S’mores Cupcakes

Sometimes in a girl’s life, Aunt Flow will come and be very demanding. She will demand that you lay down because you are in pain, and demand that change your outfit to accomodate her, and sometimes she will demand that you eat chocolate. It’s not me, it’s her! I swear!! She said I need to eat the chocolate, and spoon the peanut butter out of the jar into my mouth, and eat the ice cream while I watch chick flicks in my sweat pants…

She came to visit and she demaded that I eat cupcakes. She said I had to have s’mores too, so why not combine the two??!! I think the little sheep I count to fall asleep even turned into smores cupcakes, that’s how bad I wanted these little babies! Like come on, who wouldn’t want one of these things?!

I combined a few different ideas that I found to make them, but they consist of a graham cracker crust, marshmallow filling, milk chocolate frosting, graham cracker crumbles on the top and some chocolate chips on the inside. Woooooooo. Needless to say the people at my job love me because I can’t finish them by myself so they get to indulge with me!

[ They have been coming back to me all day to give me these “phenomenal” reviews! One person, bless her heart even told me I have a “God given talent,” she made my day for sure !! ]

Can you tell I’ve been trying to practice my food photography? You eat with your eyes first and I’m trying to get better at capturing that first bite 😉

(making the graham cracker crust)



i caved and bought one of these. it is kind of awesome. i couldn’t find the plunger one that pushs the cut cupcake out after you core it, but i made this one work 🙂 now im super excited to make all kind of filled cupcakes and muffins!20150115-150114-54074824.jpg


adding the marshmallow filling …20150115-150115-54075416.jpg

homemade milk chcolate frosting ❤ ❤ (Aunt flow was very happy for this)





Orange Bar Cookies

i have been so busy trying to keep my sanity that I haven’t been taking pics of all the awesome and yummy stuff i’ve been making, case in point these orange bar cookies 😦 😦 😦 i wanted you to see the yummy goodness, the visual appeal of these citrusy sweets.

anyway. got this recipe from the man i got the vanilla from! they have this awesome website where you can buy their products, and they give you recipes to use them ! how nice right ?!! (btw their almond pound cake with the almond frosting is as the french say “magnifique” 


orange bar

I basically did everything the recipe said, except I baked mine in a mini cupcake tray and in a mini square silicone mold. only took about 20 mins. i like that this way they all have some of that little crusty goodness along with the slightly chewy center.

if you don’t have vanilla infused orange extract, im sure you could use regular orange extract, or a mix of both orange and vanilla extract and they would still be yummy.

cookie tip: if your cookies get a little hard, put them in a tupperware with a slice of bread. the bread will get hard while your cookies get soft again !