Master Closet Makeover

lets take a look at the before.

square closet with 3 wire closet racks, one window not pictured, and beige carpet.pretty basic. pretty boring.

coming from our last place this closet was not ready for us.

our last closet was also a walk in with 5 closet rods, and 2 towers of cubbie/drawer sytems. AND we fit a chest of drawers at the back.

that’s right 2 sets of double hang rods, and a single rod that i used for long dresses. Cubbie/drawers that fit socks, workout gear, bathing suits, purses, a basket for flat shoes, more workout gear, undershirts, etc. And with space to fit a whole 6 drawer unit.

[We had to get rid of the chest of drawers because space is different here but we still have a dresser which is in front of our bed.]

this closet has a window which is nice cause it brings in a lot of light but it does take away from some space which could have been used for storage. im not so mad about it though, our last closet was dark and im all for adding natural light.

First up on the list was redoing the carpet. Since we redid the floors in our room, it made sense to do the closet as well.


Then I added some paint.

Who says closets should be plain white? -Color is Sherwin Williams Stream.

Next was the assembly of this Shoecase (Ikea Billy Bookcase). I bought 2 extra shelves to add in as well. Thinking about getting a third..

Last closet we didn’t have any good spot for storing shoes, so i fixed that in this one 🙂 Especially because D and I both have a good amount of them.

I moved the shoecase around a little bit til i found the right corner for it.
And then I took this 25″ Custom Closet Organizer and set it up.

(Sneak peek of the rug underneath. Unexpected find from Home Depot,  8’x 10′ with a print, perfect for use underneath the king bed! And it was on saleeeeee.)

so this is the left side progress view. 

and the right side, before my dress rod went up

And then it turned into:


we still need to add the shelving to the D’s side and an additional shelf above my dress rod and then it will be complete. mostly.


Master Bath Makeover

this bathroom was exciting for a few reasons, the paint color was not one of them.

 Reasons to be excited:

I would have space to put a vanity chair (and therefore have a seat to do my morning makeup in) and be able to organize my makeup in a neat way on the counter. Also there’s a drawer so i could utilize that as well.

The tub meant i could take relaxing baths.

The size meant me and D wouldn’t be falling over each other trying to get ready in front of the mirror.

But the paint was sad. I don’t have anything against brown walls, but there’s no window in this bathroom, and it just made the space feel small and dark.

Project 1: Paint the bathroom.
I used the same color as the other bathrooms: Sherwin Williams Sea Salt. I absolutely love this color for all the bathrooms, and I’m so happy I chose it.

And then there was removing those old towel bars, and toilet paper holder. We had 2 towel bars in here, one by the shower and one on the other side of the bathroom above the bath.

And I added shelves for a little bathroom decor/storage. Same style shelves as the ones in the other bath- can you see the what i’m doing here? continuity in all the bathrooms- check.

I love that the open shelves give me space to store things but in a way i can do so artistically. Loads of soap in a cool glass jar; rolls on rolls of toilet paper in a wire basket; pretty candle; no purpose pretty mercury glass shiny thing. I like the mix of textures that I am able to showcase, but its all in a useful way cause I need it within reach ya kno. Especially the toilet paper.

This is the new towel bar we put up. The hands can swing out and allow up to 4 towels to dry simultaneously. Pretend like you can’t see where I patched the wall.

Here is my makeup organization for the counter. Acrylic 3 drawer set, and a lipstick holder/extra compartment thing that fits nicely on top. I used glass jars to the right to hold my brushes, which need to be cleaned.

Open the drawer and you can see I used acrylic dividers to group items together so it’s not just a big convoluted mess.I also purged old makeup before putting it in here. This is a good amount for me to have, I think. (There’s like 6 eye shadow palettes on the left I should get around to using O_O)


Baby girls room makeover – Pt.2

Here’s a closer look at the floors. Also her closet doors which need to get put back on the tracks. The walls here look a little gray which I like. 

Dark floors + white trim + grayish walls; that’s the contrast I was going for.


