped out for a minute to deliver Teacher’s Appreciation cookies to some customers. I even put on my fancy new chef coat. I felt super legit wearing it, and now need to task someone with embroidering my name on that bad boy. Or my logo. Or maybe just my name, since I’m still undecided about rebranding.

I waited at Starbucks in between and treated myself to a Triple Mocha Frappe, wowwmagawd that thing was soooo good. I know it probably had mad calories in it, but man it was worth it.

For the teachers in my life, I spent the weekend getting a little crafty to thank them. Work station was looking like a tornado went off, but when I’m in creative mode that doesn’t always align with clean mode. It’s the only downside to the creative fun; the whirlwind of stuff after.

Check out these super cute mini cookies I made!

Sunday mini and I made a point to go have lunch together, (like she had a choice). Can you guess which one was mine? Also I got the side salad to make it seem healthy, but the dressing was just not doing it for me. I ate as much of it as i could (half) and disposed of the rest unhappily. I hate wasting food like that, but the dressing was such a buzzkill and was irking my tastebuds. I did get lots of healthy veggies on my pizza though! And I only ate half for lunch, I saved the rest for dinner.

My baby is a BIG girl


I got my baby’s spring pictures back yesterday.

In the envelope were her graduation pictures. Picture this precious princess in a graduation gown with a grad cap holding paper rolled up as a diploma with a pretty satin ribbon.

Insert picture of me sobbing hysterically about time passing by too fast here.

She hasn’t officially graduated Pre-K yet, (if I’m this emotional now, what will I be like for high school graduation??) but the pictures are beautiful and an accurate representation of where we are at none the less. I’ve got like 2 months to prep my purse with soft tissues and baby pictures galore. I know I won’t be the only one who can’t contain themselves as she walks across the stage: her Papi will be there too.

Anyway, we’ve got her in soccer now and I’m absolutely elated. I love bringing our club chair out to the field and whipping my camera out to catch action shots of the kids learning the basics.

Watching the kids out there soaking up the skills knowledge is amazing.

I’m literally watching little people, taking instructions and applying them as they go. Also I love when they divide up and play against each other. Both the most adorable and most frustrating thing ever! So adorable as they try to learn how to move the ball where they want, and frustrating because they don’t understand team work or how to play the field to their advantage. Can you tell I’m one of those moms screaming for my baby to go for the goal?


Either way, my baby is growing up and I’m sure blessed to watch her do it.

Weekend in Review – Girls Weekend

D left for a basketball tournament on Friday afternoon so we had a girls weekend.

Mini found her way in my bed Friday night so we woke up Saturday morning and watched some Mickey Mouse clubhouse before she begged me to go downstairs. After breakfast we got ready to run some errands.

Of course she wanted to wear a dress and I obliged on the condition that she pick one of the 3 options I presented her- not the more formal coral dress I have planned for an upcoming wedding. (Which she originally took out of her closet and brought to me so she could put on)

I did her hair and even asked her if she wanted me to put a ribbon in it to match her shoes and dress. I’m trying to get a little fancy in the hair do department.

I parted out a little bit on one side and clipped it away and then did  a Dutch braid that started on one side and wrapped to the other. And with the clipped piece I did a small Dutch braid into a regular braid that ended up becoming part of the end of the bigger Dutch braid.
We tried going to old navy to look for some uniform pants for her (yes my princess will start wearing uniform in 1 week!) and I picked up a few things for my own office wardrobe.Did not find the pants i needed at Old Navy (why do they only sell navy & khaki uniform pants??)

After that we had lunch at panera.

Her favorite thing to do is get a grilled cheese and break off bits to dip into my broccoli cheddar soup. Cheese on cheese !
We left the mall to go home and take a nap. Then we washed some dishes, she watched her shows while I finished a book I’ve been reading. I put together some drawers for underneath-the-bed storage and tried to tidy up my closet a bit. I folded some clean clothes and made turkey tacos for dinner and that was pretty much our Saturday.

Sunday started the same as Saturday, breakfast then errands then Panera for lunch. We stopped by Barnes and noble for a bit then back home to take a nap.

I wasn’t feeling the greatest so I tried to rest for the rest of the day. But of course we had to have a tea party.

And then I tried to do a little meal prepping.

Mini tried to help me make some tofu which I’ll be experimenting with in the upcoming week. The only other time I tried to make this was a few years ago and I didn’t cook it long enough to be a texture I could eat as a tofu newbie.

I read a few tips this time about draining and cooking and lightly coating with cornstarch so hopefully I did better this time around.

