Convos with a Toddler- ep 9

Getting ready for splash splash time otherwise known as bathtime, and babygirl spots two large ants.

Her: mommy look two bugs!

Me: where ? Let me see

Her: see there in the shower!

Me: ok *as proceed to wash to them down the drain*

Her: I want to go to a snowy country, I don’t like this country with all these bugs

Me: *laughing* like where? You know snowy countries have bugs too right? Remember Chicago? It snows there but they also have bugs

Her: yeah I like Chicago, let’s go there


My baby is a BIG girl


I got my baby’s spring pictures back yesterday.

In the envelope were her graduation pictures. Picture this precious princess in a graduation gown with a grad cap holding paper rolled up as a diploma with a pretty satin ribbon.

Insert picture of me sobbing hysterically about time passing by too fast here.

She hasn’t officially graduated Pre-K yet, (if I’m this emotional now, what will I be like for high school graduation??) but the pictures are beautiful and an accurate representation of where we are at none the less. I’ve got like 2 months to prep my purse with soft tissues and baby pictures galore. I know I won’t be the only one who can’t contain themselves as she walks across the stage: her Papi will be there too.

Anyway, we’ve got her in soccer now and I’m absolutely elated. I love bringing our club chair out to the field and whipping my camera out to catch action shots of the kids learning the basics.

Watching the kids out there soaking up the skills knowledge is amazing.

I’m literally watching little people, taking instructions and applying them as they go. Also I love when they divide up and play against each other. Both the most adorable and most frustrating thing ever! So adorable as they try to learn how to move the ball where they want, and frustrating because they don’t understand team work or how to play the field to their advantage. Can you tell I’m one of those moms screaming for my baby to go for the goal?


Either way, my baby is growing up and I’m sure blessed to watch her do it.

Weekend in Review- Shelves & Science

i needed to pick up an order from a store on the other side of town this weekend. it was an online order so i could have had it shipped for $6 or i could pick it up in store for the free…

i chose the free option because well yeah it was free. and this particular store happens to be next to an IKEA. who doesn’t love IKEA? i don’t know, everyone i know does. so yeah i paid IKEA a visit and picked up some things for the house, including materials for a project I’ve been meaning to do in baby girl’s room.

a book wall!

we’ve been collecting a good number of books for her since she was born and it makes me so happy for her little book collection to be growing at such a young age. i hope she loves to read like her mommy..

but up until this point we haven’t had a good way to store them. in the last house i had a few small bins that i stacked by age/type of book. in the current place, they’ve been collecting dust in a box. yeah we still haven finished unpacking all our boxes; it’s a process, don’t judge me!

in comes the book wall. and it only cost me $18 (+ materials i already had at home)

each shelf is actually a picture ledge from IKEA, $6 each !

all i had to do was gather up my mounting materials and get to work






and voila. book wall that looks inviting and helps her see some of the titles so she can choose. this doesn’t hold all her books, but I’m happy with it.

Sunday, our friends invited us to go to the Science Center with them.

not going to lie, that place was pretty amazing. they had 4 floors of interactive fun for the family, and our babies were eating it right up. it made my heart swell to see them engaging their minds and playing with all the “toys” .

i’m a big fan of creative play so i know we will be back to the center in the future to spend more time having fun.

Weekend in Review- Welcome to Indy 

As you could tell from the title we went to Indiana this weekend.

Baby girl did great on the plane! A guy actually told us that while we were walking to baggage claim and after thanking him I realized he was the guy sitting in the row in front of us. He said he travels for work quite a bit and he was pretty stoked that at least on this flight the child in the row behind him was so well behaved.

(I love when she crosses her little legs. )

We stayed with Ds cousin  while we were there and Friday night the adults took a trip to Broad Ripple. All the cousins were bathed, dressed in pjs and watching Monsters Inc when we departed to see what the night life was like.

And at midnight I wished this cutie a happy birthday.

Saturday it was their daughters birthday so they threw a party for her at their house.