A princess wall collage for my princess.

Here’s a book ledge for her reading corner. I plan on putting in maybe a bean bag chair or big pouf and canopy with some cute string lights to encourage her to read. 

I still need to put up her book library, but this is a start. 
And here is her mostly finished closet. We hung two closet rods above the cubby unit which I scored for $50 on offerup. 

I bought closet dividers which came with little stickies for sizes. They are pink clips that hook onto the closet rod and just let you organize kids clothes into their different sizes; I have the 3T and 4T on the bottom rod right now and 5T and 6T on the top. I keep her everyday stuff in the cubbies and other stuff in the drawers under her bed; shoes, socks, bathing suits, baby stuff I wanted to keep and everyday stuff for larger sizes.  

And I recovered this headboard which some super soft chenille (?) fabric from Joann. It’s grey with little stars if you look closely. I went with a light color so I could add pops of color in the bed pillows and comforter.   

DIY Dress Up Closet

alright so if you didn’t guess it already, my diy post was about a dress up closet!

i’m all about trying to inspire mini’s creativity and increase the fun.


Pinterest inspired this closet, and her christmas presents fueled the need for it.

after finding someone selling an old entertainment center for $15 i couldn’t pass it up.



the thing had a few dents which i tried to fill with wood putty and also for the drawer since i changed the knobs and had excess holes.

we ripped out the doors on the left, the shelf on the left and the back piece that was behind the left side.

we added a dowel rod on the left to hang clothes and a shelf on the right to create more storage space.

and i painted it. let me tell you i did a terrible job of that. its laminate, which just means you need to prime before you paint but i didn’t paint with sufficient lighting. i probably used the wrong brush and the polycrylic dripped in a weird way but i love it still. (i used 2 coats of polycrylic to seal it) and changed the handles on the drawer.


we covered 2 pieces of cardboard with wrapping paper (baby girl’s choice) to create a fun background. and we covered the shelf with silver wrapping paper.
i added some contact paper in the drawer too.


i need to find the rest of her dress up stuff and then it’ll be time to play !

New Storage Pieces

so i told you about the new bar area and craft room storage I have right?

I thought I’d show you what I did with them. I don’t have before pics but I’ll try to envision what used to be in the space prior.


first up: new bar area.

previously: an ottoman that fit perfectly in this corner! most often was home to: a silver  bucket (maybe 10 gallon) that held water bottles that couldn’t fit in the fridge and clothes that needed to be folded. also lost dolls, dish towels that mini me used as blankets for said lost dolls, lonely socks, and occasionally gym shoes as well. the ottoman kind of blocked some access to the sliding glass door which led to the patio though. this bookshelf has a smaller footprint and makes more space in this corner.

my original intention for this was to store my ever growing baking supplies. I saw a post somewhere of someone that organizes all their cookie cutters and other baking tools in plastic see thru bins on a book shelf. I thought wow why didn’t i think of that? instead of trying to cram all my baking things into my cabinets, kitchen island, pantry and guest bed room??

well my uncle was giving this bad boy away and i kind of love the style of the shelves cause it fits perfectly with the other dark furniture we have. but as soon as it got home ( and i realized we also acquired new drinking glasses) -*lightbulb* lets use it as a bar area instead!

previously i stuffed our fancy glasses above the kitchen sink cabinet but i wasn’t going to have enough space to store all of these in that cabinet. and i love that i can put my servingware on it as well. it makes me feel like an adult to have these kinds of things, you know for like entertaining other people 🙂 which we kind of like to do.



next up: new craft storage

closet’s previous contents: 2 bins of xmas gear, baby play yard, bin of craft paper and various school supplies, old audrey hepburn pics from my apartment when i lived by myself, wrapping paper, gift bags, tissue paper, sweaters, etc etc…

now y’all know my craft room used to be A HOT MESS. it’s really a guest bedroom that i was ashamed to have to let guests use. but i buckled down and got a lot of it organized a while back.[ see that post here: Craft Room Storage ]

well a few months ago that little wire shelf system passed away peacefully in its sleep. i’ve had it for some time now so i wasn’t too upset. But it meant i had to lay the shelves of stuff out on the floor and that defeated the purpose of craft room cleanliness.

in comes these plastic shelves. my uncle didn’t need them and i knew that i could give them a new home. a home where they would be loved and wanted and where they could live their purpose out respectfully.