Convos with a toddler – ep 4

Backstory: mini got a cut on her knee at daycare. Later that night as I was giving her a bath I brushed it with the wash rag in process of cleaning her. While I’m toweling her off:

Mini: mommy don’t touch my boo boo

Me: I’m sorry I have to dry you off

Mini: stop I’m going to be mad

Me: (laughing) you’re going to be mad? At me?

Mini: yeah cause you’re not listening

(At this point I call out to D so he can come hear this and I recap the story for him )

Me: so you’re going to be mad at me ?

Mini: yeah cause you’re not listening. Daddy you going to give mommy the jack ups right?



Backstory: mini LOVES cheese. Grilled cheese, string cheese, cheesy rice, cheesy fries everything cheese. Lately she had a lot of cheese and when she went #2 in the morning it was small and I wondered if the recent intake of cheese was causing her to be constipated.
Mini: mommy can I have some bread 

Me: sure (puts bread to make toast into toaster oven)

Mini: with cheese?

Me: um maybe later

Mini: mommy can I have cheese on my bread

Me: well I want you to make a bigger poop on the potty before you have any more cheese. If you make a big one the you can have more cheese

Mini: (walks to the bathroom even though she just went like 15 mins prior)

Me: what are you doing ? Where are you going

Mini: I’m going to make a big poop on the potty so I can have cheese

Me and d start laughing because she meant this every single word and she pushed and she did make a big one so I put some cheese on her bread

Convos with a toddler- ep3

backstory: babygirl eats breakfast when she gets to daycare but sometimes wants a little something before we get there. d & i both had bagels; he had a maple french toast with strawberry jelly and i had an everything with butter. he gave her some of his (which i didn’t think she would eat at all)


mini: daddy i want more

d to me: oh crap i just finished the last piece

me: its ok ill just give her some of mine (proceeds to give her some of mine)

mini: (turns it over and over in her hands, inspecting it) i don’t want this one, it doesn’t have the sauce. i want daddy’s.

d: (takes back my bagel which doesn’t have “the sauce”) sorry daddy doesn’t have anymore, you can only have some of mommy’s.

mini: (whines a little that she wants daddys) (proceeds to take back mommys bagel and finishes it.

Backstory: mini was having one of those days where she doesn’t want to go to daycare.

Me: but you’re going to have fun in school today  and get to play with all your friends.

Me: who are your friends at school? What are their names?
Mini: Emma is not my friend she went with her mom

Me: ok who else then

Mini: Sophia is not my friend she is at home

Me:ok what about Bryce and Braylon and Ruha and everyone else?

Mini: they are at home

Me: ok but what if they’re at school, then they’re your friend again?

Mini: yes all the kids love me

(Me and d look at each Other and start laughing)

Me: what did you just say?

Mini: all the kids love me


Backstory: we back at home at the end of the day and I’m trying to decide what I’m going to cook.
Me: baby what should we have for dinner tonight?

Mini: chocolate chips and tea

Me: what?

Mini: chocolate chips and tea

Me: did you say chocolate chips and tea?

Mini: yes ! Put something on the tv for me.

Weekend in Review – 4.3.16

saturday we needed to run some errands, and it was a rainy day.

we took a box of blankets & sheets to petsmart because they accept them for their dogs and cats that they take in. while we were there we saw some really cute puppies. and little mama, well she did great! she wanted to pet them, she didn’t get scared when they took a few out for us to play with and she even told us she was going to get a new dog.

wait, what? yeah her daddy told her she might get one when we move to the new house.

after that we went to the movies and watched zootopia. it was actually a super cute movie and little mama’s first theater experience. she really liked it and she did well in the theater except she sat in my lap the whole time and got a little fidgety.

after that we went to this japanese version of chipotle for lunch and then home for a nap. rainy weather = the best cuddle time. after we got up it was still raining which meant we couldn’t go to the outdoor lightshow and bouncehouse event our friend told us about so we ate queso & chips and watched some final four basketball. that sounds just as fun to me honestly.

sunday we had a birthday party to go to for our friends who are 2 hrs away. so we took a roadtrip and went to celebrate for their babygirl.


also have you heard of this app called offerup? its like craigslist but i think things move faster. kinda really cool. we put a bunch of stuff on there since we are downsizing and already sold some of it and i bought something that i was looking to use for our new closet. d’s phone has been blowing up with people inquiring about items, while the traffic on our ads from craigslist has been moving a lot slower. i saw this awesome french door stainless steel fridge for $395! sold in 1 hour 😦 but its good to know i can find the things i need for less !