Complete with bounce house, bbq chicken+ burgers and a piñata. Also lots of cousins.

Watch my little baby swing that bat!

We went out again Saturday night after the kids were asleep from playing all day.

Two nights in a row of babysitters sp we could get to go out, what is life?

His cousins were all saying how great it was to be back together and now be adults with our own kids getting to hang out again for the weekend.

And Sunday and Monday were lazy days spent chilling at the house, playing pool in the man cave/basement and watching movies in the living room.

It was so nice watching our girls play. Little mama doesn’t have any cousins nearby that are her age so it warmed my heart to see them play the way their dads did when they were the same age.

But the of course it was back to reality for us with a flight back home on Monday night.

Another successful flight with little mama, and every passenger in our radius was smitten with her of course. We even snagged her a pin from one of the flight attendants and some free gold fish !

Convos w/ a Toddler – Ep. 5

Backstory: Little Mama has been doing so good with the potty training that we graduated her to wearing big girl panties all the time, including during nap time and BED TIME. but a few nights we have had some tiny accidents in the middle of the night, so to fix this we have been trying to get her to pee a lot and not drink anything after a certain hour. But mainly I try to make her pee multiple times during the before bed routine.

Me: Ok we got the pj’s on now its time to go pee

Mini: I don’t need to go

me: ok are you sure you don’t need to go? lets just go sit for a second

mini: i already went. (she did, like 5 minutes prior)

me: ok well lets go take the medicine and then we go pee.

mini: ok. (takes medicine)

me: ok lets sit on the potty for 2 seconds. lets just check if you have some more.

mini: ohhh-k… mommy i dont have any more

me: you don’t have anymore? are you sure? did you push?

mini: no i don’t have any more peepee. i don’t have anymore pee pee in my belly.


Backstory: mini gets a runny nose sometimes and we ask her to get tissue so we can wipe it. I was in the kitchen as this time washing dishes when she needed her nose wiped.

Me: go get me some tissue so I can wipe the nose.

Mini: you bossy (as she walks to take some tissue from the bathroom)

Me: (incredulous face) what did you just say to me

Mini: you so bossy mommy, mommy is bossy

(with the cutest little smirk on her face)

Me: (laughing) get over here so j can wipe your nose

Checking those Chompers Out

baby girl’s first trip to the dentist.

i know how she is at the doctor’s office: she loves them! she hugs them and talks to them and lets them check her .. except when they pull that tongue depressor out. you know the big popsicle stick? yeah she hatesssss that thing.

i was never sure if its because they check in her mouth, or because the depressor pressing on your tongue is super uncomfortable or what. so i was very apprehensive about this checkup and her reaction.

i found a pediatric dentist specifically because they work with kids all the time and have fun offices. the kind with stickers, and kids movies playing on TV, and fun beach scenes painted on the walls. the kind with a treasure box of prizes you get to choose from, and princess toothbrushes you get to take with you after you leave. (my dentist told me i could bring her there but her office is not “fun.” it is very adult and i never get to choose a surprise from the treasure box after they finish cleaning my teeth.)

anyway got recommended a good pediatric dentist and today was the day.

she was happy when we picked her up early and even let the nice front desk lady take her picture. she found a book to read and we saw that Frozen was playing in the office. not to mention it was Pajama Day in the office so all the staff was dressed in pajamas and big fuzzy fun slippers.

after weighing her (30 lbs!) her excitement pretty much ended.  they were taking X-rays.

the lady show’d her the “cookies” she had to bite onto and the camera “gun” that she would use but mini only let us do 2 of the 4 scans. she starting a fit after seeing the 3rd cookie was clipped into a bigger stick thing she’d have to bite onto (i hate that thing too) so they tried with the “spaceship” X-ray machine and she wasn’t having that either. (you basically stand and bite onto something much smaller but these little plastic arms touch your temples and you have to have your arms out and hold these handles on the thing. she was not about that life either.