(i still need to label the drawers but i like that they fit in the closet and hold more than my old wire shelves did.)



Fridge Organization

i am still slowing organizing my house.

my fridge was a pretty big offender that i finally did something about. it is not something that you would notice as it remains closed most of the time, but organizing it has made a world of a difference.

its not my ideal fridge, i would prefer something like:


something where i don’t need to bend down to see inside.i mean look at all the space in these babies ! the fact that you see everything when you open it, and the adjustable shelves on both sides, yeah that’s a win in my book.

but we rent so its not like i have an option of changing ours out; i make due with it, im not really complaining… although the middle door shelf keeps falling off and has now broken 3 times, and i had to replace the glass on the last shelf. did i mention this fridge has been discontinued? companies don’t discontinue their top products, know what i’m saying? -_-

alright, well there is like a scientific best practice for what to keep where. the airflow and temperature and way the heat rises to the top means you should keep certain things in certain places.

i always knew veggies and fruits should be kept in the bottom drawers, but i didn’t know its because those drawers experience a different level of humidity.

also you want to keep things like dairy items, the ones that go bad more quickly than other groceries, close to the bottom shelf. things in the door should be like condiments or things that don’t need to be as cold, as that is the warmest part of your fridge.

I’ve also tried to move all my leftovers to the top shelf. so i can always see what needs to be eaten first.

i got a couple of those plastic clear bins from tj maxx and burlington coat factory to create “easy pull drawers”. they work out great for the lower shelves, because i pull the bin out and grab what i need; instead of having to move all the items if what i want is more towards the back. it also helps with containing mess, cause i hate wiping down spills that have become cold and stuck to the glass shelves.

on the top shelf i have one bin for more savory items, like pasta sauce, chili sauce, a salad dressing that doesn’t fit in the drawer. then i have a bin for the sweet stuff, caramel, maple syrup, hot fudge sundae topping, etc.

Weekend in Review – House work + French toast

i had a nice long weekend; friday off + sat & sun. princess and i slept in friday while D went to work. he came back for us around lunchtime so we could run errands. we had a houseguest friday night so that meant we needed some food in the house and i have been wanting to organize the pantry…

so i organized the pantry on friday. i feel better, but its not there yet..

see this is the before mess. its not a very big pantry but its still kind of a big mess…

so i grabbed some tupperware and a few labels and got to work.

i took everything out the pantry and grouped like items first.

i tried to take things out of boxes, to make things stackable and better utilize vertical space. i didn’t want to lose the cooking directions for somethings so i cut the box and taped the directions on top of the tupperware.

like i said, not there yet but my rice/pasta/dry mix shelf is looking nice.

i also pinned my ziploc bags to the wall on the inside to save shelf space.

saturday morning i made rum infused pecan crusted french toast. really yummy but it needed more rum 🙂

the rest of saturday was kind of rainy. we didn’t do much but watch movies and make chicken parm with zoodles for dinner.

sunday morning was for church and later gym for me. upper body + cardio.

Linen Closet Update

just a quick update on what my linen closet looks like now.

im really happy with it actually! Everything has a place and most things are labeled and neatly put away 😀

I spray painted the chrome baskets to an almost black color to match the other ones. My mom found a smaller  basket that had a lining which i moved the medicine into so small tubes wouldn’t fall thru the cracks.

i also found this nice glass jar from Joann that i plan to use to make laundry detergent. i took a break from making my own for a while because i couponing and stocked up for a while but everyone seemed to really like my homemade one so ill be reverting back soon. (if you are interested to know how i made it see my post here: DIY Laundry Detergent)

and im still loving the hang tags idea. i even got my mom in on them!