we moved onto the main event of the cleaning where they showed her all the different tools and let her touch them and play with them but she DID NOT want to lay on that damn chair. not even to watch Frozen on the TV that was overhead. since when does my daughter not want to watch FROZEN? she really at this point didn’t even want to touch the tools when they were showing her how they felt.

the lady conceded and started only with a regular toothbrush but after babygirl got a little more comfortable she let her use the spinning one. her mistake was trying to clean the teeth in the back, and all hell kind of broke loose after. baby girl clammed up and didn’t want any parts of the rest of the visit. not even to let her look in her mouth with the little mirror. it was bad y’all. so bad. she didn’t want to lay down, didn’t even want to sit in the damn chair anymore.

both D and I tried to console her, reason with her, hold her hand, rub her legs, pat her back, wipe her tears, get her to just calm down. (there was a mom with her daughter two chairs over who looked over with that face that said she felt my pain, you know that helplessness you feel when your kid is crying and nothing you do is helping and you know your kid needs to suck it up anyway cause this is for their own good?  i felt her sending her positive vibes our way. but to no avail. )the hygienist gave mini her own stick mirror to have and she still wouldn’t let her look in her mouth. D tried showing her that it was easy and he let mini stick the mirror in his mouth, but she was not taking her turn after that .my heart was breaking for her, i hated watching her cry and kick and scream like that.

in the end we had to kind of hold her down because when the Dentist came by, she really did need to see baby girl’s mouth, and then brush the fluoride treatment on. thankfully she said her teeth look good and told us to *try* and floss with her sometimes. she could see that it was obviously going to take some time before that’s happening though. 20 good teeth and 2 X-rays later, and we booked our return appointment for 6 months from now.

and then we picked her up some popcorn chicken cause it was lunch time and she was all smiles again.


Merging Blogs

I started this blog when I was pregnant and continued it after I had mini.

 It morphed into a mom blog and then I slowly started adding in other things, occasional food experiments, weekend recap posts, diy/crafty things. I’m trying to remember all the funny things mini says and add that in too.

And a year after I had baby girl I started another blog to document my gym diary and added sprinkled in a few posts about beauty things. I called it lunges & lipsticks. (Can you see I have a thing for alliteration? ) As I don’t regularly post my makeup looks or makeup hauls or that kind of thing, it’s kind of just become my gym diary. 

And now I’m wondering if I should just merge all of it into one blog? Should I change my blog name? Update it to the times you know? Show what it’s like to juggle all of it together? 

All of it is lifestyle stuff. Like fit mom life stuff? Right? What do you think? What should I call it ? Should I even do it? 

Convos with a toddler – ep 4

Backstory: mini got a cut on her knee at daycare. Later that night as I was giving her a bath I brushed it with the wash rag in process of cleaning her. While I’m toweling her off:

Mini: mommy don’t touch my boo boo

Me: I’m sorry I have to dry you off

Mini: stop I’m going to be mad

Me: (laughing) you’re going to be mad? At me?

Mini: yeah cause you’re not listening

(At this point I call out to D so he can come hear this and I recap the story for him )

Me: so you’re going to be mad at me ?

Mini: yeah cause you’re not listening. Daddy you going to give mommy the jack ups right?



Backstory: mini LOVES cheese. Grilled cheese, string cheese, cheesy rice, cheesy fries everything cheese. Lately she had a lot of cheese and when she went #2 in the morning it was small and I wondered if the recent intake of cheese was causing her to be constipated.
Mini: mommy can I have some bread 

Me: sure (puts bread to make toast into toaster oven)

Mini: with cheese?

Me: um maybe later

Mini: mommy can I have cheese on my bread

Me: well I want you to make a bigger poop on the potty before you have any more cheese. If you make a big one the you can have more cheese

Mini: (walks to the bathroom even though she just went like 15 mins prior)

Me: what are you doing ? Where are you going

Mini: I’m going to make a big poop on the potty so I can have cheese

Me and d start laughing because she meant this every single word and she pushed and she did make a big one so I put some cheese on her bread